The White House Releases Conversation Between Donald Trump and Ukraine

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With the 2020 elections looming over us, things have taken a dramatic twist.

On Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi and the U.S. House of Representatives announced that a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump is to take place due to allegations that he used foreign power in order to “harm a political rival.”

In simple words, Donald Trump is getting screwed over for messing around with Vladimir Putin during the 2016 U.S. Elections. Since news of the impeachment has started gaining momentum, Trump has done the only thing he can do… head over to Twitter and post some very angry tweets, of course.

And now that his greatest arch-nemesis has joined in on the “witch hunt,” Trump has pushed his game that one step further by releasing a “transcript” of his call with Ukraine in order to prove his innocence…

The speaker announced that she, as well as the U.S. House of Representatives, have started a formal inquiry into the impeachment of the President of the United States.

We’ve all heard this word being thrown around for a while now but do we truly know what it means? In political terms, impeachment is “the process by which a legislative body levels charges against a government official.”

This does not mean that the official can be removed from Office.

However, it does mean that, under criminal law, they are being charged with offenses that could lead to the removal of their political status after they lose their position in Office. They could also face a prison sentence among many other dire consequences.

Our president is a criminal. The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a criminal.

But the biggest offense that sits comfortably on top of the long list is the Russian collusion, which has been dominating headlines for the past four years. I mean, you should always weigh out the pros and cons before you do anything, but it seems as if Putin was a very convincing man, because Trump didn’t even give a second thought as to what would happen if anyone got a sniff of his illegal behavior.

So much for democracy, huh? U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russia was in fact behind the end result of the election by tipping the scales in favor of Trump when he went up against his arch-nemesis, Hillary Clinton.

But two men who have lied and cheated their way into power are now telling the truth about their wins? We, the American people, aren’t that stupid to believe that kind of bullsh*t, are we?

I’m glad we aren’t in the 1800s anymore, because you know what happened to those who committed treason back then? (For reference, I am slowly running my index finger along my throat.)

On Tuesday evening, while in Washington, Pelosi said this: “The actions taken to date by the president have seriously violated the constitution. The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law.”

I mean, did you really think that, after ruffling almost every single U.S. Representative’s feathers, that your position would be safe? Even members of his own cabinet have turned against him.

Apart from the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, of course. He’s been in power for just under two months and he’s already managed to f*ck up. After modeling his style to match with Trump’s, Johnson decided he wanted to further follow in the footsteps of the once business tycoon. Now he’s also facing criminal charges after the High Court’s found him guilty of unlawful activity following his suspension of the British equivalent of the House. Yikes.

This is all going down-hill for the president and fast.

No, he’s not decided to launch an official statement or anything like that, of course not! That’s not how the President of the United States rolls! You should know that by now!

When Trump requested that newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky investigate former Vice President, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, the Democrats decided that enough was enough and launched the investigation. Talk about foot in the mouth. He should have just stayed quiet because, now, look at this mess he’s gotten himself into!

Oh yeah, I’m sure he was so focused on the issues that the United Nations had to present… (Cough, climate change, cough.)

It’s always that damn Maxine Waters, isn’t it? I’m genuinely laughing while reading these tweets.

I’m glad he thinks of himself as a “witch” because I was going to substitute that W for a B… It’s nothing personal, Trump supporters, your idol is actually an idiot.

Just the two words capitalized: Presidential harassment! Anger, blame, fear, all in one single tweet.

Unless the Russians are doing the printing, then we don’t want to see them!

At least he’s got thick skin. He’ll definitely take all these lies to the grave with him.

Yes, that’s right, she’s back on the scene, ready to hop at the opportunity to see the demise of her greatest rival – I use the word greatest very lightly here.

But now that we know why she didn’t win, I bet she’s absolutely seething. Imagine having to hand over every single ounce of power to someone who was awarded it illegally… What a low blow.

After almost four years, karma is finally here to kick Trump right in the ass, something that Hillary wished she had done a long time ago. Don’t worry, Hil, the time has finally dawned upon us.

“I did not come to that decision easily or quickly, but this is an emergency as I see it,” she told People Magazine. “This latest behavior around Ukraine, trying to enlist the president of Ukraine in a plot to undermine former Vice President Biden or lose the military aid he needs to defend against Trump’s friend Vladimir Putin. If that’s not an impeachable offense, I don’t know what is.”

“The President of the United States is betraying our country on a daily basis. This man who is in the Oval Office right now is a clear and present danger to the future of the United States.” Almost four years later, and we’re all still saying the same thing!

That was a sentence that I never thought I’d ever type. He released the transcript that sparked this whole impeachment thing and the outcome of his frivolous actions have actually landed him into another hole. Yikes.

The White House released the document in the hopes that it would put all of these rumors to rest, but, sadly, it has done the complete opposite.

“There’s a lot to talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stooped the prosecution s if you can look into it… It sounds horrible to me.”

In order for the investigation to move forward, Volodymyr Zelensky asked the president to supply him with any other information that could help the case move forward.

Firstly, many pointed out that it’s not actually a transcript.

An official transcript would have all of the speech features that a transcript typically has, including each pause, each breath, etc. This, as someone in the comments pointed out, is actually a memorandum, which means that this document is not legally binding.

This document was established from the written notes of other spectators in the room and combined, which means that things could easily be edited. Another cop-out, I see.

He called for a live press conference in which he tried to talk about the entire scandal but, instead, ended up scrambling over his words and branching off onto other avenues. The majority of the conference ended up with discussions surrounding Iran. How’s that for a distraction?

According to the Washington Post, “on Wednesday morning, aides invited roughly a dozen Republican lawmakers to the White House to preview and discuss the transcript before it was released to the public.” So, before all you Trumpies get your little knickers in a twist, as I mentioned previously, please understand that this may not be an accurate reflection of how the conversation went.

The former White House Communications Director uttered these words: “I hate to do this, but the President isn’t telling the truth,” in reference to the Biden scandal that Trump wanted investigating. She insisted that the allegations between the father and son duo have been investigated and adjudicated.

The president claimed that Pence had also had conversations with the Ukranian leader and demands that his transcripts are also released so that everyone knows that he is also innocent. I’m genuinely laughing, there’s nothing else I can do. What a joke. I would hate to have Trump as a friend.

Despite Trump’s effort to smother the flames, they just keep on burning. It seems as if he may be running out of tricks… it’s now only a matter of time.

Weird, right? And if you still don’t believe me when I say that Donald Trump is a dangerous man, then keep scrolling to see listen to Brad Pitt say it… you might believe me then.