These Are the Cuddliest Pups on the Whole Internet | 22 Words

For the past several decades, scientists have been hard at work trying to determine what is the best feeling in the entire world. After much deliberation and research, they have finally come to a conclusion.

The best feeling in the entire world is snuggling with a puppy.

Now, it is true that as I write these words, my own little puppy is snuggling with me, so you may think that I'm terribly biased. But no, this is science, folks. These are the cold, hard facts.

If you don't have a dog to snuggle with at the moment, don't fear! I've scoured the Internet for photos of the snuggliest dogs in the universe. And luckily for you, those same scientists have determined that the second-best thing in the entire world is looking at pictures of snuggly pups and imagining that you are snuggling with them. So let's get to it!

This little guy isn't sleepy at all.

Sleepy? Him? Not in a million years.

Right in your hands!

Most dogs prefer cuddling up in a blanket or a bed. But this little fella can fall asleep anywhere.


Just look at those freckles on the nose. I want to kiss every single one.

Big stretch!

How does a little puppy like this have such a big stretch? It doesn't add up– but it's cute, so I'm not going to complain about it.

This pup is named WIlson!

If you thought one tiny corgi puppy sleeping on the floor was cute, wait until you see this next picture.

It's a whole bunch of corgi pups!

That little pup on the left is the experimenter of the group. But I love them all, so much.

Best friends fur-ever.

Have you ever been jealous of a puppy and a kitten's relationship? That's what I'm dealing with right at this very moment.

Mountain pup.

This dog is clearly tuckered out from their long day of trekking up mountains and taking in the vistas. Take as long as you need for your nap, little guy.

Now, that's dedication.

If I ever get up in the middle of the night, my dog looks at me like I'm a crazy person and moves over to take my spot on the bed.

The best in class.

This puppy automatically gets an A+ in every class just for showing up. He's a genius.

Shopping cart puppy.

You know when you sneak something into the shopping cart and hope your mom and dad don't notice? That must be what's happening here.

These boots were made for snoozing.

I hope whoever is wearing those boots is very comfortable because they won't be moving anytime soon.

"I found my bed."

Looks like this might be another shopping cart puppy. He looks comfier than I have ever been in my entire life.

"Are we there yet?"

This guy is ready for a road trip! I mean a nap. He's ready for a nap.

"Got my feets!"

I assume this dog has dreams of becoming an Olympic diver. He has great form!

Ready for bed!

All he needs is a bedtime story and someone to tuck him in and kiss his little nose. I volunteer!

Ready for his close-up!

Imagine waking up to this view every morning. Get a dog and you can! (Sometimes you might wake up to the other end, though. Fair warning.)

Upside-downward dog.

Hey, whatever's comfortable, I guess. Although I can't imagine this actually is.

She has her very own blanket!

I'm guessing she considers that chair to be her very own chair, too. I wouldn't move her. She looks to cozy.

Got your PJ's!

I didn't even realize "dogs in pajamas" was a thing that I could see pictures of until this very moment. Now it's kind of the only thing I want to see for the rest of my life.

What a fluffy pup!

Sure, they may shed a lot, but cuddles like this make the shedding worth it.

Pizza pup.

Sweet dreams, doggo! I hope your dreams are filled with mutt-zarella and pup-peroni!

Look at these ears!

It's a miracle this pup can ever sleep with all the sounds they must be picking up with those satellite ears.

A puppy pile!

My new dream job is to sit in the middle of this puppy pile and not move a muscle for the rest of my life. Where do I turn in my application?

Sleepy high-five.

Do you think they're high-fiving over how good they are at sleeping?

Sleep + Flood = Heaven.

A comfy place to sleep and plenty of food for your belly. What more could you want?

I wish I could live in this picture.

Does this not look like the coziest, comfiest, best-ever place to take a nap? 10/10, would magically transport there in a heartbeat.

Chilling on the deck.

These fellas look like they've been having a ball all day, and are now tuckered out. There's always tomorrow!

Wrinkly pupper.

So many wrinkles to smush your face into, so little time.


I know I'm supposed to sleep in my dog bed on the floor, but what do ya say we cuddle in the big bed tonight? Share this with someone who loves snuggling their own pup!