These 35 BREATHTAKING Tattoos Transform Birthmarks Into Works of Art

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We’ve all got our own unique bodies.

Some are tall, some are wide, some are hairy, and so on and so forth. While each and every one of us learns to love our own bodies on our own time, some do so via vastly more creative means.

These crafty individuals, for instance, have chosen to embrace their birthmarks less as flaws and more as jumping off points…for becoming cool tattoos!

Here are thirty five seriously remarkable tattoos designed in harmony with various birthmarks. Browsing through these is getting me real jealous that don’t have a tattoo-worthy birthmark of my very own. Or do I?

Or where the freckle is. That works too.

I am birthmark! Here me ROAR!

Or you know, just chillin’ on his bicep. Same/diff.

Violets are blue, This was a birthmark, Before it became a tattoo.

Hot. To. Trot.

This birthmark and that tattoo? Well they’re a match made in heaven.

I could just pack these little tatts up and keep them in my keepsake box. But I won’t do that, because that is creepy. And I’m not creepy. I swear. Well, like, not that creepy anyway.

Rockin’ and a-reelin’ Little mole, li li li li little mole.

Tastes like chicken!

Right? That’s a peanut?

Found it. Nailed it.

Bai, Mole. Hi, Compass.

Boom. Wolved.

Fresh Take on The Tortoise and the Hare

Or rather… …The Tortoise and the Hair…y mole.

Mr. Potatohead! Where’s the Mrs.?


In so many ways. The layers, you guys! The layers!


Get it? W-owl? I know. Instant. Classic.

But I’ll never get cookie…. Because I’m a tattoo…. AHHHHHHHHH!

Until suddenly we’re a beautiful tattoo. And all is right with the world once more.

This One’s Marvelous

Hulk SMASH… …right through any lingering expectations governing what a birthmark can and should be.

Forever. Whether we like it or not.

This One Has Me Wishing I Had a Hairy Mole…

Right? He’s so CUTE!

Root veggied. See what I did there?

Contouring! It’s contouring!

I’ll take one of these please. K, Thx.

I don’t know what treasure this map leads to… …but I want it bad.

And then have that bird look real judgey. C’mon, y’all. Everybody’s doin’ it!

What a beautiful face, I have found in this place, That is circling all round the birthmark.

Totes. Gorg.

I don’t know about y’all… …but all of a sudden *YAWN* I’m feeling super sleeeeee… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

MJ style. That’s one dream team of a tattoo right there.

Yeah. Feather!

Does this tattoo… …blow your mind?