There Are No Active Bushfires in New South Wales for the First Time In 240 Days

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Australia has been burning for months on end now, and there has been very little hope in sight for it’s exhausted residents.

But now, the remarkable news has come in that the state of New South Wales is finally fire-free.

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A combination of record-breaking high temperatures and a prolonged drought resulted in the outbreak of several bushfires across Australia’s east coast.

So, when their annual bushfire season arrived in October, things were quick to spiral out of control.

Bushfires began sparking all over the country, with fire crews struggling to contain the flames.

The land had become even more flammable than it already was, which only enabled the flames to spread at terrifying speeds.

But much of their efforts were to no avail, as the fires continued to rampage across the country.

And countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and the United States sent in their own firefighters in a bid to help tackle the blazes.

At least thirty-three people have died as a result of the bushfires, including 9 volunteer firefighters. Sadly, even more people remain missing.

And roughly 2.5 million acres of land have been burned – That’s nearly the same size as South Korea, just to put things into perspective.

And people in neighbouring countries such as New Zealand were reporting being able to actually see and smell the smoke.

NASA reported that one of their satellites was able to capture the thick smoke billowing across the country.

And the wildlife has perhaps suffered the worst. Several of Australia’s native species have been impacted by the fires, including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, possums, wombats, and echidnas.

Over a billion animals are estimated to have died.

In January, Chris Dickman, an ecology expert from the University of Sydney, predicted that “nationally”, more than 1 billion different animals had died as a result of the fires and destroyed habitats.

With around 25,000 of the marsupials having perished in the flames.

And are currently being nursed back to health by volunteers. However, their caregivers are concerned about their survival rates, considering that a staggering proportion of their natural habitats have been destroyed.

Leaving the marsupials without a home or any natural supply of food.

So, in January, Australians rejoiced when they finally had a little bit of rainfall.

The country has been experiencing more and more rainfall in the last month and, now, something truly remarkable has happened.

The state of New South Wales has finally been declared as fire-free.

After months and months of devastating blazes, New South Wales has finally been given the break it deserves.

In New South Wales alone, more than five million hectares of land were burnt, destroying more than 2,000 houses, according to the BBC.

The NSW RFS took to social media on Monday to announce the incredible news, where they wrote: “For the first time since early July 2019, there is currently no active bush or grass fires in #NSW. That’s more than 240 days of fire activity for the state.”

A huge amount of rainfall is predicted to hit the state over the next week, meaning that the fires should stay put out.

Let’s hope that this news is only the beginning of a new chapter for the devastated country. While on the topic of good news, let’s just discuss how great Australia’s animals are. Keep scrolling to read more about koalas, and to hear the heartwarming story of a koala joey and his mother after enduring life-saving surgery…