These 30 Babies Are SO Surprised and We Can't EVEN! | 22 Words

You know what's better than babies?


These little cherubs can't believe their eyes and browsing through their candids feels like Christmas morning's dawning all over again. These magically wide-eyed bundles of joy are everything you needed today and then some.

Your heart might explode. Mine kinda did. Just kidding. Mine totally did.


Girl. You are not my boo.

Oh No She DIDN'T!

You text her back. You text her back this instant!

Trains, Man

I don't trust um. Not one bit.

I Know I'm Cute, But...

Stop STARING AT ME. Or at least blink every once in a while, ya creep!

Makin' New Friends Like

I know. He does seem a tad cold.

In the words of Jimmy Fallon...

Um... Ew!

Oh No.

It's happening. All at once. Damn you, smashed peas!

Must. Not. Cry.

Can't. Hold. On. Much... WAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Look Into My EYES

Now repeat after me... "He who smelt it, dealt it."

What Are You, Shiny Thing?

Where did you come from? And why do you taunt me so?

Who, Me?

The cutest baby in the world?! Oh stop.

When You Realize Your Head Is as Big as That Burger

And there is a knife in that burger. What is going ON here?!

No I Will Not "Look Over Here"

I'm not your puppet. You're the puppet!

When You Just Met And He's Already All Up In Your Business

Mom? MOM!!

When You're Just Trying To Be Cool

I don't know these people. Okay, fine. I don't want to know these people.

I Feel It Coming

Okay, I think it's a burp. Oh, wait. Oh, wait.

You Could Just Eat Me Up?

Is anyone else hearing this? ANYONE?!

You WHAT?!

You shut your mouth. That filthy, non-bottle sucking mouth!

Nobody Move

That toy is moving. It's ALIVE. *Toy = Roomba*

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Can't stop staring. But seriously, phone help.

When a Book Just Gets You

Brah. We know.

When You Just Watched a Scary Movie, and Then Hear a Rogue Knock At the Door

Mom? MOM?!

When Mom Makes Meatloaf Again

You said last time was the last time. You PROMISED!

When You Shouldn't Have Tried That Bite

Do what you gotta do girl. No judgement.


No more tickles! Never more tickles!

Tryin' To Remember Someone's Name Like...

When in doubt... ...guess John.

When Putting On Clothes Feels Super Hard

I just... Ugh.

You Talkin' To Me?

Okay, but like, I'm not talking back. I'm nowhere near that verbal milestone and you know it.

Say It Ain't So!

The horror. The HORROR!

Don't You Agree?

Yes, baby. Always.