These 30 Dads and Kids Are Twinning SO HARD and I Can BARELY Handle Any of It

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Anything you can do, I can do…exactly the same.

These father-son and father-daughter duos just can’t seem to shake their raging gene similarities.

From skateboarding twinsies to mirrored nap time poses, these generational copycats are completely warming my heart.

You Smellin’ Ripe, Brah

Pit to face. Now that’s what I call true love.

Spider on the CAMERA! …Mooooooooooom?!?!

All day. Errday.

Unless they’re ours. Then they’re THE BEST! Suck it, other people.

That warm milk’s no joke, man. *Cut to Mom in the den…downing wine by the bottle and binging the RHWOwhatever*

“I’d plot a hostile world takeover with you any day, Champ.” Muahhh-ha-ha.

How many Jedi will we defeat? 1-2-3-4…

Come at me, world. My heart’s officially warm enough for your worst.

Fighting crime… …until nap time.

Plie’s for days. I genuinely love this.

They’ve been this way for hours. Because TV is better than real life.

Seems super cozy. I can haz one?

This toddler is already worlds cooler than I’ll ever be. It’s fine.

Save the world, you say? Child’s play!

Dueling mohawks. Because is one mohawk ever really enough?

Just too. Darn. Real. And you know they’re playing Candy Crush.

And then we all just became cyborgs. *Face palm*

Those moobs are out and about! Stay free, fellas. Stay young, wild, and free.

…are spent, y’all. Time to Netflix and chill it UP.

BREAKING NEWS: Lemon face is the new duck face. Got that, Kylizzlemynizzl?

So on board. Bye, arms. See you never!

They napped this way in public for hours and didn’t even get mugged once. That’s where being this cute’ll get ya.

Conquering that 5 o’clock shadow… …one blade at a time.

Fun Fact: This is also me and my dad’s favorite move. We’re the coolest.

And also sheets. Just anything “fitted” in general…no thanks.

This little one’s gonna save us all. I can feel it.

But also, let’s be real for a second. Miley ain’t got nothing on these two.

Generations that drink together…have way better family reunions. Tested, tried, and true!

‘No, Son. It’s more like thii…’ And that right there? That’s how you make a solid memory, folks. Also, posting it to the Internet helps. Because if it’s not on the Internet, it neeeeeeever haaaappppeeennnnd.

Those itty bitty assless chaps, though. I’m dying.