These Are the 15 Most Insane Beauty Trends That 2017 Brought Us

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You’ve probably heard plenty of people exclaiming about how bad the year 2017 has been. Somehow, the past 12 months have managed to be some of the worst months in recent memory. But here we are. We’re finally nearing the end of this dumpster fire of a year and the light of 2018 is in sight.

But before the ball drops and we start singing Auld Lang Syne, let’s take a quick look back at some of the worst mistakes we made as a society in the past year. Don’t worry; we’re not getting political, here. We’re talking about crimes of beauty and fashion.

Here are the worst things people did in the name of “beauty” in 2017:

Squiggle brows happened. Honestly, it’s exactly the kind of beauty trend that the year 2017 deserved. We hate it, but we can’t even really be made about this one.

In her caption, this woman writes, “My friends made me do it.” Lady, we hate to break it to you, but true friends don’t let friends participate in beauty trends like “squiggle lips.”

Can we all just agree before heading into the new year that nothing on one’s face should squiggle? We’re not asking for a lot here, folks. Just keep the squiggling away.

OK, we’ll admit that braided brows don’t look terrible. But we don’t have time to braid our brows. Heck, we hardly have time to brush our actual head hair in the morning. This look is just way too extra.

For whatever reason, 2017 was the year that some people wanted to recreate that “Kindergartner who just ate a lollipop” look on their face. Did we learn nothing from the Kylie Jenner challenge?! If you think this is bad, just wait until you see this trend that took place inside the mouth.

Honestly, we can’t even look at this picture without gagging. Think of how scratchy that must feel! How do you eat?! Why would you do this?!?!

Glitter does not go on your tongue. You know where else it doesn’t go?

Glitter roots also managed to work their way up to a 2017 beauty trend. Apparently, some people like the look of sparkly dandruff. And who are we to judge?

Just kidding; we are totally judging this trend and we have decided it is bad. In 2018, let’s all pledge to leave glitter in the craft supplies aisle. Better yet, why don’t we just do away with glitter altogether?

This one got a HARD PASS from us. Apparently, the Internet listened because they took the Hair Nails trend away. Unfortunately, they put the hair somewhere else…  

Yep! Nose hair extensions were a thing in 2017. Someday, your grandchildren are going to ask what life was like in 2017, and you’re going to have to tell them about nose hair extensions. Just let that sink in.

Eventually, we finally made our way to the holiday season of 2017 and entered a new realm of Christmas-themed beauty trends. It was a horrible mistake.

For some reason, people started decorating their eyebrows like Christmas trees. Apparently, we hadn’t learned from that whole squiggle brows fiasco.

And if Christmas tree eyebrows weren’t bad enough (they were), there was one more bizarre trend that people took part in for the holidays. Christmas boobs.

Aaaaaand there you have it, folks. The year 2017, as summarized by the bonkers beauty trends we all went along with. Let’s really try and pull it together for 2018, ‘kay?