Texting is the primary form of digital communication these days. Emails feel like chores, actually talking on the phone causes great anxiety in people, and instant messaging just has not been the same since AIM went away. So that leaves texting. And while there are many, many convenient things about texting, there is still a fair amount of room for error.

Between texting wrong numbers, accidentally texting the wrong person, autocorrect, and the plain old fact that you sometimes have to interact with really weird people, there is plenty of hilarious stuff that goes on in the text app on your phone. Some texts are so bonkers, strange, and/or funny that they just have to be shared on social media. These are those texts. They are the crazy viral sensation texts that lead to heartwarming stories, the family group chats haveย gone terribly wrong, and the random wrong number texts that you can never forget even though they weren't actually sent to you.

These text messages are guaranteed to make you giggle.

Some of them are funny, some of them are so random that you won't even be able to believe how random they are.

Not a look-alike

Welp, this is clearly the wrong number, and I totally love how the guys chose to tell her. Yeah, I don't think any of these dudes is who she was looking for.


What? What?! WHAT?! No explanation? Is it justย a "Wrong number sorry"? I would respond and be like, "I need to know what is happening here."

Self reply

This legit made me cackle out loud. I wonder who he thought he was texting the first time and then who he thought he was responding to the second time. Too funny.

Stab a legend

Yeah, if that person is a legend, you probably don't want to stab them. That would most likely kill them and then they won't be a legend anymore.

Warning oranges

What is this about? Is the person this was intended for allergic to oranges or something? So bizarre on so many levels.


Yo Steve the driving instructor! You maybe definitely do not have to give out that much information. Have you ever hear the phrase "medical emergency"? Use it!

Sent from...

Whoa, dad, you didn't have to brag. We get it. You have a Toyota Tacoma. Good for you.

Talk to text

This is even funnier if you read it out loud. So go one, do it right now. Yes, now, on the toilet or in the crowded subway or wherever you are.

Wrong number support

"Congrats fellas the sky's the limit!" Love it. And yes, I did check out that iTunes link. It's an album of motivational speeches!

Week-long prank

This is so mean! Why do this?! Now she has no makeup person for prom! What sort of sociopath does this?!

The Gettysburg Address

I can't. This is too funny. I think Abraham Lincoln was alive today, he would appreciate this joke.

"lol very sorry"

Pete! Who are you? When someone says, "I don't even have a dad," the correct response definitely isn't, "lol." You should know that, Pete!

Kermit the frog

Well, this is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. And honestly, maybe one of the most shocking. I mean, who has a mom who'sย that good at texting?

Library noob

This is appalling. I don't even know how to respond to this. We have failed the youth.

Good advice

Hey, you know what, this is great advice, even though it doesn't apply at all to taking exams.

Stranger concern

You've heard of stranger danger, right? Well, this is the opposite. This is stranger concern, and it's very sweet.

Turtles vs. tortoises

Um, this is horrifying and I need to know that tortoise was rescued from the water. Somebody? Anybody?


Sisters are amazing like that. They can not talk to each other for a long time and then all of a sudden hit you with a traumatic memory that will ruin the rest of your day.

New Thanksgiving family

Remember this glorious wrong number text? He actually went to her Thanksgiving and they became friends! The best ending ever to this story.

Hot dog!

Is this petty? Yes. Is this extremely brilliantly passive aggressive and brilliant? Also yes.

Illicit drugs

I love that this mom thought her child was keeping illegal drugs in a heart-shaped tin in her car (it looks like). So hilarious.

Weirdest snap

This all seems well and good until that second-to-last sentence. That's where the weird really picks up and reaches insane levels.

Speaking of farts

How old should your child be before you give them a cell phone? Hint: The answer is older than whatever age this child is.

Wrong group text

Wow, what a text to accidentally send your whole family when your parents are really strict about cursing! I love that he just straight-up denied sending the text he just sent.

Opening line on Tinder

Well, at least you know they're in therapy. That's a good thing! Don't know if I'd recommend dating someone who sees the same therapist as you, though.

Happy hump day

Along with the person this text was accidentally sent to, I would love to know who the right person for this text was. I would love to know everything about them.

Where's the baby?

This is just cruel. Unless she thought it was someone she knew texting her about her baby, then everyone was just sent into an unnecessary tizzy.

Not that hard

I don't want to rush to conclusions about this relationship or anything, but my instinct says, "Dump him!"


Oh no! To be fair, that peanut butter or whatever they're swirling in that pot does look delicious. Share this with someone... Text it to them, in fact!