These 35 Hilarious Animal Fails Will SLAY You

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Paging through the Internet, I’ve learned some beautifully hilarious little truths. One I love in particular? The fact that when animals fail, they tend to do so rather gloriously.

Animals are so silly, you guys. They are so earnestly dumbfounded so often and I will never be over it.

Here are thirty-five of the web’s most gut-bustingly funny animal fails. I seriously can’t get enough. Like, please send more. K, thanks!

That sh*t cray. Like seriously, dude. Ball less hard.

C’mon, hidden couch change. Pay for my laundry!

Come at me, world. I got this.

Get off my BACK! But also, more money, please?

Savage, friend. Simply savage.

She grabs back, friends. She’s grabbing BACK.

Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen

So. Done.

She survived unscathed. Well, besides the irreparable ego damage, but like, who doesn’t have that.

Slinkies of the world… …teach me your ways.

Oh, you moved on with life? BAM! Wrong righted.

via : 9gag

Man… I thought we were bros.

Oof. Well, ya tried!

Alas, in the end… …turtle necks were not his jam.

Or just like, even a little bit? I’m jonesin’ for some nom noms, brah!

In love, in lust, in anything! Or just because. You do you.

You, run. I, Uber.

You said, “just let yourself get wrapped up in it.” This is your fault!

Those expectations, man. They’ll get ya every time.

Or it doesn’t. Because life is a mind game.

That face. So guilty.

I caaan…wait, nope. I’m still dog.

This Tastes…Familiar

And it makes me feel all warm insi… Oh GOD, what have I done?!

I’m so EXCIT… Ouch.

We have room for it all. In the second garage… …we will now have to build.

So do I. But this silly hat won’t stop following me!

Gosh darn it, ice. You’re seriously saltin’ my intimidation game.

But I’m cute. So whatever.

That face, though. So smushed.

Ugh. Fine.


First, ball doesn’t move. Now, I don’t move. I’m OUT!

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I don’t know how I got here. But also, I’m not sure I want to leave?

I know, girl. The struggle is real.