The Stunning Feathers of the Common Blue Jay Are Anything but Common | 22 Words

There are tons of "common" bird species out there. But one that looks anything but ordinary is the stunning blue jay...

Planet earth is home to all kinds of birds.

And they all have something in common: they all look pretty mediocre. Forget extravagant feathers and bright colors, the most common species of bird share the grey-black-brown color variety.

The UK holds around 574 species of bird.

The most common bird in the UK is the wren. Following this species, there are also crows, magpies, blackbirds, sparrows, woodpigeons, and starlings.

Now that's a lot of birds.

Birds are a vital part of the planet's wildlife.

Color isn't everything!

Despite their lack of tropical colors, we're a planet or bird lovers.

Bird watching is a popular activity.

This recreational activity is most popular amongst retired folk who enjoy spending time in the countryside and wooded areas spotting their favorite species of bird.

But once in a while, a bird comes along that totally captivates the internet.

And the latest to take off may be one of the prettiest we've seen.

When you hear to word "common"...

You probably imagine a pretty dull looking avian.

And sure, looks aren't everything.

But it's nice to see a more extravagant bird once in a while, right?

Well, if you like a colorful bird, you're in for a treat.

The common blue jay has taken over the internet thanks to its gorgeous plumage.

Don't let the name fool you.

These cuties look anything but common!

The common blue jay is native to the USA.

Which means you've probably seen one of these guys hanging out.

But that also means one thing.

You might never have stopped to have a closer look at these stunners.

They've never been super popular.

In fact, their birdsong can feel a little like nails on a chalkboard.

They're also pretty territorial.

Meaning they're not the most popular birds in the avian kingdom.

They tend to be pretty chill around humans though.

Giving us the perfect opportunity to get a closer look at those feathers.

They're blue all over.

But it's the tail feathers that have really got our hearts racing.

They're most prevalent in the central and eastern US.

And sometimes they venture north of the border to Canada, too.

And even better?

They don't tend to migrate - meaning you can enjoy watching them all year round.

Blue birds are fairly rare.

And we can't remember the last time we saw such intricate tail feathers!

All hail the humble blue jay!

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