We all make mistakes. But it wasn't until recently that we could share those mistakes with the world for eternity.

Don't feel bad for these people because their failures are public — that was their decision. But definitely feel bad because these people lack total common sense.

Wow. Do you have to TRY to swing and miss this hard?

This is the sign of someone who's never seen that word in print.

Say it out loud. Listen to the words.

Man, this is bad even by flat-Earther standards.

Oh, man. Just...speak to them.

from facepalm
$10 says this person would speak very slowly to them — just to be sure.

I'm guessing some folks might wish this was true.

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"Anesthetized." There was 0% chance they would have known that word.

Oh, no. You sweet summer child...

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The person who told you to do that is NOT your friend. They get worse. Trust me.

Enjoy the rest of your salmonella-shortened life.

Also, that just looks beyond gross.

When your mom thinks a tire pressure gauge is a drug pipe.

Keeping tires properly inflated is no joke, Mother.

We don't have the time nor resources to set this guy straight.

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This would turn into a whole big thing.

Get this person a map. STAT!

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Then teach them how to use it.

I have a feeling that this person is confused a lot.

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I mean, they just admitted they struggle counting to six. We saved the best for last, naturally.


We're doomed. That's all I can say. And I'm normally an optimist.

Of course people like this still stare at the sun during an eclipse...

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...before it even happens.

Too dumb for a knock-knock joke?

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Ouch. Don't ask her why the chicken crossed the road.

And finally...

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...Wow. You two probably deserve each other.