I have been trying to figure out what kind of tattoo I would like to get for a long time now. And these amazing 3D tattoos have totally thrown off my plan! These are so cool that I do not even know what I want anymore. But what I do know is that tattoos with some sort of 3D element are mesmerizing beyond belief.

You might not realize it, but there are a bunch of different ways to achieve a 3D effect in a tattoo. And all of them are incredibly cool-looking. These tattoo artists are actually serious artists. What they achieve with ink and skin is so incredibly gorgeous and honestly mindblowing. You might find yourself reaching out and trying to touch the screen because these tattoos really are such convincing optical illusions that they will totally mess with your mind. Do not worry one bit; I've done it like nine times.

What are 3D tattoos exactly?

Well, you are about to find out. These tattoos literally look like they're jumping off the skin!


Have you ever tried to draw an animal with a front-facing view? It is not easy! But this snake looks like it's creeping toward you!

Exiting skeleton

How creepy and cool is this? It's like this person's bones are trying to escape their body.


I can't look at this for too long because it literally makes me dizzy. That had to take some real concentration on the artist's part.

Rocky shoulder

This is the coolest way to cover up an old tattoo! And we're just getting started.

Trippy rose

This one really gets my head spinning. It is super cool but I don't think I could have that on my body forever.

Puzzle piece

I love this because it makes it seem like this person's body is made up of starry nights!

Deep dive

I have never seen a tattoo quite like this one. It's so colorful and shadowy all at the same time.

Cheshire cat

Oh man, this is the spookiest tattoo of the Cheshire cat that I have ever seen! Those teeth are giving me the heebie-jeebies.

Breaking free

This tattoo is all about the strength it takes to free yourself from intense pain. The next one had me touching the screen...

Optical illusion

This is impressive not only because of the mind-melting design but also because the whole thing is made of tiny, individual dots.

Behind bars

This is a person's chest! How is this real? Even the black areas that are supposed to be empty space are textured. It's masterful.

Torn apart

There is something simultaneously violent and peaceful about this 3D tattoo. It's amazing.


Oh man! This one made me grab my own arm as if I was the one being scratched. It's way too realistic.

Space window

I feel like if you press one of these panels, her whole body will open up! The most impressive ones are still to come!


It's too bad that I can't look at this for too long without going cross-eyed because there is a lot going on here, and I'm interested in all of it.

Nordic compass

This is crazy! It looks like the top of his chest has been branded. Or like it's made of stone.


Is the guitar supposed to be his bones? Peeking out from under the skin? This is gnarly in the best way possible.


While this might not coincide with my personal style, I understand the artistry that went into this. Those chain links look so real!

Love fishing

Ooh, this looks like it hurts! But it doesn't! Or at least it won't once it heals. The next one sent a chill up my spine.


How creepy is this? That part of my body would always be red because I'd constantly be slapping the bugs away.


I love this little tattoo! It seems simple, but that rainbow really looks like it is popping out of that person's wrist.

Blow Pop

What?! It really looks like this person is holding a Blow Pop. Although my favorite flavor is watermelon.

Illusion neck

This tattoo gives a whole new definition to the phrase, "illusion neckline." This is so cool.


Is this human skin or a broken pane of glass? I seriously cannot tell. Is your mind blown yet?

Blocks on blocks

Is it just me, or does this remind you of the crazy elevator/monster cell system inĀ The Cabin in the Woods?

Shoulder piece

This looks less like a shoulder tattoo and more like the roof of some amazing, ancient piece of architecture.

Stag beetle

This is the kind of cool, artistic bug that I could have without freaking out every single time I look at it.

Laundry tag

This is so simple and yet so well done! And yes, you do not want to iron a human body. That would be bad.

Just a peek

Well, I know what I'll be having nightmares about tonight. Keep scrolling to see tattoos that perfectly and brilliantly cover up scars and birthmarks!