These Are the World's Weirdest Toilets | 22 Words

How do you describe the bathroom? Do you call it the Lavatory or the Loo? Or maybe the John, or the PorcelaThroneone? Whatever it may be, we can all agree that they are a part of our everyday life. And it is often times rare that you stop and admire a toilet, but when you find one that is slightly different than the others, it stands out.

From weird murals to intense floor layouts and awkwardly placed windows, there's a whole lot of out-of-the-ordinary experiences that can happen in a bathroom. There's an entire world of toilet exhibits that we haven't seen before, and trust me, it gets weird. Of course, there's a Twitter account dedicated to these unique porcelain creations and it's worth the scroll to gawk and laugh at them all.

Toilet technology

It's time we appreciate some weird and hilarious toilets that are all around the world. If we don't, who will?

The royal flush

If you don't get too dizzy, this could be a great bathroom experience.

Feeling blue

This is an amazing aesthetic if I've ever seen one.

The buddy system

Real friends support each other through everything.

Jurassic Potty

Is anyone a big fan of Jurassic Park? If so, this is the toilet for you.

That one was a show stopper

Even if the toilet doesn't work, it's still stacked with some amazing movie memorabilia.

Transparent potty

This is a communal experience for sure. You have to be a bold person to confidently step into this stall.

I can hold it

This is how I would walk into that bathroom, then quickly turn around.

The staring contest

This is a great opportunity to play some rock, paper, scissors if you get bored.

Right this way, follow me.

At least it would be easy to explain where your bathroom is to your house guests.

Pass it on

the person on the left would have to be a real homie and pass you the toilet paper because there's no way you could reach it on the other side. This could create a real bonding moment.


You've got some serious competition here. Who could beat Lightning McQueen?

Take a seat

It looks like that chair needs a deep, deep cleaning.

This is a place for bad news!

It looks like you chose the wrong stall this time.

The Death Star seat

You know these fans are dedicated when they agree to sit on the deadly battleship.

Challenge accepted

If you're into a good wall climb challenge, this could be your stall.

Shark tales

I'm hoping this isn't a normal occurrence for this toilet but it'll keep you on your toes for sure.

God's watching

I wonder if this is supposed to help you feel encouraged or judged.

Someone's watching

This pigeon man is here to support you if you need it.

There are so many options!

You'll never be left empty in this stall.

No tinted windows

The good thing is that you'll never have to have that awkward moment where you wonder if someone is in that bathroom.

Homer knows

I hope you like The Simpsons because Homer is about to be staring you down while you do your business.

Muppet madness

All I can hear is Kermit's voice and now it's haunting me.

Going down?

As if elevator rides aren't awkward enough.

Risky business

You might be risking your life in this bathroom but you'd have a cool story to tell and the pictures to prove it.

Long lines

Lots of loos for everyone. It's a hallway of possibilities.

Busy hands

Just in case you get some musical inspiration in the middle of doing your business.

Trump toilet

This gives a whole new definition to the phrase, "potty mouth."

Could you hold please?

If you're into multitasking. We all know you use your phone on the toilet anyways.

You've got an audience

No pressure, but everyone is watching you.

Your biggest fan

This makes me so uncomfortable but also I can't stop laughing at it.

Never ending supply

Now you have no excuse as to why you can't refill the toilet paper.

Everyone's favorite movie

Where else would you put your prized Shrek poster?

What a view

A pretty imperfect place for a window. There's no hiding at all.

A clown nightmare

This would really rush along the process of you using the bathroom because no one wants to be around those dolls for any longer than they have to.

Welcome to the chocolate factory

I'm wondering if there is a golden ticket hidden somewhere in that bathroom.

Do you need a trim?

We get it, you cut hair. I don't need to be reminded while looking at your toilet.

Open wide

Whoever designed this has a very creepy sense of humor.

Is this practical?

I love giraffes but this is just too much. It's setting you up for failure for sure.

Terrific toilets

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