There Are Six Soldiers Hidden in This Photo but People Are Losing Their Minds Trying To Find Them | 22 Words

A photo has been circulating on the internet of 6 soldiers hidden amongst a forest and people are losing their minds trying to find them.

Have a look for yourselves...

Optical illusions have been confusing us for a while.

Something that deceives the eye by appearing to be other than it is, people have spent hours trying to figure out these illusions...

But the latest one has us all stumped.

Since it was posted by the British Army, it has gained a very passionate following from those of us that are trying to figure it out.

Illusions are generally pretty weird, right?

Take this dog, here. Or these 2 dogs...?

Now, just look at the perfect timing of this one.

A light afternoon snack?

A dog or a stag?

My Patronus charm just couldn't decide!

A young boy with a dog's head?

Or just a young boy taking a nap with his best friend?

This is something you won't be unseeing for a while...

This would be a great idea for some doggy fancy-dress!

This user's sister has become a female Centaur!

But in reality, her huge dog is just stood behind her.

What's going on here?

Does that dog have any front legs or...?

These golden retrievers appear to have merged into one...

Best friends forever?

Here's a dog casually fishing...

Now, that's something you don't see every day!

This one really puzzled us...

Can you see it yet?

Is this a crow?

Or a cat?

Here's a dog running into the ocean...

About to take flight...?

Look at this good boy giving his owner a ride!

But in reality, this is just an incredibly timed photo.

Just a good boy waiting for his bus...

Or is it?

Have you ever seen a more graceful dog...?

Who also does ballet?!

As if by magic...

This dog has somehow changed its colors behind the tree!

Feeling hungry?

There must be some catnip in there...

A man and his feathered friend...

This picture was taken at the best moment possible.

This is one of our personal favorites...

Looks like this little pupper got himself stuck in a bubble!

And does anyone remember this illusion?

People were leaving comments of horror, such as, "My first thought was, 'why is there a meat sack with legs and how is it alive'," and, "I didn’t even understand what’s going on with the dog."

It turns out that it is simply just a 3-legged dog cleaning itself.


But the latest illusion to confuse us is a snap of a forest...

And apparently, amongst all the foliage, there are 6 soldiers hidden there.

Here's the picture:

Can you spot them all?

And here are the results:

Now can you see them better? For more illusions, keep scrolling...