Lawyers Share the Strangest Requests They've Ever Seen in Someone's Will | 22 Words

Nobody likes to think about it for too long, but the fact remains that someday, we will all die.

Ideally, it won't happen for a long time, and we'll be very prepared when that day comes to pass. That means having a will written well in advance. If you don't already have a will prepared, there's no time like the present! Not only can it provide both you and your loved ones with peace of mind; it's also the perfect way to really mess with people from beyond the grave. What are they gonna do about it?

A recent AskReddit thread gave people the chance to share the strangest requests they've ever seen in someone's will. Their answers really run the gamut from totally heartwarming to completely awful. There are also a bunch of responses that are just straight-up hilarious (looking at you, the person who bequeathed your Furby collection). Here are some of our favorite responses.

Specificity is key.

A relative worked for a firm preparing people's wills and was confronted by an Executor who had an edict to “scatter the deceased’s ashes from a microlight aircraft." He couldn’t fly one. She kindly pointed out to him that the drafting said nothing about whether said microlight was in flight at the time of scattering.womblechops

Lucky guppy!

A lady wanted to create a trust fund of £100,000, for her pet fish. When I asked if it was a special kind of fish, she confirmed it was just a normal goldfish but she wanted it to be fed fresh avocado every day and be looked after by a local dog walker after she died. She was absolutely serious.scarlett_pimpernel

You were his favorite.

When my grandfather passed his will asked that I clean out his shed and I alone. I found marijuana seeds, old reel style film pornography, which was hilarious and a bunch of other unsavory paraphernalia. 50's flick knives too.Navaro27

I'm gonna use this!

My great-grandad had a clause in his will that stated something along the lines of, “if any of the beneficiaries decide to dispute the contents of the decedent’s estate, their share becomes $1 and nothing else." Seemed like a pretty good way to maintain harmony among his survivors.nelson227

The family stone.

My grandfather saved his kidney stone so that he could leave it to my cousin. They never really got along.CuetheQ

Take that!

Just last week I handled a matter where the parents left millions in artwork to various people, wads of cash to various charities, and only left their kids the family cats. Turns out they did it because the kids got them the cats to comfort the parents in their old age and the parents hated the cats but the kids wouldn’t let them get rid of the cats.Dr_BrOneil

They deserved it.

My great uncle's official will gave the contents of his outhouse to the City Council of a nearby town after they'd tried to take his land twice to build a new water treatment plant. He spent quite a few years fighting eminent domain claims and just wanted to give them something in return. As a joke, his kids boxed up all the books and magazines in the outhouse and dropped them off at City Hall.gaurddog

Hey, wait a second...

Not a Lawyer, but an aging woman my family knew left her house(large, and in a very affluent neighborhood) and estate to family friends for so long as her cats were alive and taken care of in the said house. After they died, the house was to be sold and the remaining estate donated. The weird thing is, it's been like 20 years and the cats are still alive. Also, they've changed color.EndlessArgument

Makes sense.

My sister’s mother-in-law is leaving her house to her three sons. If one wants to sell out his third of the house, he has to sell it to the other two brothers for $1.Processtour

This is very thoughtful!

Here’s one from one of my dad’s law partners. He had a lady come in with an itemized list of books and wanted her will to contain all of the books and who will get what based on her choosing. So basically she decides who gets what specific book instead of letting her beneficiaries decide. The truly astonishing thing is how many books and how specific they get. According to dad’s law partner, her list is at about 2,000 books to be divided among about 30 people. She is apparently very specific and comes back at least once a year to add all the new books she’s gotten.littleredbird1991

This is my kind of petty.

My vindictive grandmother left my aunt $20 as a reminder of the $20 my aunt stole from her once.phytoarch

Living their best life.

Not a lawyer, but I work at a law firm. One client left $100,000.00 to his two cats so they could "maintain their current lifestyle."NerdSandwich

Doesn't matter; had chocolate.

My grandpa put in his will a chocolate bar for everyone one of his grandkids. Well, I have like 12 cousins and it was very difficult to track down where a couple of them went. All his estates and money he had in the will was at a standstill for months because they couldn’t find a couple of my cousins. We had to show court we put in the effort to hire someone to track them down. The lawyer that was helping execute the will was blown away that this lawyer allowed this and why he wouldn’t highly suggest not to do it. But I’m not complaining cause I got a Toblerone out of the deal!rv14guy


My wife’s grandma is not putting the grandkids in the will to not play favorites. But my wife is her favorite so she made my wife the executor and gave whoever the executor just happens to be 5 percent.neo_sporin


A Furby collection from models collected in the late ’90s. They were convinced they would retain future value. This was in 2011.2rio2

No thank you!

Lawyer here. Probably the woman who wanted to gift the frozen semen of her dead dog.literaphile

Another favorite grandchild!

My grandma left a penny and a nasty comment to almost every person in the will, all of her sons and daughters, even a few grandchildren, except for me. I got 1,000 dollars. Thanks, grandma.thecatdaddysupreme

I would have loved to see this.

I (in my early 20s) was forced to write a will due to the health insurance I get at work, and, amongst sensible stuff, the in-house lawyer said it was totally OK for this clause to be added: "My funeral wishes are that I will be buried in a coffin which has been spring loaded, such that opening the coffin would cause alarm to future archeologists" Then a bunch of stuff about if this is too costly I'd be cremated and have my ashes scattered in a specific place.WanderCold

Well, I hope they were happy.

My great-grandmother left most of her money to a local donkey sanctuary.mutatedpepper

That was a close one.

I work in probate. The oddest thing I’ve seen in a will is to euthanize their beloved horse, have it cremated and its ashes scattered with the decedent. Lucky for her horse, she named a horse that was already dead so the one she got afterward lived to see another farm.gabberrella24

If you've got 'em, flaunt 'em.

My Grandmother had her boobs done when she was in her 60s, nothing really wrong with that, but when she died, she wanted an open casket with her boobs on display. Really Nanna? She passed away at 80 and got exactly what she asked for. Grandad ended up sticking 2 strategically placed daisies on her boobs. So she got what she wanted and so did Grandad.FairyFlossFairy

This is so sweet.

After my grandfather died, my grandmother came to me with a navy blue tie featuring pink elephants. Ridiculous looking, but she said that he wore it to intimidate people in business as someone willing to wear such a ridiculous tie doesn't care about what people think. That scares people. So he wanted me to have it so I could do the same.snoboreddotcom

This, on the other hand, is just awful:

When a dad died he set up financial installments so long as his daughter remains under a certain weight. Dude was controlling her diet from the grave.CodeBrownOrderly

See you there!

Had a friend who had a toxic relationship with his uncle. When his uncle passed, he was surprised to find he was in the will. Turns out there was a handwritten IOU that read “I’m leaving you 15k BUT you have to come get it from me. I’ll see you in hell!" My friend laughed.ThisSideOfVanishing

That's a new one.

When my great aunt whom I barely had any relationship with died, I discovered that in her will, she left me a taxidermied giant silk moth that she had hanging on her wall. Evidently, someone told her about my love for bugs. I still have it and it's one of the coolest things in my collection of odd knickknacks. ...She left my cousin a Furby.PBandJoe

This one made me tear up at my desk:

My dad put something really weird in his will. Last year, I — a 17-year-old — was the recipient of a rock thrown at my head. It wasn't even any special rock. It was one you’d find at the bottom of a river. The note under my name and recipient items I was to get if he died was: “Throw this rock at [my name] and hit him in the head with it but make it surprising." And I was thinking, what the heck, dad? What kind of a will is this? Then I read a little further on and he had left a note saying this is the rock that I had hit him in the head with when he was teaching me how to skip rocks when I was younger and I hit him so hard to dented his skull above his ear and it never really healed. It was the most meaningful thing he’d ever done and after all the years I and my dad had messed around with each other, it was his way of winning and taking the final crack at me. It was so heartfelt it moved me to tears. He got the last laugh and I was completely OK with it.ClubTuna15

What do you do in this situation?

I advised on a will where the deceased had left considerable assets to people who were dead when the will was read. Nothing unusual in that, except that they were long dead when the will was made. The lawyer who made the will seems to have had doubts about his mental state, so sent him to a doctor for tests. The doctor gave him a full bill of health and said he was perfectly compos mentis.DominicSherpa

Talk about brutal.

My father is heavily involved in my great aunt and uncle's lives since their health has begun to decline (both mid-90s with no children), and has seen their will. They have a small fortune (in excess of £1,000,000) and have left it all to a local dog's home. When he asked them about it, my great uncle's response was "nobody has helped me in life, so I won't be helping anybody either."ExoticBiologist

At least it kept her busy?

There was one older woman, about 84 years old who was, in simplest terms, quite insane and would call every single month to change her will. It would always be small details such as removing her daughters because they haven’t called her in a while, or increasing one child’s percentage and lowering another’s based on whether she was mad at them or not. But, one part she would never change was what she would leave for her dog. She wanted to leave her dog $25,000, plus more money for the care of her dog and to make sure she lived comfortably. Sadly, her dog passed away before her and she had to remove that part from her will. So she just went back to playing with the percentages her daughters would receive.annabear12

What a nice idea!

My great aunt — who had no children — put in her will that after a certain percent of her money was distributed evenly amongst her nieces and nephews, the remaining money would go to my dad provided he use it to throw a big family reunion party. Even after her death, she brought the family together. It was a great party in her honor!ricks35