These Are the Nicest Things Teachers Have Ever Done for Their Students | 22 Words

Teachers are some of the most important people on the planet. And I am not just saying that because my mom is a teacher. Being tasked with educating future generations is no small responsibility. For that insanely significant role, teachers should be paid much more than they are. Almost everyone I know has at least one story of a wonderful thing a teacher did for them that they will never forget.

My first-grade teacher sent me home with book after book after book once she realized I was a reader. My second-grade teacher invited us to his wedding! Really! We thought we were so special! There are countless other stories like this that people all over the world have and will cherish forever. The people of Twitter were recently asked to share them, and oh boy, did they ever! These stories of life-changing teachers will warm your heart, brighten your day, and maybe make you want to write to an old teacher of yours to thank them for everything they did for you. I personally think that's a great idea.

Chasten Buttigieg is a junior high school teacher and the husband of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

He's been busy making waves on Twitter as a hilarious and adorable potential "First Gentlemen" for months now, and he was the one to kick off this amazing thread celebrating teachers.

His own story is of a teacher who gave him a "safe space" when he needed one.

The significance of seemingly tiny gestures like this cannot be overstated. Teachers who recognize kids in need and do something to help them should be lauded.

A punching bag

See? This was one comment from this person's second-grade teacher. But it came at a pivotal moment in this person's life and meant so much to them.

A new plan

This is huge. When a kid isn't doing well in school, it's not always for lack of trying. A great teacher will adapt to help that kid feel supported.

An audience

This seems so minor and silly, but it clearly had an impact! Just the fact that a teacher took this kid's invitation seriously was enough.

Information, not fear

This is amazing. I was in seventh grade when 9/11 happened, and it was terrifying and terrible and I still remember it vividly.


This is incredible. Teachers often give from their own resources to help kids who need it without getting recognized or getting paid for their extra efforts.

Space away

Teachers who understand that some kids just don't thrive in the environment of the classroom deserve such praise. Instead of trying to mold kids to your plan, let them learn the way they learn best.

Not good enough

I'm glad that this worked out for this person, but this sort of negative reinforcement doesn't always translate well for people. Still, it was definitely a good lesson for this person to learn.

Encouraging words

Well, this just made me tear up. I'm so glad this person found a supportive adult during this time. That must have been so hard! This librarian deserves the world!

Surrogate mother

Sometimes, teachers are literally lifesavers. Obviously, the impact this teacher had is far-reaching.


It takes a lot for a teacher to go against another teacher in front of a student, but this was such an important and admirable move by this Latin teacher.

Chemistry spark

It is a common misconception, but teachers don't actually want their students to fail! And sometimes, a student's grade doesn't indicate lack of interest or even ability!

New backpack

When kids so clearly don't have the same resources as others, many teachers step up and make sure they don't feel left out. Ugh, my heart!

The giver...of books

I had a couple of these teachers too. That was so important to me. They helped me become the reader (and writer) I am today!

Lunch partner

This is very nice, but I can't help but hope that in addition to this, those bullies were punished. Bullying is so serious.

Local politics

I love this. I wish I had more teachers growing up who encouraged us to get involved in politics on any scale.

Essential book

This is adorable. Hey, when a kid gets excited about something, what are you going to do? Tell them it's not the most important thing in the world? I don't think so.

Doodle artist

I love this! Doodling isn't a distraction anyway. It often helps people concentrate. I love that this teacher encouraged this creative expression.

Big kid side of the library

My mom did this for me when I was little. She gave me books well beyond my reading level and let me figure it out and explore on my own. I'll always be grateful for that.

Straight up

S0metimes you need an adult who is not your parent to tell you what's what. And that's where great teachers come in!

Encouraged STEM classes

This is awesome because back in the day, I'm sure there were some teachers who wouldn't have encouraged a female student to pursue STEM classes.

Passion for learning

This is so wonderful! Many of these stories are about elementary or middle school teachers, but this person was already 18 when they met the teacher who would change their life.

Extra support

Some people didn't have parents who were able to help them with the college application process. This teacher provided that support for her students.

Shoulder to cry on

Sometimes, the story doesn't have to do with academia at all. This teacher was just a pillar of emotional support for her student, and that meant so much.

Dimes and quarters

Sometimes it's the little things that make a huge difference in someone's life! A dime here or a quarter there, and she's still talking about it decades later.

Handmade flower

Oh man, this is the best. Instead of not getting a sticker at all, this student became extra special and got original art! That's a teacher going above and beyond.

No bullying

Teachers recognize when there are kids who are at risk of being bullied. I'm glad this teacher kept an eye out.

Sincere apology

I love this. Plagiarism is a serious accusation, and instead of being short and curt when the teacher was proved wrong, they did what they should have. They apologized profusely and continued to make up for their error.

Important work

Sometimes, this quiet support is all a student needs. Share this with someone who knows how important teachers are!