These Are the 14 Strict Etiquette Rules EVERY Princess Must Follow | 22 Words

Kate Middleton is one of the most recognizable people in the world, and she's photographed doing a variety of different things as part of her job as the duchess. But did you know there are certain things she can and can't do on a daily basis?

Myka Meier, the founder of an etiquette school in New York, reveals that there are certain rules that a princess must follow when it comes to etiquette. As an etiquette expert, she knows exactly the things that are going through Kate's head when she's out in public doing her job.

To greet people, the Duchess follows local customs.

With friends and close acquaintances, Middleton prefers a cheek kiss, which is always right cheek to left cheek — one kiss in New York, two in London.

She is also known for having a firm handshake, that radiates confidence and respect.

When it comes to being a hostess, it starts with the invitations.

They're always done through email or snail mail, but never by the phone.

Each invitation must also include an end time so guests don't overstay their welcome.

There are even rules about how to hold a handbag.

If you notice, Kate always holds her handbags in front of her body with two hands or holds in one hand to have the other hand free. The bag is never to be held under an arm, and it can't be left on a table or a chair.

A princess has to make sure she enters a room properly and elegantly.

When closing a door, you can never turn your back to a guest. The trick is to gracefully and quickly switch the doorknob from one hand to the other behind the back.

They must have one hors d'oeuvre for every three guests.

"If you have nine guests, you should serve a selection of at least three foods," Meier explained. Also make sure to include a vegetarian option, and make them small enough to eat in one bite. Serve with cocktail napkins and offer toothpicks for oily foods.

A princess can never directly say that she wants to go to the bathroom.

If she's at the dinner table, she excuses herself from present company and places her napkin flat beside her plate.

If soup is served, Kate always scoops the soup away from her. And this should already be obvious, but no slurping.

Take three bites, then stop.

The Duchess takes three bites (four, max) and puts her silverware down.

When it comes to tea, a teacup should be held by pinching the thumb and index finger together. The middle finger simply rests underneath the handle.

Sit with a "Duchess slant".

Kate's signature seated pose sees her sit with legs slanted, ankles and knees together and hands cradled in her lap. If you've opted for a dress or skirt that ends above the knee, then the Duchess slant will stop you from accidentally revealing too much.

Fold your napkin.

Don't place your napkin in your lap until the hostess does, as soon as they sit. When you need to wipe your hands or mouth, wipe inside the fold so the mess doesn't get on your clothes.

Don't let guests do the dishes.

While I doubt Kate does the dishes herself, there is no way a guest should ever be forced to clean up. "A good guest should always offer to help; however, an even better hostess would never accept," Meier said. "Hosting is hard work and your goal is to make sure your guests are relaxed and feel taken care of at all times. They should not be helping in the kitchen or cleaning." So could YOU cut it as a princess?