These 15 Side-By-Side Photos of Parents and Their Identical Kids Prove That Genetics Are Seriously Crazy

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The great thing about being a parent is seeing what your kid inherits from you. Is it your love of cooking? Your ability to excel in mathematics? How about your signature red, curly hair? It’s the beauty of family, after all: seeing how alike and different you are in so many peculiar ways.

These kids definitely take after their parents in their own unique way!

The proper name is heterochromia. They’re absolutely gorgeous! Six out of every thousand people have this condition.

This is CRAZY!

Genetics are crazy, y’all.

A thumb from each parent!

We love their unique streak of white hair!

We can’t believe how well these match up!

Who says you can’t inherit sleeping habits from your parents? This clearly iconic duo is most definitely related!

Might as well start them young! What a cool parent and kid combo.

No? Good, because neither can we! It’s hard to believe on the left is a father and on the right is a son. They look identical!

If you weren’t sure whether these two were related, just stare at the picture a little longer. Even their eyes are the same shade! What other interesting similarities are there between parents and their kids?

It’s like they were given the exact same eyes. That blue is piercing. Do you think they can see into all of our souls? Also, can we request that shade of blue as a wall paint color?

And the award for coolest mother/son duo goes to…. These two, for head banging at the Grand Canyon. Most people just go and take selfies. This is on a whole other level!

They’re even wearing the exact same top. This little kid is going to have the best Throwback Thursday picture one day!

And it has to be an exact version of your father’s. Do you think that little thing gets good gas mileage? We’re adding it to our 2018 wish list.

This needs to be on a birthday card or something. Talk about double vision. It’s utterly precious; the mirroring poses complete the photo!