These Are the Absolute Worst Cars to Buy in 2019 | 22 Words

Car shopping can be overwhelming. The options are endless due to the wide range of makes, models, colors, and even down to the interior design, it seems like a neverending list of choices.

2019 has introduced quite a few new models, making the list of options even longer than it already is. Plus, with ever-changing trends and newer technology, it's hard to know where to even begin. Of course, you can look to online car companies that help narrow down your choices, but even then, who can you really trust?

The answer is your friends on the internet. When it comes to price, quality, and warranty of certain vehicles, it's worth it to take your time, do your research, and ask all the questions. Luckily, we are going to narrow it down and toss out all the duds for you.

It's going to be fast and furious, but here are the worst cars to buy in 2019.

You need a cool car.

The type of car you drive says a lot about you and hopefully, it's saying some good things.

Everyone has different taste in cars.

Maybe you care about going fast, really fast. Or maybe your top priority is having good gas mileage.

Whatever your preference is, there's usually a perfect fit.

No matter how picky you may think you are, there's usually a car that can satisfy your needs and wants in a future automobile.

But car shopping can be so stressful.

Sometimes you don't even know where to start when it comes to car shopping, so it can seem a little daunting.

It's easy to get a little lost.

If you're not a car person, the lingo and styles can seem like a foreign language. The best thing to do is ask for help!

Consider this research.

Even if you are just in the beginning stages of looking for a new car, you can count this as research to prepare you for the real search.

Let's narrow down our choices.

It's easier to shop when you have a basic idea of what sucks and really sucks. Let's name some of the worst types of car and get them out of the way.


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Don't be deceived by the name, these cars won't last as long as you'd like and you'll lose money on these babies, quick. Today, some Infinitis are barely worth 2/3 of what you might have originally paid for them.


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Don't let this French masterpiece fool you, because one website called it a "resale disaster" due to its entire lack of appeal and low sales. They can barely sell 50 of these cars a month, a giant red flag for anyone car shopping.

Mini Cooper

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I know, they are so cute. But don't be deceived by their cuteness. Each model has a long list of accessories that rake the price up to heights that just don't pay off in the end.


Sure, they are sleek and fancy cars and they have pretty impressive commercials. But you can almost expect some serious mechanical needs for this car and the support you might need is not necessarily the support Volvo is willing to give. In 2014, you could pay up to $80,000 for one of these beauties, but today you'd barely be getting $20,000 for the same beast.

This next one might hurt a little.

Your whole life might have been shaped by the idea of a cool sports car, and maybe you even had a poster of this next one in your room. Sorry to crush your childhood fantasy, but it's time to uncover the truth.


This car is very appealing if you are looking for a fancy sports vehicle, but you better take a look under the hood. They've lost a lot of sales lately and the customer support is in the gutter.

Land Rover

If you're into offroading, these cars can be very tempting. But you'll end up spending more time in the auto shop than on the road. It has rough reviews on support and reliability, so it's best just to avoid the drama.


Another French car that is as pretty as it is unconventional. It's bottom of the barrel for sales, reliability, and resale. It's got a fun name though.

Up next, a crappy crossover.

Some car companies decide to merge in hopes of creating something magical, but that doesn't always work, case in point, our next victim.

Nissan and Renault

Nissan should be familiar to most, but Renault may be a new name on the block to some shoppers. These two companies merged which ultimately boosted Renault's reputation but hurt Nissan's. They look kind of okay, but overall, customer reviews are not pleased with the quality of the vehicle.


This one may be hard to swallow because it's basically a symbol of status and wealth for the entire world. Again, some of these name brands just don't live up to the hype. Compared to other big names, like Audi and BMW, a Benz just doesn't handle as well and isn't worth the extra thousands of dollars you'll have to spend.


Arguably the most photogenic and bad a** cars out there, it's hard to believe that these cars actually kind of suck. With poor long term reliability and expensive car parts, it's just not worth the purchase.


The car that could almost fit in your pocket, but will most likely clean out your bank. It's small but mighty in car problems and another car with bad support.


Who knew you could make a minivan uglier than it already is? Chrysler went and did that. Obviously, it's not all about looks, but it gets worse when it comes to car support and reliability. Also, they invented the PT Cruiser so it was bad from the start.


You'll dodge a bullet if you just don't get one of these cars. You're probably picking up on the trend that if the car has poor support then it's a terrible car to invest in, and Dodge does not hold up its end with customer support or reliability.

The next one might take up some space in our car burn book.

Some cars are bad, and some just cannot be trusted. Our next victim is fugly from the inside out.


Volkswagen cannot be trusted! They lied on their emissions test and still sold over 11 million vehicles with a device that was intentionally installed to cheat its way through emissions tests, putting thousands of lives at risk. They lost a lot in sales and even more so, their reputation was ruined.


Audis are fancy, that's for sure, but the long term purchase will not be worth it. Their products are not top notch and they have very poor reliability.


Sure, Ford invented the assembly line, but since then, it's been a rough ride. Sales have plummeted intensely in the past few years. The company is going downhill kind of fast, expecting to cut over $20 billion from operating costs.


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Holden is on the struggle bus to survive in sales. Popular in Australia and nowhere else, this car is the worst of the worst. They have terrible customer service and their resale is shockingly low. It's an investment you will absolutely regret.

Now you can start shopping.

That just cut out a good chunk of your options, which is a relief. There's obviously a ton of other types of cars, so you still have plenty to choose from.

Remember, you are smart!

If you are car shopping anytime soon, use this knowledge to make a smart purchase. You are smart, strong, and now car-savvy!

Spread the truth.

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