If you could use just one word to describe 2017 in the good ol' US of A, what would it be? We're guessing it would be something along the lines of "horrific" or "infuriating" or "a-gigantic-embarrassment-to-the-rest-of-the-word." Okay, so maybe that was a few more than one word...

But luckily, there is some good news mixed in with all the tragedy of the past year: the top tweets of 2017 are in, and not one of them are from our Tweeter in Chief.

And that's something to be proud of, America.

10. Seth Joesph's tweet about suicide prevention.

Joesph, who refers to himself as a "social influencer" and entrepreneur, posted this tweet to spread awareness about suicide prevention. The post ended up getting over 600k retweets.

9. Detroit Lions punter Sam Martin's donation pledge.

From August 17 until September 3, hurricane Harvey rampaged across Houston, causing devastating damage and at least 89 casualties throughout Texas. Martin pledged to donate 6 pounds of dog food to Houston for every retweet up to $10,000 worth of food. The post ended up getting 623,084 retweets.

8. Obama's last tweet in office.

On his last day in office, Obama tweeted this simple but elegant message. "I won't stop; I'll be right there with you as a citizen, inspired by your voices of truth and justice, good humor, and love." he continued in a comment. We're not crying, you're crying.

7. LeBron James's epic tweet to Trump about NBA White House visit.

After Steph Curry voiced his hesitation about the traditional White House visit by NBA champions, Donald Trump quickly withdrew the offer James posted this tweet in response, which included calling POTUS a "bum",  and the Internet was so here for it.

6. Linkin Park's touching tribute to frontman Chester Bennington.

On July 20, 2017, Bennington was found dead in his home in Palos Verdes Estates, CA. His death was ruled a suicide by hanging. "I just hope that your soul found the peace you needed," said one heartbroken fan. "I will never be able to get your voice out of my head."

5. Obama's farewell address tweet.

The 44th president of the United Stated tweeted the last line of his farewell address on January 10, 2017. "Your grace, compassion, and integrity are sorely missed. And your humor. Thank you for believing in us!" commented one Twitter user. We're not weeping uncontrollably, YOU'RE weeping uncontrollably.

4. Ariana Grande's heartbreaking apology after the Manchester concert suicide attack.

On May 22, a shrapnel-laden homemade bomb was detonated outside a concert venue where singer Ariana Grande had performed as part of her 2017 Dangerous Woman Tour. The attack resulted in twenty-three deaths and over 500 injuries.

3. Pennsylvania State University's Houston relief pledge tweet.

To help raise funds to go towards relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey, The Pennsylvania State University Interfraternity Council promised to donate $0.15 for ever retweet. With over 1.16 million retweets, they were able to raise $175,000. 

2. Obama's poignant message after the Charlottesville white supremacist march.

On August 11, 2017, a "Unite the Right" rally was held in Charlottesville, Virginia. Hundreds of white supremacists marched to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee from Emancipation Park, and the marchers, complete with torches, could be heard chanting racist and anti-Semitic hate speech. The march quickly became violent, and Americans were left frightened and angry. With the compassion and wisdom that we've come to expect from him, the former president's simple tweet brought comfort to millions of Americans.

1. And the shocking #1 most retweeted tweet of 2017 goes to Carter Wilkerson, the Wendy's nugget superfan.

Oh wait, did we say the #1 tweet of 2017? Make that the #1 most retweeted tweet OF. ALL. TIME. And while Carter hasn't yet reached his goal of 18 million, we're guessing the Internet will collectively come together to give this poor man the nugget payday of his dreams.