These 12 Completely Insane Cheating Stories Will Make You Glad You’re Single or Wish You Were

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We’ve all been in a relationship that we knew was doomed from the start. The never ending fighting, the constant feeling that your significant other has a wandering eye or you have a wandering eye — it starts to become pretty obvious that you’re headed to splitsville.

But what about those people who had NO IDEA that things were bad or even that their significant other was cheating?

The people of Reddit have shared their most ridiculous stories of not only being cheated on, but catching their soon-to-be-ex in the act.

Yikes. Suddenly, being single doesn’t seem so bad.

…especially since the term “porking” so perfectly suits the farm setting.

This next one is truly savage.

This is a tactic we should all remember, just in case.

That’s an image you’ll never be able to un-see.

Now married to an incredible woman with a great job and cancer-free?

Things DO get better.

…there’s just so much about this that sounds uncomfortable.

That couldn’t have been comfortable.


I’m pretty sure that was the last house she ever tried to break into.

Poor dude, indeed. But seriously how do I get one of these to perform at my next birthday party?

I mean, who gives a dog a cookie?!