The Viral Fly That Landed on Mike Pence’s Head Has Now Landed on a Halloween Wig

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The viral fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the Vice Presidential Debate on Wednesday night has inspired a hilarious Halloween costume…

As soon as the pesky fly took its spot on Pence’s silver head of hair, #FlyGate was quick to start trending on Twitter.

And now, the internet is simply awash with puns and jokes surrounding the unfortunate mishap.

One innovative company has been quick to whip up the Pence Halloween costume to rule all Halloween costumes… The Pence-Fly wig.

On Wednesday night, Vice President Pence went head-to-head with his Democratic challenger, Kamala Harris, in the year’s first and only vice presidential debate.  

In the 90-minute live debate at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Harris accused Pence and the president of deliberately misleading Americans about the lethality of coronavirus. “They knew, and they covered it up.”

Referring to a blunder that ended Biden’s 1987 run for the presidency when he plagiarized a speech.

In which Harris responded by stating firmly that she “would not take a jab touted by Mr. Trump without the say-so of medical professionals.”

He retorted: “The fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine if the vaccine emerges during the Trump administration I think is unconscionable.”

Racism in America being one of them. Harris slammed Trump’s track record with racism, and reminded viewers that “we are talking about an election in twenty-seven-days where last week, the President of the United States, in front of 70 million Americans, refused to condemn white supremacists.”

When discussing the highly-publicized murder of Breonna Taylor, Pence stated that he “trusts our justice system”, and blamed the grand jury for the injustice surrounding the case.

There was one slightly more ridiculous occasion that has stuck in people’s minds.

And viewers were transfixed.

As Pence, clearly oblivious to his visitor, continued with the debate.

And I have to admit, the reactions and memes have been pretty funny.

I love the internet, sometimes.

By creating a Halloween costume inspired solely off the ridiculous Pence-fly scenario.

The apparel retailer, 3Wishes announced the release of a silver-gray hair piece dubbed the “Debate Fly Wig” on Thursday morning, less than twenty-four-hours after the debate took place.

The silver wig, which is complete with a large, plastic bug stuck onto the side, makes for the perfect Halloween costume…

And is priced at a reasonable $49.95. The description reads: “MAKE YOUR HEAD GREAT AGAIN!  Look fly and steal the spotlight at your next party with this Debate Fly Wig, perfect for when being a fly on the wall just won’t do! You’ll want to get caught in the crossfire with this special item featuring a deluxe, high-quality silver white wig with an attached, oversized black fly and Flag lapel pin included!  Suit and plexiglass partition not included.” You can take a look at the wig here. For more on the vice-presidential debates, keep scrolling to see who actually won…