Can You Guess Which Famous Celebrity Was Born in Your State? | 22 Words

Every state has at least one celebrity that it's proud to call its own, proving you don't have to be born in Hollywood or New York to make it as a star (even though a lot of them were). But who is the most famous actor or actress to come out of every state? I'm glad you asked, because PrettyFamous put together an equation to find that very answer.

To calculate a celebrity's “Actor Score,” they took a weighted average of the number of awards they have been nominated for, total number of IMDb reviews for films and television shows they had roles in, and recent interest, as determined by Wikipedia page views.

These factors determined a score on a 1-100 scale, with 100 denoting the highest level of acting fame. They note that some actors with surging interest outranked more familiar names, due to the methodology’s emphasis on recent buzz. 

Ready, set, action...

Alabama — Channing Tatum

Actor Score: 86.3 Birthplace: Cullman, Alabama Not a bad start! The Magic Mike star is mostly known for being extremely good-looking, but he also showcased his comedy skills in the Jumpstreet series. Tatum might be the most attractive dude from Alabama, and that's not a knock on Alabamians. Just look at the dude, he's freakin' Adonis.

Alaska — Annie Parisse

Actor Score: 25.3 Birthplace: Anchorage, Alaska Not quite the same as Alabama... Parisse was in Law & Order though! Even though she played the shortest serving ADA in the series' history, we'll just skim over that.

Arizona — Emma Stone

Actor Score: 90 Birthplace: Scottsdale, Arizona Emma Stone is by far the best thing to ever come out of Arizona. We fell in love with her when we first saw her in Zombieland. And how could you not? Those eyes are captivating.

Arkansas — Billy Bob Thornton

Actor Score: 83.6 Birthplace: Hot Springs, Arkansas Now, imagine for a second that you didn't see Billy Bob Thornton there, and I asked you who the most famous actor from Arkansas was... You would've probably guessed Billy Bob Thornton. Sometimes life runs out of surprises.

California — Leonardo DiCaprio

Actor Score: 100 Birthplace: Los Angeles, California Here we go. California was going to be one of the more difficult states to pick a representative for, but Leo is just about as good as it gets. It took a perfect 100 actor score to get awarded this prestigious honor. Congrats, Leo! You can print this out and hang it up right next to your Oscar. But, there's more...

Colorado — Tim Allen

Actor Score: 85.3 Birthplace: Denver, Colorado No state is perfect. As awesome as Colorado is for the landscapes and weather, nothing in life is perfect. Thus, Colorado produced Tim Allen. That's OK though, we'll let it slide.

Connecticut — Seth MacFarlane

Actor Score: 91 Birthplace: Kent, Connecticut For as small as Connecticut is, it's a little surprising that they have someone as high-profile as MacFarlane. But they can't all be from New York or California!

Delaware — Elisabeth Shue

Actor Score: 69 Birthplace: Wilmington, Delaware Wow. That's a name we haven't thought about in a minute. Still, not many women can claim that they were the love interest of both Ralph Macchio and Marty McFly.

Florida — William H. Macy

Actor Score: 93.6 Birthplace: Miami, Florida Macy gets the nod for Florida. He has a surprisingly high actor score, though Fargo is probably responsible for a lot of those points. Also, did you know Macy was in Jurassic Park III? If you didn't that's fine, you don't need to watch Jurrasic Park III.

Georgia — Julia Roberts

Actor Score: 95 Birthplace: Smyrna, Georgia Georgia might secretly be the birthplace of a million famous actors and actresses, but we'll never know since Julia Roberts is more famous than all of them. You don't really get much more famous than Julia Roberts. Keep reading for more!

Hawaii — Nicole Kidman

Actor Score: 91 Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii This might be cheating since Kidman is also Australian, but she was born in Hawaii and has dual-citizenship, so it's close enough! If we assume Kidman counts, then Jason Momoa is probably the runner-up.

Idaho — Aaron Paul

Actor Score: 85 Birthplace: Emmett, Idaho Aaron Paul is awesome. Still, he's only the second best thing to come out of Idaho. No disrespect to Paul, but potatoes are the best. You can do so much with potatoes. Any way you cook them they'll be delicious. Aaron Paul is probably less delicious but he is the most famous actor from Idaho, so he does have that over potatoes.

Illinois — Robin Williams

Actor Score: 97.6 Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois Chicago is a brilliant town full of culture and with any major city like that, some great talent is bound to come from there. Williams was no exception. He captivated the hearts of kids all over the world with several of his roles, but perhaps most notably as the Genie from Aladdin.

Indiana — Jenna Fischer

Actor Score: 71.3 Birthplace: Fort Wayne, Indiana It's Pam! If you watched the American version of The Office, you love Fischer. There is no debating it, you just do. And when she's not acting, she's extremely involved with animal shelters and regularly fosters kittens. Everyone loves her.

Iowa — Cloris Leachman

Actor Score: 81.6 Birthplace: Des Moines, Iowa If you're a little too young to remember some of the things Leachman was in, I have just the thing to spark your memory. She was Grandma Ida on Malcom in the Middle! There you go. Cloris was also on the roster of comedians at the roast of Bob Saget, which was quite an event. Keep scrolling for more!

Kansas — Dennis Hopper

Actor Score: 79.3 Birthplace: Dodge City, Kansas Hopper was known for a huge breadth of films, including his work in the '50s and '60s when he got to act alongside James Dean. He also played King Koopa in the bad 90's Super Mario Bros. movie!

Kentucky — Johnny Depp

Actor Score: 98.6 Birthplace: Owensboro, Kentucky Much like Georgia, there could be tons of famous actors from Kentucky (probably not) but we'll never know because Depp is the cream of the famous crop. Just about everyone who has been on the planet longer than a handful of years knows who Johnny Depp is. We're just a little surprised he didn't get a perfect 100 like Leo.

Louisiana — Ellen DeGeneres

Actor Score: 93.3 Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans is another cultural hub, similar to Chicago in that there is bound to be talent there. Ellen is the proof, and the talk-show host has gone on to develop quite a following over the years.

Maine — Anna Kendrick

Actor Score: 88.6 Birthplace: Portland, Maine The gorgeous Kendrick is the representative of Maine. She's probably best known for her role as Beca Mitchell in the cult-classic Pitch Perfect. She also showcased her singing skills in Pitch Perfect with her cover version of the song "Cups".

Maryland — Julie Bowen

Actor Score: 80 Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland Bowen is probably best known for her role in Lost or her role in Modern Family, depending on what you're into. She was also in Happy Gilmore, if you're more of a movie person. Overall, a number of solid appearances earned her a nice 80 rating. Haven't seen your state yet? Keep reading!

Massachusetts — Matt Damon

Actor Score: 99.3 Birthplace: Cambridge, Massachusetts Matt Damon is in that Depp/DiCaprio class, for sure. It's not a matter of if you've seen a Matt Damon movie, it's a matter of which one, and how many of them? We're gonna pull Eurotrip and say that is our favorite Matt Damon movie, and only because he sings "Scotty Doesn't Know".

Michigan — J.K. Simmons

Actor Score: 92.6 Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan J.K. Simmons might not be the first person that comes up in the autocomplete when you google "J.K", but he is the most famous actor from Michigan. That's a pretty high honor too when you think about it, considering Detroit has had some pretty famous people come from it. Though Simmons hold on this might not be too firm, depending on whether or not you consider Eminem an actor.

Minnesota — Jessica Lange

Actor Score: 89.0 Birthplace: Cloquet, Minnesota Jessica Lange probably has a really big trophy cabinet. She was the second actress ever to win an Oscar for Best Actress after winning one for Best Supporting Actress. And in addition to those, she has five Golden Globe awards, three Emmys, three Dorian Awards, and even a Tony award. If she ever runs out of money, she can always melt down her trophy collection and sell the metal.

Mississippi — Oprah Winfrey

Actor Score: 90 Birthplace: Kosciusko, Mississippi You get a car, and you get a car! Everybody gets cars! But seriously though, Oprah is one of the most famous women alive. Even Josh Peck had a crush on her in Drake and Josh.

Missouri — John Goodman

Actor Score: 96.6 Birthplace: Affton, Missouri John Goodman is beloved by people of all ages. Even if you didn't love Roseanne, you probably love something Goodman has done. The older crowd might remember him from The Big Lebowski, and the younger crowd might remember him as Sully from Monsters Inc. He even voiced Robot Santa on Futurama! More states on the next page...

Montana — David Lynch

Actor Score: 80.6 Birthplace: Missoula, Montana This might be cheating since Lynch is more of a director, but Montana is slim pickings. You could put Dana Carvey here if you want. But other than that there aren't many options.

Nebraska — Marlon Brando

Actor Score: 92.3 Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska Brando was one badass dude. He acted in films for a good 40 years and was probably best known for his role as Vito Corleone in The Godfather. And when he wasn't acting, Brando was very politically active on various civil rights issues.

Nevada — Jena Malone

Actor Score: 70 Birthplace: Sparks, Nevada Jena Malone got to date Jake Gyllenhaal, so we're kind of jealous. Okay, so she only "dated" him in Donnie Darko, but still. That's closer than any of us will ever get.

New Hampshire — Sarah Silverman

Actor Score: 79 Birthplace: Bedford, New Hampshire New Hampshire is probably one of the last states I would name on a list of 50, but who knew they had such a treasure from there? The comedian is never afraid to shy away from social issues in her comedy and writing. She's also won a couple of Emmys for her show on Comedy Central.

New Jersey — Kevin Spacey

Actor Score: 99.3 Birthplace: South Orange, New Jersey 99.3! Close, but not quite. Spacey is tied with Matt Damon overall, but Leo still reigns king. Though the House of Cards star is doing just fine, I'm sure. We're loving these so far. Head over to the next page for more!

New Mexico — Neil Patrick Harris

Actor Score: 91 Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico Another person literally everybody loves, NPH! Most people know him from his role as Barney on How I Met Your Mother, where he ironically plays a womanizing drinker. He started young too and was already known for his work as the kid doctor, Doogie Howser. Our personal favorite NPH role is Dr. Horrible.

New York — Robert De Niro

Actor Score: 99 Birthplace: New York City, New York Another 99! De Niro is another one of those eternal badasses, kind of like Brando. And evidently, other people agreed as he was cast as the young Vito Corleone in Godfather II. He's also a long time Scorsese collaborator, known for his work in Goodfellas and Raging Bull.

North Carolina — Julianne Moore

Actor Score: 94.3 Birthplace: Fayetteville, North Carolina There is a lot of Jurrassic Park related stuff involved with this list. Moore appeared in the second installment of the series, and that helped cement her as a leading actress in Hollywood. She was in Boogie Nights too, in case you forgot about that movie.

North Dakota — Josh Duhamel

Actor Score: 72 Birthplace: Minot, North Dakota Alright, I'm gonna level with you here. I had no idea who Josh Duhamel was before making this list. Apparently, he's a staple in the new Transformers films. He's also the most famous person from North Dakota, I guess?

Ohio — Halle Berry

Actor Score: 92.6 Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio Everyone knows Halle Berry! 92.6 almost feels a bit low for how famous Berry is. She even appeared in the James Bond franchise as one of the toughest "Bond girls" ever. In addition to her Hollywood fame, Berry is a noted social activist. Keep scrolling for more!

Oklahoma — Brad Pitt

Actor Score: 99.3 Birthplace: Shawnee, Oklahoma Oof, another 99.3! That's a three-way tie for second place, still behind Leo. If Brad Pitt can't de-throne Dicaprio, then no one will. What is there to even say about Brad Pitt that everyone doesn't know already? When people think of an attractive dude, they think of Brad Pitt, and that's pretty much been the case for the last 15 years.

Oregon — Ty Burrell

Actor Score: 77.3 Birthplace: Grants Pass, Oregon Another Modern Family star makes the list. Burrell does a lot of Broadway work, but as far as his film appearances go, he's probably best known for Dawn of the Dead or Black Hawk Down. Heck, he was even in The Muppets Most Wanted!

Pennsylvania — Will Smith

Actor Score: 97.3 Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania A 97.3 almost seems low for the Fresh Prince. Will Smith is probably one of the most famous actors alive, both because of his movie career and his work with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. More recently, his son Jaden Smith has also been making a name for himself with a role in the rebooted Karate Kid.

Rhode Island — Mena Suvari

Actor Score: 60 Birthplace: Newport, Rhode Island Rhode Island is the smallest state in the country, so strictly going by land mass they have the worst odds at having a famous actor on this list. Famous for her role in American Pie, Suvari is also a very successful model and has been featured in many fashion magazines, including Vogue. She's also socially active, and frequently donates to help causes in Africa.

South Carolina — Chris Rock

Actor Score: 95.6 Birthplace: Andrews, South Carolina Chris Rock is known to a lot of people as the zebra in Madagascar, but before that, he was a stand-up comedian. He also made frequent appearances on Saturday Night Live. He also had a TV show titled Everybody Hates Chris where Tyler James Williams played a young Chris, and Terry Crews humorously played his father. Haven't seen your state yet? Try the next page!

South Dakota — January Jones

Actor Score: 74.3 Birthplace: Sioux Falls, South Dakota At least I know who the representative for South Dakota is, which is more than we can say for North Dakota. Jones' work on Mad Men had garnered her the most media attention, but she also appeared in X-Men: First Class.

Tennessee — Morgan Freeman

Actor Score: 98 Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee Morgan Freeman has the most soothing voice ever. A lot of people know him from his role as God in Bruce Almighty or for his work in the Dark Night Triology. But Freeman also does a lot of narration work, most notably for the Discovery Channel show Through the Wormhole.

Texas — Robin Wright

Actor Score: 95 Birthplace: Dallas, Texas At first, you might not guess Robin Wright as the most famous actor from Texas, but then you look at her resumé and it makes sense. House of Cards is one of her more recent endeavors, but she was also in The Princess Bride and Forrest Gump if you wanna throw it way back. She's even appeared in Moneyball as Brad Pitt's ex-wife. Not many ladies can say they've divorced Brad Pitt, even fictionally.

Utah — James Woods

Actor Score: 85.3 Birthplace: Vernal, Utah Sure, James Woods had a great movie career in the '70s and '80s. But he's endeared himself to an entirely new generation of fans with his hilarious appearances on Family Guy, where he plays himself. Woods has even done some voice acting, most notably as Hades in Hercules and even as Mike Torino in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

Vermont — Orson Bean

Actor Score: 32.6 Birthplace: Burlington, Vermont Orson Bean is only the third Orson that Google autocompletes to, but somehow he is the most famous actor from Vermont. Although, he did appear on Modern Family, and whatever method they use to calculate actor score clearly loves Modern Family. Big stars coming next!

Virginia — Sandra Bullock

Actor Score: 94.6 Birthplace: Arlington, Virginia Bullock is as much a philanthropist as she is an actor, but the Interstellar star has had quite a long and illustrious acting career. She started off in the 90's featuring in movies like Speed, and in the 2000's was most known for her role in The Blind Side. Bullock has even started producing movies, and her most successful movie in that role is probably Minons.

Washington — Rainn Wilson

Actor Score: 77 Birthplace: Seattle, Washington Wilson, like Jenna Fischer, was a fan favorite on the American version of  The Office. He played the assistant to the regional manager, Dwight Schrute. More recently, Wilson has gotten into digital media and founded his own website/Youtube channel called SoulPancake.

Washington, D.C — Taraji P. Henson

Actor Score: 85.6 Birthplace: Washington, District of Columbia Bonus state! Henson is from Washington D.C. and she has certainly done them proud. Her role in Hustle and Flow garnered a ton of positive media coverage, and more recently she has transitioned into television where she's won a Golden Globe and been nominated for three Emmys.

West Virginia — John Corbett

Actor Score: 73.6 Birthplace: Wheeling, West Virginia Corbett got his start way back with The Wonder Years, and ever since then has had a steady stream of T.V. appearances. Bonus fact, John Corbett is also a country singer and has released two albums. He even got to tour with ZZ Top!

Wisconsin — Mark Ruffalo

Actor Score: 94 Birthplace: Kenosha, Wisconsin Hulk smash your social injustice! Aside from Ruffalo's appearances as The Hulk, or rather as Bruce Banner before he becomes The Hulk, he's also a known social activist. If you want to throw it back a little, he was even in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. You won't guess who Wyoming's celeb is...

Wyoming — Jim Beaver

Actor Score: 27.7 Birthplace: Laramie, Wyoming Wyoming might actually be the last state I would think of, even if it wasn't the last one alphabetically. Beaver is best known for his role in Supernatural, but he's also received acclaim for his role in Deadwood. That's all, folks!