‘The Voice’ Winner Carter Rubin Says Gwen Stefani Is Like A ‘Second Mom’

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This is definitely the most heartwarming thing you’ll read today…

Because earlier this week, fifteen-year-old Carter Rubin was crowned as the winner of The Voice

And people all around the country have been left delighted by the teenager’s victorious win.

But as it turns out, the pair developed quite the bond during their time working together and now, Carter even considers her as a “second mom.”

Now, Carter was only fourteen-years-old when he auditioned for the world-famous talent show, The Voice.

For his blind audition, Carter sang “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldi and both Gwen Stefani and John Legend turned around – with Carter ultimately choosing to join Gwen’s team.

His grandfather, Ric Mango, was a guitarist and backup vocalist for the band Jay and the Americans in the ’60s. “I think I got the singing gene from him,” Carter said.

His mom accompanied him to his audition, and his grandfather, father, and brother said hello to the coaches via video chat.

And when Carter introduced his brother to the coaches, he explained that he was diagnosed with autism at 2-years-old. “We have the best bond I could ever ask for,” he said.

But nevertheless, the young man went on to absolutely kill every single one of his performances, leaving audiences blown away.

Which is exactly what lead to the teenager being crowned as the winner of season 19 of The Voice. “Words will come later. But all I can say is thank you,” he wrote on Instagram after his big win.

And messages of congratulations and praise are still continuing to flood in!

He is already planning on making an album in a similar style as “male pop-contemporary artists today, like Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, and Ed Sheeran.”

“I want to keep growing my music career,” he said, “Gwen told me that it’s time for me to start writing some music, which is definitely what I plan on doing. I have some songs in the folder that I’m working on, and I really want to get in a studio and start to record them.”

And it turns out that Gwen Stefani has been incredibly supportive of his journey with The Voice

So much so, that Carter has referred to the singer as his “second mom.”

“I hope u are soaking up every bit of this moment! I am so proud of u and so proud to have been your coach,” she wrote.

“She was my Voice mom, like a motherly figure,” Carter then said about their relationship. “We always joked about how I have my real mom here, and I have my Voice mom. It was just so much fun working with her.”

“[I had] my mom there because I’m a minor,” Carter explained. “After the show was over, she ran on stage to give me the biggest hug. I called my dad, my brother and the rest of my family and they were all just crying and so happy and completely shocked. Not shocked, like they didn’t think I could do it, but like they couldn’t even believe it was happening.”

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