These Are the World's Most Beautiful Types of Pigeons | 22 Words

When you think of pigeons, your mind probably wanders straight to the scabby birds pecking around our alleyways and dustbins, doesn't it?

Well, believe it or not, there are thousands of breeds of pigeon out there, and some of them are breathtakingly beautiful.

Keep scrolling to see a selection of the most gorgeous types of pigeons, and to find out where exactly you can find them...

1. Pink Necked Green Pigeon.

Native to South-East Asian countries, the pink necked green pigeon is popular for its stunning pink, green, and purple plumage. Imagine seeing one of these pecking around the streets of New York...

2. Nicobar Pigeon.

This pigeon, which is found on small islands and in the coastal regions of India, is widely recognized for it's somewhat "gothic" black and green plumage, and is believed to be the closest living relative to the extinct dodo.

3. Brown Frillback Pigeon.

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The frillback pigeon's frilly and curly wing feathers are the result of years of selective aesthetic breeding. It looks like a perm gone wrong, doesn't it?

4. Grey Frillback Pigeon.

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Closely related to the brown frillback, this type of pigeon literally looks like your typical street pigeon with a wild hairdo.

5. Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

This pigeon, which is native to the rainforests of New Guinea, was given its royal namesake as a result of the elegant lace-like crests protruding from its head in a crown-like manner.

6. Bronzewing Pigeon.

This Australian bird is best known for its distinctive iridescent wing patches that, in dull light, appear bronze or green-brown, but flash in many bright and wonderful colours in the sunlight.

7. Jacobin Pigeon.

Like the frillback pigeon, the Jacobin pigeon is a strain of fancy pigeon that has been selectively bred for its eccentrically feathered hood.

8. Capuchine/Jacobin mix.

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A Capuchine pigeon is a dutch fancy pigeon that has a glamorous ruff of feathers... So, when bred with the Jacobin pigeon, you get this beautiful result.

9. Blue Crowned Pigeon.

Like its close relative, the Victoria Crowned pigeon, this breed is characterized for its blue, crown-like crests. It is also found in rainforests across New Guinea.

10. Indian Fantail Pigeon.

Another breed of fancy pigeon, the elegant Indian Fantail was selectively bred for its distinctive fan-shaped tail. Their feet are feathered and, as their name suggests, they originate from India.

11. African Green Pigeon.

This vibrant pigeon can be found in several countries across Africa and is known for its unusual green, blue, and grey plumage.

12. Spinifex Pigeon.

Affectionately nicknamed as the "punks of the bird world", the Spinifex Pigeon is an Australian bird known best for its unusual, mohawk-like pointed feathers.

13. Pied Imperial Pigeon.

Typically found in woodlands across South East Asia, this graceful pigeon is known best for its white-yellow hue and black-spotted under tail coverts and thighs.

14. Lahore Pigeon.

The Lahore pigeon is a type of domesticated fancy pigeon that is known for its large size, it's black and white plumage, and, most importantly, its gentle and friendly nature. If you ever want a pet pigeon, this is the bird for you.

15. Ice Pigeon.

The Ice pigeon is a selectively bred fancy pigeon that is known for it's "icy" colored plumage. In 1846, Charles Darwin is known to have crossbred the Ice pigeon in order to ascertain color patterns. This work came just three years before his groundbreaking publication, On the Origin of Species.

16. Red White Roller Pigeon.

This domesticated pigeon is known for its eccentrically colored plumage and fanned out tail... And, to make them even better, they are known for their tame and placid nature.

17. Archangel Pigeons.

This breed of fancy pigeon, which originates from Croatia, is valued for its unusual plumage, which is a mixture of bronze, gold, brown, black, and green. It looks like something straight out of a videogame, doesn't it?

18. English Trumpeter Pigeon.

This breed has been developed over many years through selective breeding and, today, it is known for the large muffs of feathers on it's feet and head. That thing can barely walk, never mind fly.

19. English Barb.

This type of pigeon has been bred specifically for years, and was mentioned by both Shakespeare and Charles Darwin.

20. Brunner Pouter Pigeon.

This rather strange looking bird has been selectively bred over the years and is now known for its oversized chest. It looks like it accidentally swallowed a golf ball to me...

21. Voorburg Shield Cropper.

Originating from the Netherlands, this type of pigeon also looks like it has swallowed a golf ball... But it is actually highly sought after for its bizarrely oversized chest.

22. Old Dutch Capuchine.

Originating from the Netherlands, this domesticated pigeon is known for its unique and majestic frill of neck feathers.

23. German Modena Pigeon.

The German Modena is a type of fancy pigeon that has an insanely magnetic stance... Just look at that posture.

24. Scandaroon Pigeon.

Okay, I wouldn't call this one beautiful... But it is certainly unique, to say the least. Reigning from Australia, this pigeon is known best for its curved beak and red-lined eyes.

25. Iranian High Flyer Pigeon.

This type of pigeon is bred in Iran for performance and endurance flying competitions. They fly at very high altitudes and, at times, completely out of sight. For more incredible bird species, keep scrolling to see the Japanese birds that resemble cotton balls...