There Was a Huge Party in Tuscaloosa Last Night and Twitter Is Furious

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While the pandemic rages on, residents of the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, have created a covid nightmare…

Because, while hundreds of thousands are now dead from the virus here in the US …

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Residents of Tuscaloosa seem to have completely gone off the rails, as fans crowd the streets following a championship celebration.
Here’s the full story…

Now, we’re all aware that 2020 was nothing short of terrible.

COVID-19 took the entire planet hostage back in March, and things have been diabolical ever since.

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And Donald Trump’s eagerness to tone down the virus didn’t at all go to plan.

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He continued to play it down and insist that we can simply “live with the virus.”

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And it got us all wondering… What’s the progress with the much-needed vaccine?

Pharmaceutical organizations from all around the world worked tirelessly to discover a vaccine for months

But, to begin with, they didn’t have much luck.

However, some amazing news was brought to at the end of last year.

American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, Pfizer and German biotechnology company, BioNTech have been working on a coronavirus vaccine for the last few months and now, it’s finally ready.

Well, they were looking so good that some countries started distributing the COVID vaccine out to their citizens a few months ago.

And countries such as the United Kingdom have wasted absolutely no time in administering the vaccine, with the first of 800,000 doses given out in the first week.

Because so many people have tragically lost their lives to this virus since it first started to spread in March last year.

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And it’s heartbreaking to know that this number could have been prevented if more people abided by the vital social distancing and mask-wearing rules.

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The death toll passed 300,000 last month in a horrific milestone.

But despite this tragic news, Alabama Crimson Tide fans could be seen packing streets this week….

And creating one of the largest mass gatherings we’ve seen.
Of course, Twitter is not happy about it. Keep scrolling for the shocking videos…

Just minutes after Alabama beat Ohio State in the championship…

Students and fans near the school’s campus decided to flood the roads.

The scenes were surreal…

Particularly after government officials repeatedly warned against mass gatherings.

Tuscaloosa’s Mayor, Walt Maddox, warned fans against doing exactly this just last week…

Explaining to Tide fans that their traditional block party would have severe repercussions.

​Check out the footage below… 

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people packed together. Clearly, harsher restrictions need to be put in place.
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