People Shared The Moment When They Knew They Needed a New Job

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In a perfect world, all of us would be working in our dream jobs. But since we don’t live in a storybook, that’s not the case. Sometimes we find ourselves in jobs that suck the life out of us and withers our souls into the ground. Can anyone else relate?

It’s unfortunate when you find yourself in a job that’s making you unhappy. Most of us have been there. The constant anxiety. The never-ending pit in your stomach. The clammy palms when you get a new email alert from your boss. It’s the worst. But, here’s the good news: you can leave. You don’t have to stay in a job that makes you miserable. It may be scary and it may be hard and it may take a very, very long time – but you can leave a job that’s making you depressed.

One Redditor recently posted the question, “What are some warning signs that you should find a new job?”

The answers are very interesting and also helpful.

It’s different for everyone, but there’s a chance you may recognize some of these answers in your own situation. 2019 is the year to quit those horrible jobs, people!

This is definitely a sign you should quit your job.

How many of us have thought this? Time for a new job, right?

This is just wrong…

But also brilliant? Imagine all the TV shows and films you could watch on Netflix.

Yep, this definitely means you should find a different job.

What job could be so bad that a person would prefer a brain injury? That has to be one rough job.

Red flags everywhere…

When the turnover rate of a job is high and every good employee flees, it may be time to flee as well. You don’t want to be the last man standing on a sinking ship.

If the higher ups are leaving…

It’s time to go– everyone pack up and let’s jump ship!

This is deep.

Is this a riddle? No, but seriously. This is a good point.

This is infuriating.

If you aren’t getting credit for your hard work and you aren’t being valued the way you should be, it’s time to think about other options. You should be treated the way you deserve.

Yep, time to get out.

It can sometimes feel like your supervisor has all the power, but you shouldn’t let someone walk all over you. Especially your boss.

This is totally unfair.

Two and a half months in advance is so much notice.

This is a very handy checklist.

If you relate to any of these points, it may be time to reassess your employment situation.

It sucks when this happens.

It’s so infuriating when someone takes credit for the work you did, just because they’re in a position of power. The injustice of it all!

Some people are not meant to be managers.

Things start at the top and trickle down. A manager can set the tone for a job, and if they aren’t good, the job isn’t good.

Getting dismissed feels terrible.

And if you have to make it seem like your idea was somebody else’s idea, that’s a no-go.

Simple, but relatable.

It’s a terrible feeling when you dread going into work everyday.

If nobody is advancing, something may be wrong.

If management is checked out, chances are employees are checked out too. This doesn’t sound like a good work environment at all.

Your mental and physical health should always come first.

No job is worth your health. It can be scary when you realize that (because hello, we all need money). But it’s important to be really honest with yourself.

You should always be paid on time.

Not being paid on time should be a dealbreaker. There’s nothing good that can come from late pay.

This can’t be real!

This sounds like something out of a movie. If this is real, then this boss is insane.


This is frightening.

The need to constantly vent.

Venting is good, but there has to be a point where you ask yourself if it’s healthy to hate something so much. Also, your poor significant other.


What is this supposed to do other than induce an insane amount of anxiety and despair?

The shower guide.

This is a unique guide for deciding whether you need to leave your job or not. Should we all start doing the shower test?

Crying at your desk is never a good sign.

Crying at work is bound to happen– but it never means something good.

When HR doesn’t know what they’re doing…

Then you know it’s time to pack up your cubicle. Adios!

The toilet paper test.

Another fascinating test to decide whether it’s time to quit your job. If they skimp out on toilet paper, imagine what else they’ll skimp on!

A question many of us have asked before…

Not to get all existential, but where do any of us even belong?! Cue the meltdowns.

This is alarming…

Shouldn’t management know your position? SMH!

The accountant test.

The shower test, the toilet paper test and the accountant test. What more do you need?

Listen…it’s rare that a job is perfect.

But sometimes a job isn’t the right fit for you, and that’s okay. Share this with a friend who complains about their job all the time!