These Hilarious Tweets About Being Home for the Holidays Are Almost TOO Real

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Ah, the holiday season. Snow, presents, cookies, warm crackling fires, and the traditional family drama — what more could you ask for?

We all know what it’s like to make the long trek home for the holidays. Adult children return to the nest to be fed and coddled by their parents for a week every winter. Everything is cheerful and wonderful. Until it’s not. Inevitably, you scream at each other and cry and slam doors until it’s time to gather ’round the table to slice the Christmas ham and put it all behind you…or at least behind a few glasses of spiked eggnog.

These are the tweets that most perfectly capture what it’s like to return home for the holidays.

There is quite literally no experience like the experience of trying to watch a movie with parents who either don’t hear very well or don’t understand movies very well (or both). We all know what that’s like.

When you’re not around your family all the time, you can forget just how awkward being around your family can get. Especially that extended family. Those people are weird.

It’s so true, though. When you get home for Christmas after not seeing your family for months, they often say things like, “Have you showered recently? What’s going on with your hair? Here, have some moccasins.”

Many of us have left our quaint (read: old, creaky, dark, scary) hometowns for bustling big cities where the lights are always on. And it’s not until you return home to your parents’ dank, cold, creepy basement that you realize just how much of scaredy-cat you really are.

Now this is a universal experience. Even if you’re staying in the house you grew up in — that hasn’t been your shower for years! It can take some adjusting to. Or you can just resign yourself to weird, greasy hair the whole time you’re home. We haven’t even gotten to the crazy conservative uncles yet…

And here we are. It’s only a matter of time before your racist, homophobic, or otherwise intolerant uncle (or aunt or cousin) starts spewing nonsense. That whole “should I/shouldn’t I engage” tug of war that happens in your heart isn’t a picnic either.

Kids — whether they’re cousins, nieces, nephews, or siblings — are (we would venture to say) evil more times than they are not evil. And being home during the holidays is prime dealing-with-savage-children territory.

OK. Maybe you’re not living in a ’90s horror flick, but pretty much everyone else is. But the way we’re all getting revenge on our hometowns is by looking fabulous as we brag about our coastal, professional lives to the people who never left.

While there are racist relatives and big family feuds, there is also the low-key everyday drama that every family goes through. And it’s all just as mundane and hilarious as “Gaurav ate all the pudding.”

What is it about parents? They just cannot set up their televisions like normal human beings. If it isn’t the 13 remote controls you have to use to even turn on, it’s that stupid motion smoothing setting they have on that makes everything look jerky and terrible.

Some of us have an intense, complex relationship with our hometown, our high schools, and the people we knew growing up. For others though, it’s just kind of fun and nostalgic and full of good memories! And you know what? Both are completely valid experiences!!

The pictures of this guy’s dad helping his mom film snow angel boomerangs are now our lifeblood. They are SO. GOOD. And yes, this is what true love looks like.

Playing UNO or Monopoly or Yahtzee with your family is all fun and games until people are throwing game-pieces across the room and disowning each other. But would you have it any other way?

Look, you are your mother’s baby bird, and you just flew back to the nest. She wants to make it the most comfortable, precious week of your life…just enough to convince you to abandon your professional path and come live with her forever. Let her do this for (to?) you.

When you’re in your hometown for a week, and your high school acquaintances (who you’ve barely even thought about in the last ten years) text you, “merry christmas!” What do you think they want? Because it’s not to “catch up.”