These Are the Best Dog GIFs On the Internet. Period. | 22 Words

Psst! Hey you! Yeah, you. You want some dog GIFs. I can tell.

Well, it just so happens I have thirty premium dog GIFs right here. I'm not lying!

They're the best. Top notch. I swear. Greatest ones out there. I got big dogs, little dogs, dogs in clothes, dogs stuck in bowls... You name it, I got it.

And you want to know the best part? They're free.

Just Keep Swimming

You laugh now, but the second he gets put in the water, he takes off like a speedboat.

Good Dog

This is about as excited as I also get when someone pats me on the head and tells me I'm good.

Doggie Walk

Screw counting sheep. This is what runs through my head at night when I'm trying to fall asleep.

It Takes Two To Tumble

Next up in synchronized puppy falling: The Fluffball Twins! They're Olympic gold medalists, clearly.

Trampoline Tramp

And you thought little kids were the only ones who could have fun on trampolines! That dog has some serious skillz.


This dog was the runner-up on Dancing With the Dogs. First place went to a chihuahua in a tutu, of course.

Flapping In the Wind

There's nothing like sticking your head out the window and feeling the fresh air on your gums.

Hard Day

This dog is every one of us after a long day at work. You know it.


"Help! I've fallen on my back and I'm a roly-poly pup and I can't get up!"

Toe Tapping

The shame, the humiliation in that dog's eyes before she goes for the treat! She knows what she's going to look like. But damn if she's going to pass up a treat.

Stairs Struggle

Look, I know from experience. Stairs are hard. And they feel good on your belly.

Watch Out For That Bush!

The plight of the short-legged creature. At least the bush was pretty cushiony.

Dramatic Pug

Her nose was squished in, and she never smelled another dog's butt again. Dun dun DUN!

Shake It Off

Pantene Pro-Dog. Fur so silky smooth, your owner won't be able to keep her hands of you.

Bowling For Puppies

I'm just bowled over by how hilarious this GIF is. Cereally, I can't take it!

Camping Is In Tents

This dog trying to get out of this tent is me trying to do anything. This means I am definitely not the camping type.


How did you get this GIF of me? Are you spying on me? Not cool.

Pizza Party

Hey, where'd you get this GIF of me reaching for a slice of pizza? Seriously, guys, you need to stop filming me. It's creepy.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall... What is that thing? Why does do what I do? Why is it so handsome?


The slap heard 'round the apartment. Someone did not get a trip to the dog park that day.

Hop Hop

When you find the most efficient way to do something, you stick to it. Even if you look ridiculous.

Peanut Butter Business

That is a well-dressed dog with human hands and a face full of peanut butter. ...In case you had doubts about what you were seeing.

Tongue Run

This is how all the track and field greats approach their routines: head down, tongue out.

Frisbee? Nah.

In times like this, it's important to remember this lesson: You can throw a frisbee at a dog, but you can't make him fetch.

Sleepy Ride

I get it. This is exactly what happens to me anytime I'm riding in the car too.

Jowls McGee

The jowls on this pup are epic. Droopy has nothing on this guy.


This requires more coordination and teamwork than I've seen from many humans, which just proves my theory that dogs are better at everything.


Whoever gave this puppy eyebrows is the Stephen Hawking of animal GIFs. Actually genius.

Happy Feet

If you've never gotten so excited about food that your feet have actually left the ground, you're lying.

Cuddle TIme

One nap time: check. One blanket: check. One talented pup hell-bent on some cuddle time: check.