These 18 People Are So Clever, People Think They're Visitors From the Future | 22 Words

Every once in a while, you see a hack so brilliantly simple that it seems like it came from another world. Well, Twitter users are coming up with another explanation: Maybe these innovative minds are from the future?

Before you dismiss that crazy idea, see what they've done in the pics below.

This business card.

We're all so used to seeing contact info on our phones that you might as well make your business card look like a phone, right?

It's not stupid if it works.

Well, it can still LOOK stupid, but it DOES work. Does this mean all those redneck inventions are sent from another time? Don't count it out.

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate this one.

And by "special kind of person," I mean someone who can eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting. Before it gets soggy. Godspeed, you human miracle.

Kinda gross, but...whatever.

A wax warmer can double as a personal-sized crockpot. I guess. I'd prefer that it didn't, but your mileage may vary.

Hope he cleaned it first.

Sometimes, people are willing to go a little further for convenience than I am, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna judge them.

Just be glad it's on the passenger side.

If it was on the driver's side, I'd probably call the police just to keep this innovative mind off the road to make us all a little safer.

Selfie shoes!

Just make sure you're not wearing a short skirt. And make sure you're pretty flexible. And don't forget to take your phone off. Lots of caveats here.

Bootleg grilled cheese

Sure, you won't get that buttery taste you will from a pan, but if you're stuck in prison or something, this isn't a bad hack at all.

How long did this take?

However long it was, it was TOTALLY worth it. I applaud this patient and precise man. Let him be a role model to us all.

Our stomachs will thank this man.

But so will our cardiologists. What kind of decadent soul needs to add a cheeseburger to a Red Lobster biscuit? Sometimes too much really is TOO MUCH.

Just a spritz!

I would have figured this was to get a cat to behave or something, but I guess if you're watching your calories, this is one way to portion out a juice pack.

I shudder to think what happens to this boy in an accident.

He'd go from being labeled "brilliant" to being labeled the "late, great human piƱata who was taken from this Earth far too soon."

You don't always need to invent a new product.

Sometimes you can just be a crabby guy at the DMV who orders a pizza to help pass the time. I hope he was able to eat it there without being bothered.

A good idea on paper, yes.

But I would have to think having the heel in front would really jack up the way you walk. Do they make these in high heels? Because that would be comedy gold.

It may seem like many of these "innovations" are just ways to help lazy people do lazy things.

You'd be right with that assessment. I mean, that's what hacks are, after all. Anything that keeps your hands free while watching videos on your phone has to be worth SOMETHING, right?

Segway + a rolling bag = brilliance.

I could see a lot of ways this would go very, very wrong, but let's celebrate this man's ingenious solution to carting around town with luggage.

Toast prongs...a solution to a problem no one really has.

I mean, I get it, but this seems more like one of those Japanese inventions that we'd make fun of.

This hero!

He looks like a guy who practices good hygiene, but I have one question: How long did the seller allow this guy to hang around? I mean, 90 minutes with a stranger seems kinda rough. I guess you chalk it up to experience and move on.