There's a New Version of the Alphabet Song to Clarify the 'LMNOP' Part, People Are Angry | 22 Words

One of the very first tunes we all learn all the words to has to be the alphabet song. And let's face it, it still slaps to this day. But the best part of it, without a shadow of a doubt, has to be the classic "lmnop" bit. You know the one - where everyone belts out a strange made-up word that sounds like "elemenopey."

But now, the Alphabet Council (or whoever is in charge of these things) has done a rejig. The new remix of the Alphabet Song has got rid of our favorite part - and the internet has some strong feelings.

One of the first things we ever learn is the alphabet.

Getting those pesky letters down is the first step towards essential life skills like reading and writing, after all.

And a classic way to get that alphabet learned?

Well, it would have to be that absolute tune, the Alphabet Song.

It's a good one.

Where were you when you realized it shares the exact same tune as "Twinkle Twinkle"?

And there's one part of the song that's an undeniable highlight.

That cheeky "lmnop" part is everyone's favorite. If it's not yours, you're lying.

But this week, a Twitter user noticed something.

Something strange - and horrifying.

Because the best part of the song?

Lmnop? Totally disappeared.

Well, not exactly gone.

You can't just take letters out of the alphabet, after all. But that excellent song section is slowed down beyond all recognition.

Here's the song in all its (non)glory.

It was brought to the internet's attention via Twitter.

And people aren't having it.

Many are refusing to accept this new version of the classic Alphabet Song.

One of the best reactions was this.

Simple but effective, right?

Others made this joke.

We have to hope this is all an elaborate rouse, right?

Many have questions.

Why remove the literal best part of the tune? Make it make sense!

It's basically ruined the whole song.

What used to be a classic jive, has fallen far.

Others feel plain old sad.

Saying goodbye to this part of the tune feels like saying goodbye to a little piece of our childhood.

But for some, it was a pretty scary experience.

That moment where you realize the song isn't going to way you expect is weirdly scary.

Many have another fear.

Will this cause yet another generational divide?

There's one thing that unites us all.

Getting letters of the alphabet wrong is a key part of childhood.

And what if this happens?

Sure, we'll have a generation which knows all the letters - but will they be able to dance?

Some made this comparison.

Guys, if something ain't broke, don't fix it!

Although at least the internet has rediscovered this gem.

And look! Even Patti LaBelle sings "lmnop." If that ain't proof, we don't know what is.