There Are so Many Extraordinarily Beautiful Birds You Won’t Have Heard of

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Birds truly are majestic creatures. And just when you think you’ve seen them all, you’ll be proven wrong by a Secretary, a Blue Crowned Pigeon, or a Malaysian Large Frogmouth. Want to see some truly excellent birds? Scroll on.

What an expressive face!

Jealous of that fascinator.

Literally looks like a rock.

What a cutie!

Looks like a child’s painting!

Amazing colors.

Now that’s a statement necklace.

Definitely winning the prize for best name.

Truly amazing colors.

Literally just a big ball of fluff.

A killer hairstyle!

Loving these bright tones.

Sometimes nicknamed the Dracula parrot – and we can see why!

Very aptly named!

Looks like it’s covered in chocolate shavings.

Now that’s a tongue-twister.

Literally looks like it’s wearing a wig.

A boulder with a head.

We’d never seen a bird with a mustache before.

Now this is a duck.

Truly majestic.

That looks extremely difficult to maneuver.

Impressive tail feathers!

Great name, great bird.

Another with an incredible name.

Tufted indeed!

Amazingly beautiful colors.

Amazing action shot.

This guy totally has a human face, right? Want some more incredible birds? Scroll on …