These 8 Cop Questions Will DEFINITELY Get You a Ticket

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We’ve all had the nerve-wracking experience of driving down the road, without a care in the world, when all of a sudden you see the flicker of lights behind you and the unmistakable sound of a screeching siren.

What do you do? Do you stay as respectful as possible, acknowledging your offense and accepting your fate? Or are you confident enough about knowing your rights that you ask the cop for clarification on why you’re being ticketed?

There’s a right way and a wrong way to speak to a police officer. These eight examples are definitely the wrong way.

But honestly, haven’t we all had the urge to ask this one? They had to be going pretty fast to catch up with me, right? So hypocritical.

I’d actually like to know the answer to this one. She probably has them memorized.

Come on, man…you know me. I told you last time that it wouldn’t happen again. Why can’t you just take me at my word?

But it’s probably best not to try it. Maybe keep a box of Krispy Kremes in your car, just in case.

And I’m positive that they don’t find it as hilarious as you do. They’d probably respond with a big, fat ticket (and maybe a quick rendition of “YMCA” if you’re lucky).

Because seriously, how do they see it?! Aren’t crimes committed in the daytime, too? Sadly, only cops in Gotham City would know the answer.

If you ask this to a female police officer, it would just cause confusion. So maybe just be safe and don’t ask it at all.

But really, what are the chances of this happening? Slim to none. Unless it’s your birthday or bachelorette party, do yourself a favor and don’t even try it. Stay safe out there!