There Is Something Seriously Wrong with the New Statue of Trump in Disney's Hall of Presidents | 22 Words

Disney's "Hall of Presidents" has always been one of those attractions that you sort of just graze past. Located in Orlando at Walt Disney World, the exhibit is dark, creepy and filled with saggy, blanched renditions of presidents past and present.

Still, it has been a tradition ever since the attraction debuted in 1971, the very first figure – that of Abraham Lincoln – having been unveiled to "rave reviews" at the 1964 New York World’s Fair.

This Monday, the animatronics team at unveiled the newest addition to the exhibit, a robotic version of the 45th president, Donald J. Trump. Twitter immediately had a field day.
Trump is notorious for being one of the most unpopular presidents of all time. His approval rating sits at 35 percent, a "historic low for a commander in chief in the December of his first year in office," as per politico.
In his one year in office, Trump has managed to alienate America's allies, nearly spark a nuclear war with North Korea, introduce white supremacists to the White House, been outed himself as a white supremacist, and caused a massive uproar in that most American of institutions – the NFL.
Trump is what you would call "unlikeable," to put it mildly, and people on social media were quick to eviscerate his robotic likeness as a result. The first thing people noticed was that Trump's robot had a very distinctive likeness.
If you've forgotten who Jon Voight is, a quick refresher. Jon Voight is the once-estranged father of Angelina Jolie, who rose to prominence acting in such films as Midnight Cowboy and Deliverance. 
He wasn't the only person people thought Trump looked like, however. People were certain he resembled someone very familiar... Hillary Clinton.
In fact, people were so certain of this, they posited that Disney's animatronics team had completed a Clinton robot in preparation for her anticipated win. As you no doubt recall, Clinton had been projected by many media sources to win the 2016 election, and had, in fact, won the popular vote.
The robot's resemblance wasn't the only thing social media speculated about, however. People were quick to point out that Trump looked out of place among some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers in United States history.
Trump, as you will recall, dislikes science and facts so much, he had the CDC strip those words from their communications. He has also declared numerous times that he is suspicious of climate change and has even removed it from the list of national security threats.
Other people took issue with his wardrobe – the real Trump's that is, not the animatronic version. That, they felt, perfectly espoused his blowsy, devil-may-care approach to fashion (read: he dresses like a slob).
That wasn't the only thing people remarked on, however. They had one more surprising insight. Trump's robot, many people noted, had been relegated to the portion of the Hall assigned to unpopular presidents such as Presidents Grant, Buchannan, Pierce, Johnson, and Fillmore.
Despite all the Twitter brouhaha, there were a few people that liked the Trump statue – namely, Trump supporters, who had feared that their idol would not take his place in the "Hall of Presidents" due to Disney's liberal bent.
If there's one thing to take away from this, it's a simple fact – very few presidents actually look good in the Hall of Presidents. Take these pictures of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – frightening, aren't they?