You've been working really hard lately. You get up at the crack of dawn each morning, sit through a long commute for a job you don't love, only to get home so exhausted that you barely have enough energy to eat peanut butter straight out of the jar for dinner. Don't you think it's time for a vacation?

Why not give Airbnb a shot? For those out of the loop, the popular hospitality service lets homeowners rent out their houses and apartments to travelers looking for a more authentic experience than they might get staying in a hotel.

Sounds great, right? Before you book anything, you might want to browse these horrifying stories from Reddit users who have been both Airbnb guests and hosts.

It's a good idea to wait until after lunch, though.

Especially for #13.

1. "My one and only Airbnb stay was at a nice condo in Long Beach, CA right on the beach."


"Once I got home, the hosts tried to charge me $7000 for damages that were 100% false. They claimed I broke their refrigerator, TV, and Internet, spilled oil on their couch, and stole their bathroom rugs. They also claimed I did drugs in their apartment." —caffeinedreamz

2. "We arrived at our Airbnb in Austin to find that the master bedroom had been quite literally blocked off by the pool table."


"We thought "Eh, no biggie, they were probably cleaning and forgot to scoot it back." So we scooted it back to center of the room — right into the four little divots in the carpet from where it had been sitting before. Trip goes well, we leave — and a day later, I get an email from the property owner demanding payment for a professional balancing service to be performed on the pool table. Five hundred ding-a-lingin’ dollars. After several days of going back and forth between the property owner and Airbnb customer support with these and other questions, my credit card was charged $500. So I called my credit card company, explained the situation and they recorded it as fraud." —beefwich

3. "My first experience with Airbnb was when the host cancelled on us at 1am before our 6am flight. I just happened to check my email from the airport and was on with support within 10 minutes."


"Ended up in a really nice place in Jersey (original booking had been in Manhattan), but spent an extra $120 on private ground transport because we didn't know the transit system yet and hadn't planned to go to New Jersey as our first stop. Later found out that she had cancelled on the two guests before us, though never so close to the last minute. Airbnb had taken down her listing, I saw the listing back up a few months later, with plenty of host cancellations." —Scops

4. "I sent the guy a message before my flight saying I looked it up on Google Maps and it didn't look like a residence but didn't get a response."


"The guy had the wrong address listed and when I showed up at around midnight there was nothing there. The only hotel I could find that would answer the phone was a Courtyard Marriott. At this point I was tired of lugging my stuff around like a dumbass and bit the bullet on a $350 room, which I only got to enjoy for six hours because I had to be up at 6am for a conference call. The next day I was given the correct address but was only given a partial refund." —sdfsaasa

5. "We arrived after 20 hours of travel to a completely moldy apartment in Paris that gave us instant headaches."


"We called customer service who said we need to provide photo evidence before they can do anything but they will email us first so we can send the photos. That email never came because they sent it to the wrong email address even though we had them repeat it back to us twice. They said they can't help us get a new place and so we were left on the street to fend for ourselves." —asherfergusson

6. "My parents just this week discovered hidden cameras in their Airbnb spread throughout the house."

"Even worse, when they discovered them and covered them up, within an hour they got an angry call from the host demanding they uncover them so they could continue watching my parents. So not only did they have cameras, they were actively monitoring them, which is such an insane invasion of privacy." —DebatableAwesome

7. "I have a service dog & became friends with another lady who went through the same program as me for her mobility service dog."

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"When she got married this past year she tried to go through an Airbnb 'host' in GA. We live 700 miles away from the wedding’s location, so it’s not right around the corner & easy to rearrange plans on short notice. Everything was fine with the arrangements until 2 days before she was supposed to leave. The host suddenly changed their minds on allowing her service dog to come with her, even though that violates federal law and Airbnb’s own 'policy.' The lady told my friend she didn’t care if my friend was handicapped & that the dog assists with walking, maintaining balance, & retrieving items, there was no way they were letting a 'filthy dog' in their room because it could break things, potty in their floor, and they’d never be able to advertise it as 'pet-free' again. Even after being informed of federal rights that service dog handlers have, and Airbnb’s 'policy' on service dogs, they refused to make it right. Utterly disgusting behavior." —heartofbronzexxviiii

8. "My in laws used to air bnb their house while they were traveling."

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"Once, the people staying there left the deck doors and windows open all night (despite the instructions being very clear that this should not be done) and a bird got into the house and in its stupid attempt to escape bloodied itself all over the main floor and died in the living room. The people staying there decided not to mention anything and just left it like that. Two days later they get back and see the mess. What the fuck people!?" —maumacd

9. "I used to work customer service for Airbnb. One night at around 4am, I got a call from a guest saying that the place they rented was burning down."

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"Twenty minutes later, I got a call from a host saying that a guest had burned their place down. It wasn't really my job to figure out who was at fault, or even what actually happened, but one thing was certain. That place did burn down." —bayek

10. "My host lied about having wifi and a king-sized bed."

"Then, I was woken up by her sneaking into the apartment in the middle of the night and snooping in my bag. I had to call the police... That was fun." — ppihfmsl

11. "It was some guy's art studio."

"The walls were paper thin. so I heard the host yelling at possible art dealers or whatever all night while trying to sleep on a cot which had one dirty pillow on it (also for some reason it had a single rose on it)." —TheRelevantElephants

12. "Host lied and tried to get my friends and I to pay a $250 cleaning fee, even though we did everything he asked before we left."

"I declined the payment, reported him to AirBnB, and never contacted him after that. We rented his house for spring break (we're in college) and did not throw any parties or trash the place, and cleaned it pretty well before we left. I have a feeling he does that every time he rents to college students and just pockets the extra cash because most groups are probably afraid of getting in trouble." —Pattewad

13. "My boyfriend got an AirBnB and it was the couples bedroom."

"They slept on the couch and we had to pass by them to get to the room. I felt so uncomfortable with that." —[account deleted]

14. "My group rented the second floor of a house with access to the first floor where the owner lived."

"She was part of a Great Dane rescue organization and had three of those huge dogs. One was old with huge tumors growing all over its body and two of them were young and aggressive. We would try to go out and sit in the yard and they would charge at you and only pull up at the last second. She was all like "Oh, they're so sweet," but honestly they were a little terrifying. On our last day there, the old one died and when I went downstairs to say goodbye to the lady, she was sitting on the floor sobbing. I was like 'Sorry about your dog, gotta go!' My friends stayed later and ended up having to help her bury it." —[account deleted]

15. "Staying in New Orleans in July with no AC probably tops my list."

"There were roaches everywhere as well. The worst thing we found was some super faulty wiring. One day it rained and water was leaking out of the electrical socket. Staying at this place totally ruined New Orleans for me." —iwinagain

16. "Was woken up at 3 AM to loud bangs and screaming."

"Someone yelled that the host was 'on speed and assaulting them, and to please call the police.' Police came and settled the dispute. We never left our room because of how scared we were. The next day we cancelled our stay and checked in to a hotel, only to have to host message us and ask if we left because the shower was broken...? Uh, no lady, the whole being woken up to a drug binge/assault thing would be it." —wooboostin

17. "Scorpions everywhere at an AirBnB in Mexico." —unashamed_desire

"Hey man, scorpions occasionally need some rest and relaxation at a local AirBnB too." —Industry18

18. "I got an AirBnB that was listed as close to transportation."

"Translation: directly under the flight path for an international airport. There was no A/C and the 'queen' mattress creaked and had a dip in the middle, so my boyfriend and I ended up smashed together in the hot June night. By 5 AM the flights started up and we had to close the window because of the noise. I think I got three hours of sleep. I called AirBnB in tears and was able to get my money refunded. We ended up going to a hotel." —kgilr7

19. "Arriving late at 2 AM, we had been emailed the code to unlock the door. It didn't work."

"Maybe we punched it wrong? Nope. After 30 minutes of trying different things, called the owner, who didn't answer. Woke up my sister and went to their place, slept on the floor while my girlfriend slept on the couch. The next day we went and tried again. It didn't work. The owner insisted he gave us the right code, but was not available to come and try it himself, so we just cancelled the whole thing and I slept on the floor again the second night. First and last time I'm using AirBnB." —NO_FIX_AUTOCORRECT

20. "We found two different hidden cameras with feeds going into the wall."

"One in the bedroom facing the bed/closet, one in the bathroom vent facing the mirror. I cut the cords and took the cameras with me as evidence and reported it to the police. They were unable/unwilling to do anything since it was his property, he had the right to record anything. They were unsure of the legal grey area and made an intimidating visit to him. We no longer use AirBnB and I always check for cameras in hotels now." —azvigilante

21. "Worst was a cheap place for a family reunion in Chicago."

"Found some lady's basement. It sounds bad but looked okay. I just needed a bed and a shower. What could go wrong? Open sewer pipes. They must have removed a toilet to make some extra room, but didn't cap the pipes, just threw a literal grate on it. I can't imagine being broke/psychotic enough to rent a literal sh*thole." —NomadicShitPoster

22. "Adorable beach cottage in a rural island town."

"Went to check the mattress and it was covered with hundreds of brown pin-sized stains — bedbugs. Owner SWORE it was age stains. Uh, no. No hotels anywhere nearby and a torrential storm outside. Slept on towels with my bags in the car. Got away unscathed." —SisterStereo

23. "The place was gorgeous, clean, in a great location."

"The host was kind, friendly, courteous. The price was fair, and it was accurately described in the listing. It was definitely the worst AirBnB I've ever stayed at. It's also the only AirBnB I've stayed at, so it's also the best." —TVxStrange

24. "I go to school at Emory University."

"Some dude in a freshman residential hall rented his single out on AirBnB for a while until the RA caught him. He’d give them his room key and student ID and then go sleep in the lounge." —wisconsin_cheese_

25. "My dad stayed in a place that turned out to be a halfway house/boarding house for released criminals."

"The company that owns the boarding house advertised it as a 'cozy inner city studio.' The place looked decent in photos and was cheap so he booked it last minute. He said it was nothing like the photos, obviously filthy dirty, the windows didn't lock, and there was screaming going on all night. He got there at 8 PM so he stayed one night and left the next morning for a hotel. AirBnB investigated, he got a full refund and I imagine that the house is no longer advertised." —zara300

26. "I stay in a SHARED room (notice the emphasis on shared) because it's cheap and I don't mind sharing a room."

"Last night my roommates turned out to be a couple. I don't know what these people thought a 'shared room' was but they were very pissed at finding this out, as was I. But they made it way more awkward than it had to be. They would 'whisper' about me and the guy would suggest his wife/girlfriend leave the room every time he does as if I were a creep. I'm a 22-year-old who looks 18 and they were in their 30s. Heard the guy say he went through my stuff to 'get a feel for me to make sure I'm not a psycho.' Thank god they were only here for one night and I hope my 6 AM alarm annoyed them more than they did me." —IsolationDrills

27. "Someone had the bright idea of placing a masked mannequin in the doorway, facing the door."

"Never failed to creep me out every time I opened the door, especially at night since the lighting was quite dim. The rest of the flat was filled with antiques and had very poor lighting, which made me feel like I was in a Resident Evil game or something." —DatAdra

28. "The host was out of town on the day we were arriving, so he said he'd hide the key in the garden."

"We assumed that the key would be somewhere near the door, or hidden under a rock or something. But no, the host had buried the key in a random spot in the garden, and it took over an hour of searching and digging with help from random passerby to find the damned thing." —shinkouhyou

29. "My family and I stayed in an AirBnB in Bushwick, New York last Christmas."

"We’ve stayed in lots of AirBnBs but never ones with fake cops trying to break in. They were super aggressive and started using racial slurs after we refused to let them in. They looked uniformed but it was really dark and we couldn’t see well. They kept saying, “you didn’t do anything wrong we just need to talk to you." lol sounds legit. We were pretty shaken considering my sister’s pretty young and I ended up calling 911 to double check nobody had been dispatched to our area at the time. Was a pretty memorable Christmas indeed!" —Acm9

30. "The AirBnB was in a great location for a great price. The only problem? The bathroom."

"See, using the word 'bathroom' was a bit of a stretch. Because it wasn't a room at all. It was literally the corner of the single room of the apartment, with one of those partitions people change clothes behind to cordon it off. Our solution was to blast Animaniacs at high volume whenever one of us had to go. If I wasn't 100% comfortable with my best friend before that trip, I certainly was afterwards." —MetalGilSolid

31. "We couldn't party on the deck or have the curtains open at night because of the turtles."

"It still went okay, but half the point of being directly on the beach wasn't available because we came at the wrong time. I understand completely and it's totally justified but I wanted to drunkenly run around the beach and swim in the shark infested ocean at night." —ActualWhiterabbit "Those turtles probably saved you from a drunken shark attack." —hateyoukindly

32. "The room I booked was a flat in a repurposed warehouse downtown that seemed pretty trendy."

"However, what the description failed to mention was that the room shared a wall with a sex club. That night a string of swingers lined up outside my window and I had the pleasure of listening to their festivities all night long." —Larry-a-la-King

33. "Stayed in a room rented out by a very artsy couple."

"They painted and made pottery in a downstairs room they had converted into studio. Great couple and great accommodation, but they kept "house rabbits" — something I had never come across. But as an animal lover, this was no problem for me. The problem happened one morning when I shuffled to the kitchen while still half asleep. I didn't see the rabbit, stood on it, and it let out a high pitch squeal. I had broken its foot. Things were a bit awkward for the next couple of days, but the vet bills were covered by their house insurance." —SickPuppy01

34. "The host collected creepy dolls."

"They were everywhere! Staring at me." —andreainternet

35. "I used to work Customer Service for AirBnB."

"One night at around 4 AM, I got a call from a guest saying that the place they rented was burning down. Twenty minutes later, I got a call from a host saying that a guest had burned their place down. It wasn't really my job to figure out who was at fault, or even what actually happened, but one thing was certain. That place did burn down." —DOS13

36. "A friend of my brother's was traveling, couch surfing, AirBnB-ing and the like."

"She stayed with some guy for a night. He was kinda creepy so she wanted to leave ASAP. Long story short, a woman stayed with that same guy shortly after my brother's friend, and he bludgeoned her to death with a hammer." —ZurtleTheTurtle

37. "Lived in a condo in California for a while, but due to a vocational change I had to lease it out via AirBnB to afford the mortgage repayments."

"Long story short, I came back into money and asked my tenant to leave within three weeks. When I tried to re-enter my place the day after he was meant to be gone, he hadn't moved. By the limited view I had of the place he hadn't bothered to pack up at all. The worst part is, now I have to take him to court to get him out which may take over a year" —Lachshmock

38. "My girlfriend and I stayed in an AirBnB for a night that had the cutest kitty in it."

"We pretty much spent the whole night playing with it and it even slept with us. When I went to return the keys I told the owner how much we loved her kitten. She looked puzzled. Turns out the cat was a stray. She said it must have wandered in an open window." —WandaSykesOfficial

39. "My friend rents her place and she has three cats. It's mentioned on her profile."

"When she rents, she rents the ground floor and her cats always stay down the basement even when there aren't renters. Anyway, this family comes to rent and complains that there are cats and that the father is allergic and they need a refund. She says no way. She mentions that there are cats in her profile and if they chose to pick her house despite that that's their problem. They threatened to sue her. Nothing came of it, but I just can't understand if they had someone so allergic that just being in the house with the cats was causing issues, why the hell did they even try to rent her house?" —ephony5

40. "I am a host and had a girl stay with me for about a week. Our house is a duplex, Airbnb downstairs and we live upstairs. We have pricing that varies dependent on the amount of guests who are staying, and she paid for just herself. Well, she also snuck in her boyfriend and her 'housekeeper' with her to stay. No big deal we let it go."


"We heard a lot of fighting through the ceiling/floor. Apparently the main guest 'K.K.' was staying with us because she had just closed on a home and needed somewhere to stay before moving in. Her and her boyfriend were having screaming matches about the mortgage payments on the house they hadn't even moved into yet. There were also a lot of crashing and banging sounds coming from downstairs. Well, when her visit was over we went downstairs ... there were cigarette burns EVERYWHERE, piles of ashes, a trail of blood from the bathroom, through the kitchen, down the hall, across the living room floor and onto the bed sheets. A cat litter box (didn't know she had a cat) in the middle of the living room FILLED to the brim with cat poop. And puddles of red wine everywhere. Our house smelled like dead animals and rotting food for two months afterward even after we had a cleaning company come through. I had not ever had another experience like this in the year since as most of our guests are really lovely people. But wow. $35 cleaning fee didn't cut it." —manduboo

41. "So I was room mate with a guy who rents out the third room at Airbnb and we had quite a bunch of cool people living there like two professional snowboarders, backpackers, couples."


"They have always been very nice and cool to hang out with as well. But this one guy, something was really off with him. He was an Australian visiting Norway for the first time and we have universal rules in the apartment like you knock on the bedroom door before you enter, common courtesy more or less. I came home from work, went to my room and it was around 5 PM and in the winter so quite dark outside. I turned on my computer, sat down in my chair and suddenly the Airbnb guy stood inside my room staring at me with droopy eyes, neck tilted and his mouth open. I turn my head and look at him for a good 5 seconds before I say "Can I help you with something?" The guy, startled by me asking him a simple question, said "I ... I heard voices ..." At this point I'm not really sure what to make out of the conversation so I ask him kindly to leave my room and to knock on the door the next time." —rubaduck

42. "I stayed at an apartment in Garden Grove, California for six days."

"My room had a serious ant infestation, which my host tried to resolve by applying some strong-smelling stuff to the floor. It did not stop the ants very much but it gave me a hell of a nose bleed. I was also forced to adapt a vegetarian diet all the time I was staying there (fair enough, if the host was staying with me, I wouldn't have had a problem, but she was hardly there apart from when I arrived and when i left). But being frog-marched to the nearest grocery store to stock up on vegetables that I was expected to eat was OTT. My 'treat' was a small pack of turkey bacon strips and a Hershey's chocolate bar (which I hated). I wasn't even allowed to admire the COLOURS of their junk food without being snapped at (I'm from the UK, and I saw donuts with coloured frosting I didn't even know was possible). Also, I bought my nephews some Oreo-brand snacks to bring home to them while I was there...oh, if looks could kill." —solace-in-misery

43. "I used to host Airbnb at my house when I was out of town for business in order to make some money on the side."


"I had a couple from Asia (Korea I think) stay at my house for two weeks when I was out of town, and apparently where they were from they don't flush used toilet paper down the toilet, the used toilet paper goes in the garbage beside the toilet. When I got home the couple had left and when I did my usual post stay checkup on the house to see if anything was broken or missing I noticed a horrid smell coming from the bathroom. Two weeks of shitty toilet paper was still in the garbage can. One of the most horrid smells I have ever experienced. So for the rest of the time I hosted people when I was out of town I made sure to let them know that they could flush their toilet paper." —DANK_MEME_LORD

44. "My first guest was a middle-aged woman who was attending a Robbie Williams concert in the neighbor city."


"She was very sweet and kind when I talked to her through Airbnb, so I let her use my cheap apartment (in which I live also). She didn't 'check in' before 3 in the morning, and she was very drunk when she arrived. I had work the following morning, so I really felt like sleeping. When I let her inside she was very noisy. After about 30 minutes she fell asleep. I was waken up suddenly by her trying to 'sneak' in my bed (keep in mind she was drunk af) so it was not very smooth. I asked what she was doing, and told her to use the other room. She refused and wanted to cuddle with me — also saying she was willing to pay more. I told her, quite aggressive, to use the other room or leave. At the point she simply got mad at me. After about 15 minutes she bust the door open and comes in the room trying to sell me some of her organic product called vitamin plus or something. I was furious. She kept going for about 1 hour before the almost fell asleep in the door opening. She gave me 5 stars." —LarsTheWise

45. "The worst guest we ever had was a very large guy."


"We will call him Willie. He seemed nice enough but he had a tendency to leave his milk cartons in the sink with the cold tap running instead of using the fridge 'because he didn't want to bother us'. This of course led to a flood in his room in his upstairs room but we didn't realize this until after Willie other problem came to fruition. Willie had a tendency to take mammoth shits, shits so massive that our plumbing had issues dealing with it. Because he couldn't use his toilet and didn't want to trouble us with the overflowing toilet situation, Willie had started going directly in the shower and tried to use the hot stream of water from the shower to melt his mammoth shits down the drain. Lovely." —ionwesker

46. "When I checked out I got a very angry email from the host saying that I left behind one hair scrunchie (hanging on the closet knob) and an empty beer bottle container."

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"Oh, and I left the bathroom light on. Never mind the fact that we cleaned everything up before leaving. That host was extremely pissed off about the above three things and said she would not give our security deposit back. Luckily I had taken various photos showing how much of a dump the place was and sent the pictures to her saying that her ad was deceptive. That worked — I got my security deposit back." —my_final_answer

47. "One of my client's neighbors rented out their condo on Airbnb for a weekend."


"The renters were a middle aged couple, and seemed trustworthy enough. Turns out they were renting the place to have a huge orgy, like 25 people. They broke almost everything in the place. Even the toilet and 2 sinks had to be replaced. And after they broke the toilet, they decided to just shit in the shower and leave it in there for the owners to clean up." —OccasionallyWelsh

48. "They had a wedding without telling us."

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"The place was trashed. They left a hot iron on the kitchen table and left a burn mark. There was pizza face down and smashed into the carpet of the kids room. Garbage in the pool. Trash all over the yard. Never again." —mostlyemptyspace

49. "Thought we'd try Airbnb hosting, first guests were crackheads."


"The chick ... would wander around the house laughing/crying hysterically/stare at walls/scream at her partner throughout the day and night. She'd walk into our bedroom at 3 am asking for money. The guy was constantly in and out of the house, found out they were slowly taking our belongings that weren't immediately obvious and pawning them. Invited a friend over for a few drinks, guy ended up squatting in the other room and we only found him on the last morning. Lost over a thousand dollars worth of stuff, Airbnb wouldn't cooperate with the police to identify the people who stayed in our house. (They gave us false names). Never again." —JasM1nge

50. "Stayed at one in Rome. The door had five deadbolt locks on it."

The windows were barred. Found out why. Randomly though the day people would try to open the door and look through the windows. Multiple times we would turn around and see people peeking though cracks between the curtains. We weren’t even there a lot. Usually a quick meal or drop stuff off then back out to see the sites. Really nice place though. - Varvatos_Vex

51. "My fiancé and I were staying at an AirBnB in Helsinki to visit family."

When we got there and got settled, we were chatting about things we thought were missing in the apartment, specifically I remember saying I wished there was another towel hook in the bathroom (there was only one and obviously two towels being used). The next day we went out and were out pretty much all day, and when we got back that night there was another towel hook in the bathroom... - 15sunflowers

52. "It was a shared space with several other people in it, but I had my own private room and small living room with a mini fridge and counter."

I stayed in room and barely came out since Covid-19 quarantine measures had just started to be enacted. Pretty soon after getting there I started having shortness of breath and vertigo. I started finding drawings in a sketchbook I had that I had no memory of drawing. I didn't speak to anyone for days and started getting really paranoid that someone was going to try to come into my room while I slept. After about a week there I thought I had already died and everything I was seeing was a hallucination to get my mind ready for death. I lived with that and other weird thoughts for another week till I read something on Reddit about carbon monoxide poisoning. Called the gas company and turns out, sure enough there was a natural gas leak in my room. Lucky to be alive. Took weeks to get the host and AirBnB to even compensate me for my stay. - beanersalad

53. How... how did they know?

Every. Single. Book. In their library. Matched. The ones. In mine. We became great friends afterwards. - SmilingMisanthrope

54. "I stayed at an AirBnB in Milan with a couple friends of mine."

I was the only guy in the group and apparently our host had never let a male enter her apartment before, so she was refusing our group from entering her apartment at 11 PM after we had traveled all day. She ushered us in and began screaming at us for disturbing her, to the point of making some of my friends cry. After entering her apartment, we saw that she had about 10 cats that just freely roam around the apartment, with no liter. So there was just cat shit all over the apartment (mind you 3 of us in the group are very allergic to cats). The worst part was when we rolled out the bed part from the futon, we found all this poop and hair that covered the entire bed. We stayed for a couple of hours trying to figure out how to not die at the apartment and left right at the crack of dawn, fearing for our lives. - TheBigAristotle20

55. "They demanded we forfeit the passports on arrival."

We said absolutely not and after hesitation were shown to our space. The rooms did not match the pictures posted at all. The place reeked of bleach that had been used recently. We took photos of every room, and quietly slipped out when no one was watching. Reported everything to AirBnB and were given a full refund. Their ad was removed and host blocked. Seriously believe we narrowly escaped being trafficked that day. - FinnegansMom

56. "I travel a lot for work and frequently stay overnight in rural towns with limited hotel options."

A few months ago I had an early job so opted to drive out the night before and stay in an AirBnB. The listing described a "separate guest house with two beds and a private bathroom" for a very reasonable price. Drove out, arrived super late. The guesthouse was a shed - no an actual shed. Not one of those home depot numbers that everyone's looked at at least once and thought "yeah, that could be a cool little house with a little finishing", I mean an honest to goodness shed. It had an extension to include a "living room" and "bathroom" - better known as a second shed and a small lean-to hooked up to a garden hose. - Candidcandycanes

57. "My wife and I booked a place in Austin for a wedding. We were going to be there two nights. Emphasis on two."

Our host seemed off and I put the pieces together that he just broken up with his girl because originally the ad had a couple and used "we." In person, it was all "my" and "I." The air BnB page pic changed too. It explained why he looked miserable. Late in the morning after our first night it was sexy time. We have a kid who stayed with grandparents so we could go by ourselves, soooooo we were taking advantage of that by not being quiet. Midway through my phone rings but I ignore it. RIGHT after we finish there's a knock on the door. I rush to get dressed and it's our host asking us why we haven't checked out yet. He had the dates wrong. There's no way he didn't hear us being quite loud. So this poor guy was suffering through a break up and had to hear a couple going at it because he was too distraught to keep his dates straight. - Username89054

58. "Book a house for five people in San Diego for SDCC, eight months in advance."

House has four rooms and was two miles from the convention. Host is fine the whole time and communicative leading up to the trip. Two days before we're supposed to leave, host cancels, citing a plumbing emergency. Call AirBnB. They offer to help rebook us plus an additional $150 rebooking credit. Problem is, San Diego is filled to the brim during SDCC. The only options anywhere near the con were about $1k per night. We escalated the issue multiple times and each supervisor told us the most they could do was offer the additional $150, but refused to do more than that to help us. They said the only other option was to reserve us a single hotel room at the rate we booked, without the additional $150 rebooking credit. It was about 30 mins from the convention, but it was the best option we had so we did that. Luckily, we're very close friends, so we shared the single room with two beds and a cot, but it definitely wasn't the trip we'd been planning for. The worst part is that we saw the same house with the "plumbing problem" listed on other similar sites when we were looking for alternatives. The house was triple the price and said it had last-minute availability for SDCC. AirBnB's response? "We're not responsible for what our hosts do outside of AirBnB." - PhoneSteveGaveToTony

59. "Rented a room and the lady was nice."

But I knew something was up because I couldn’t get any food delivery there. Every place refused to come to this area. The lady tried to persuade me to make her some cake thing but I was like "yah nahhhh." Anyway, two out of the two nights I slept there I was woken up to her fighting with her daughter and gun shots that I hope weren’t coming from inside the home. Some jewelry of mine went missing and she had pit bulls which weren’t a concern for me because dogs! But it didn’t say that on her profile anywhere. The dogs were cute until they crapped on the bathroom floor and nobody wanted to clean it up. - nbtz

60. "My boyfriend and I rented a nice cottage out of town for our anniversary."

The place was great, the view was great, but the lists of rules and stipulations were not great. There was an entire page of rules to be followed, which I can understand is pretty basic but they were bordering on obsessive. The owner also expected us to be the maid for the next guests. All the way down to vacuuming and mopping the damn place. Nowhere in the ad for the place (or the reviews for that matter) did it ever mention that you have to literally clean the place from top to bottom before you leave. I can understand basic common sense like clean up after yourself and do your dishes, but cleaning the toilet, the shower, vacuuming and mopping?! Nah. - roogoogle

61. "Halloween few years ago. NYC with four friends."

One friend got super wasted before even leaving the place so we cancelled all plans to take care of them/we felt like bad friends if we left them behind to go party in the city. Next day after checking out I get a message from the host that someone vomited in the dishwasher. Yes, the host sent pics because we didn't believe it. Aforementioned friend (now former at this point) refuses to take responsibility & claims it wasn't them. Nobody else admits to the deed. My now best friend pays the cleaning fee the host demands for the incident in effort to save the friendship between all of us but by that point it was already dead & I wanted nothing to do with the kid. Years later I'm still angry the guy won't admit to just being a drunk ass who threw up & didn't want to pay for the damages. - Passinglinesandtimes

62. "My friends and I rented an AirBnb in Portland which was very strange."

First, there was all sorts of religious iconography all over the house — statues and paintings from different religions. Everything from pictures of Jesus bleeding on the cross to sealed wax boxes and African fertility idols everywhere. Then there were a bunch of random rooms boarded up throughout the house. Often there would be a bookcase in front of a boarded up doorway. There seemed to be no access to these rooms from what I could tell. Finally, the third floor had a blood red bathtub in the middle of the room and there was a beehive outside the window with literally hundreds of bees swarming and violently ramming into the window over and over and over as if they were trying to attack something inside. Our whole stay there, nothing bad happened but every morning there would be dozens of dead bees on the floor throughout the house. My guess is that there was a window open somewhere and they got through. - thestrandedmoose

63. "I stayed with this guy once who hung picture frame stock photos on his wall."

Like the ones that come with the frame when you buy it. Like he was trying to make it look like he had friends or something. He also tried to give me and my friend "massages." - zecchinoroni

64. "We rented one outside of a city to be able to party a bit."

Turns out the guy that owned it lived right next to it and was annoyed we were still loud late. Next day he knocks on the door and complains pretty aggressive. We apologize and one guy in our group calmly tells him we are sorry, it will not happen again, and he is free to call the police if it happens again. Then the fun starts. He lifts his fists and tells us he is not afraid of us and will call "his boys" instead of the police. We thought about calling the police since we did not know who those guys could be and how aggressive they would be. Nobody ever came. - Maskguy

65. "While staying in Miami this past spring, my work rented a condo on South Beach."

We had to meet the owner at a nearby Starbucks, thinking that he was going to give us the keys. Instead. he makes us get into the back of his SUV. He spoke in a heavy Ukrainian accent, possibly in the mob. Anyways, he drives us into the complex, has us hide from any security, and makes us give him $100 cash deposit on the keys. Apparently renting AirBnB wasn't allowed in this complex so we had to assume the identities on the key cards and keep a low profile from security all weekend. The apartment itself was bare bones — definitely used as a full time rental. A day later he texts me this: "if you order prostitute, please tell them if they crossing security guys they have to sey a different apartment not my..Please ! Thanks" - lil_redbeard

66. "In Paris my SO and I stayed in an apartment with no doorknobs."

You would turn the key to open the door from both the inside and the outside. After carrying our baguette and Champagne (which turned out to be beer in a fancy corked bottle) up four flights of stairs I opened the door and let it close behind me... locking us in our apartment. Being locked in your AirBnB on the last day of our European vacation was not ideal and very anxiety inducing. - Lord_Ardmore

67. "There was no property. Like, there used to be, but it got demoed recently for some... reason."

I drove around for an hour looking for it. Google thought it was there, Waze thought it was there. It was not there. It was a new neighborhood so there were no satellite pictures yet. I figured the new neighborhood was not mapped correctly so I slowly drove past every freaking house. This was evidently suspicious because multiple people called the cops to report me. Police can’t find the house either, think I am on drugs. I mean, who would expect such a new house to have been demoed?! Eventually, gave up and involuntarily stayed in a “hotel" overnight. - ScrewReddit69

68. "My fiancé and I recently stayed at an Airbnb in Tokyo."

The whole thing seemed off from the start. Long story short, I had a feeling the host didn't exist. I reverse image searched her photo, to find out whoever was renting it used a photo of a Korean movie star. We reported it to Airbnb. Two hours after we checked out, the host said we broke the bedhead. We asked for photos because we knew it was bullsh*t. The photo wasn't even from the same day (exif data, etc) and we absolutely 100% knew we didn't do it. Airbnb said they would resolve it, we ended up getting $180 taken from our account to pay for it. - shadaxer

69. "Was on hold for two hours and 45 minutes once trying to reach their customer service hotline."

Host cancelled our stay maybe the day before we were flying to Tokyo. Had to rebook a place ASAP and booked a stay elsewhere. Then the original host un-cancelled our original stay so I got dinged twice. Most stressful wait of my life. Woman on the customer service line was pleasant as hell and totally understanding but that wait was brutal. They had the same five songs on loop and they were created by their staff or something and they were horribly balanced so it was just a nightmare to listen to. - THRILLHOIAF

70. "I was at an Air BnB in NYC."

We only rented the room and there was a rat infestation, luggage completely filled with rat sh*t, even found it in my pillow one night. I just wanted to be out of there. - chucky123198

71. "I rented an apartment in downtown LA."

The place was nice overall and on the day we got there, the host greeted us and was all very nice. My boyfriend and friend left for an event and I was left alone. I was coming out of the bathroom when I hear the doorknob turn, when I walk over to the door this tall guy comes in. He was the hosts boyfriend who thought she was there. He apologized profusely and I accepted it but still I was scared sh*tless when it happened. That was enough for me. - chucky123198

72. "We booked a place that literally had no mattress on the bed."

It just one of those egg crate foam mattress covers on plywood. AirBnb was very helpful in finding us a new place, but we checked in super late, so we had to stay at the egg crate place for the night. - waheifilmguy

73. "Me and my girlfriend had been apart for a few weeks (she had gone home for Christmas) and we were meeting up out of town in an Airbnb."

It had been a few weeks and passions were high. Afterwards while we're both lying on the bed, totally exposed, we hear walking up the stairs towards us. She panics a bit and asks "Are they coming in here?" I say, "Nah, there is another door right next to this one, it's probably another Airbnb". So as the Spanish family opens our door that perfectly frames the bed and paints our debauched afternoon I shout "CLOSE THE DOOR!" three times as they look in bewilderment as to why two trespassing deviants are in their bed. The boy starts crying, the dad just stares and the mother starts to look a mixture of confused and angry. Eventually she understands my hand gestures and closes the door. We get dressed and open the door, they're stood in almost exactly the same pose. We invite them in and try to figure out what is going on. They don't speak word one of English so all conversation that follows happens through google translate (which worked surprisingly well). They had assumed they could stay until 7pm, when they were actually told to vacate by 12pm. Obviously there was a language barrier between them and the landlord. The landlord hadn't mentioned that someone else still had a key to the apartment. He had removed all of their belongings and tidied the flat before we arrived. We had no idea where he had put them and couldn't get hold of him for about an hour. The family were trying to catch a plane, I don't know if they made it but it was cutting it close by the time this landlord picked up his phone and brought the luggage round. They were lovely by the way, I hope you guys got home on time. - Lyon85

74. "Did Airbnb once in Colorado."

Thought it would be simple for one night. Host were supposed to be leaving the day we got there for a trip. Turns out they were leaving the next morning. So my friend and I slept in their bed while our other friend slept on the floor on a blow up mattress while the hosts, a young couple, also slept on a blow up mattress next to the bed. Not to mention they had a random guy sleeping on their couch and their cat kept attacking us while we slept. - mbranit

75. "The room that looked amazing in the pictures end up being a nasty room in a hoarders house."

Creepy dolls and decorations everywhere. Sounded like a dog was locked in the attic that was barking the entire time. The host herself reminded me of one of the old satanist ladies in the paranormal activities series. The bathroom was disgusting. Piles of fucking everywhere. It was a goddamn nightmare. My friend and I didn’t say anything to each other. We just made eye contact and RAN out of there. - maroonwolf24

76. "My brother rented an AirBnB in NYC."

It ended up being an office building and he had to walk down to the owners gym to shower. - bagels_for_everyone

77. "We booked up a pretty swanky villa in Bali for 10 nights five months before our trip."

I arrive on Gili T in the evening, make our way to the villa, arrive at the front desk to be told “sorry we’re fully booked." “Uh, no, we’ve pre booked." “Sorry no we’ve been fully booked for two months." “Well I booked five months ago..." Anyway, conversation went on and got a bit heated but we ended up getting turned away and wondering around the island at night looking for somewhere to stay but everywhere nice was either full or ridiculously expensive so we ended up in a complete dive which still cost us more than what we booked the original villa for. - BenGmin90

78. "The listing said 'close to shops'."

It was above a sketchy hookah lounge in a partially abandoned strip mall. When we called to complain, the owner changed the listing while we were on the phone with Airbnb. We grabbed screen shots of before and after. Airbnb refused to do anything. - Zaggie

79. "I found myself in an Air BnB as my regular apartment was waiting for electricity and power."

The owner called the cops on me because he saw someone on his security camera feed. I was unpacking and loading my stuff from my car when I was confronted by a dozen or so cops, guns up, shining lights in my face. After walking towards them, I was handcuffed for an hour while the cops searched the place. When the owner returned we all looked at the video on his phone. Turns out there was a burglar who was snooping around like 30 minutes before I arrived. - Fuzzy688

80. "We hosted a guy in our spare room who had night terrors."


"He would thrash and scream bloody murder in the middle of the night, and freak me and partner out so bad. It seriously sounded like he was being assaulted by demons — howling, yelling, thrashing. He stayed with us a few days and would get up and leave for work really early in the morning before us so I never was able to confront him to ask 'Uh, you know, you were screaming and thrashing last night, are you alright?' I also didn't feel it was right to mention it in his review — what good would that have done? Otherwise, he seemed completely normal. Nice guy. I left him a 5-star cause that's how I roll." —kadidid