'The Witcher' Jokes That Are Almost as Good as 'Toss a Coin to Your Witcher' | 22 Words

Netflix constantly manages to blow us away with its tantalizing original releases, and it seems its latest offering is no exception.

The streaming giant's brand new show, The Witcher, has been turning the heads of fantasy fanatics, with some daring to say it's even better than Game of Thrones (we know... it's a very bold statement) but the show has earned the title.

As with anything good, the internet has turned iconic moments from the show into hilarious memes and we just had to share some of the best ones with you.

Happy scrolling!

30. The Witcher (2019).

Very accurate, I must say!

29. High School Musical (The Witcher ver.)

via: Tumblr // the-queen-of-hell

No, Gabriella, T doesn't stand for Troy...

28. Out of nowhere.

via: Tumblr // nicklesandknackles

I can't even keep up!

27. Personalized sword.

Tell me you see it too...

26. Inaccurate scenes.

This would be hilarious in a blooper reel...

25. "Excuse me..."

Have you considered it though?

24. Fix up, Geralt.

via: Tumblr // @swampmanstan

Someone needs to pull him into an intervention.

23. Binge-watching.

This is so relatable...

22. Hit me with it...

via: Twitter

...Right in the gut.

21. Carbon-copy.

This was the inspiration behind the scene where Geralt was just sat in the bath... So now you know.

20. Spice up your life!

via: Tumblr // dapper-whippersnapper

It makes sense...

19. Slip of the tongue...

Big yikes.

18. Uncanny.

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This is a difficult game of "Spot the Difference..."

17. 2 moods.

And both are my only moods.

16. Underappreciated.

"It's the anthem of our generation."

15. "Breaking it down..."

via: Tumblr // tremendoussandwichchaos

I mean, it's such a tune.

14. Adoptive dads.

via: Tumblr // archivizt

We're just trying to live a simple life out here.

13. "You're safe now..."

Geralt deserves a bit of respect guys...

12. Unfaithful?

We demand to see the footage!

11. Spoiler alert!

Tune in for this special episode...

10. An "open" relationship.

via: Tumblr // zenyatta-chaotic-ace

Very accurate indeed!

9. The Witcher (2019).

This is it!

8. Priorities.

Have you tried it?

7. Donations are appreciated.

I half expect them to start saying that line in church now...

6. [Sighs].

via: Tumblr // acelaurens

What a wide variety of emotions on display here from Henry Cavill.

5. Side quests.

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If this isn't true, then I don't know what is.

4. The Sandwicher (2019).

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This would make a pretty good storyline, right?

3. Lies!

I mean, it's Henry Cavill, what can you do?

2. F.U.C.K.

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If Geralt was a scientist...

1. Spot the Difference.

This game is getting trickier... Those are only some of the memes but if you're interested in more, Twitter is currently brimming with them! Have fun!