As convenient as it is to sent text messages to people, a lot can go wrong. You might accidentally text the wrong number! You might be betrayed by autocorrect! You might accidentally send a text about your crush to your crush, instead of to your friend like you meant to do. Honestly, it's a wonder anyone manages to successfully send texts at all.

One of the best things to happen to text messages in the last decade is the emoji. Who knew you could communicate so much with a simple picture? (Well, the ancient Egyptians, for one.) Emojis often do the heavy lifting when it comes to sending a message. I mean, sure, you could write the words "I am happy," but a smiley face emoji looks happy!

Of course, emoji use should be taken responsibly. Otherwise, you may end up with some of these messages that definitely have the right text but the completely wrong emoji.

It all started with a game of #HashtagRoundup.

In case you're not familiar, this is a game people play on Twitter where @HashtagRoundup provides the hashtag and people go wild with it. This game was called #RightTextWrongEmoji.

Things started off with a bang.

Anyone who has recently had a prostate exam probably doesn't want to see a thumbs up symbol. Especially one in that position.

Nice makeup!

Unless you're complimenting an actual clown on their clown makeup, this emoji is probably a mistake. (Even if it is sometimes accurate.)

That's not gonna go well.

And that's how you get pulled off a plane. In case you were wondering.


Hey, maybe they were talking to an actual pig about that pig's weight loss journey! Not sure how the pig got a phone, though.

Other people.

Like, literally any other people.

Santa. Vampires. I'm not picky.


Wanna know how to cause a meltdown in your nerdiest friend? Send them this message.

Great job!

I kind of wish you had taken that "break a leg!" advice a bit more seriously! Maybe that would have gotten me out of staying!


If I ever received this text message, I would immediately block that number. Even if it was from my grandma.

We all float down here.

I'd like to institute a new rule. Red balloons and the word "sewer" should just never appear in the same text.


Anyone who has been around a baby knows that vomit is kind of part of the deal. I feel like this one isn't that bad.

Not too sharp.

Hey, we don't know the background, here. Maybe they're responding to someone who asked them for help slicing up a bunch of veggies!

Yay, sports!

Don't want to go to a sports-viewing party? Just send this text. It'll get you out of going. It'll also probably result in you never being invited to another viewing party ever again!


This is the text you wish you could send to your work enemy whenever they finally leave. But you can't.

Your "brain."

When it comes to emojis, a peach is not a peach. And eggplant is not an eggplant, either.

Oh, no!

Reading this seriously made me cringe. Stay away from the pudding! I repeat: Stay away from the pudding!

Don't read that, Grandma!

You'd better hope your grandma doesn't have her glasses on when she gets this text. Otherwise, you're in for some trouble.

So funny.

Honestly, this is a text I would send as-is. It should get the point across nicely.

Big plans!

Wait. You're going to wear cozy socks, hang out with your grandma, and watch curling? That sounds amazing. Please invite me.

Super sick.

Oh, that? That's cough medicine. Sometimes I drink it from a wine glass to feel fancy.


At this point, I'm pretty sure there is not a single person on the planet who does not know what "Netflix and chill" means. The emojis are redundant.

Hint, hint.

Did I say don't get me anything? I meant don't buy me anything. Just give me the money. That'll do just fine.

Wrong emoji spotted in the wild!

I just checked, and the knife and beer emojis are nowhere near each other in the emoji menu. She knew what she was doing.

Great work.

Dinner was so much You sure did make it! That's a thing that can be said and is true.

One year closer to death.

You know it. I know it. We all know it. But we don't text about it, for Pete's sake.

Coffee time!

It's chill and relaxed, and no pressure at all. But if you wanna get married afterward that is also totally fine with me.


Hey, if my donated blood ends up making vampires happy, then I'm all for it. Whoever needs it, ya know?


Well. They probably are burning calories.


Another new rule: No text should contain both "pizza" and "pineapple."

This is totally OK, though.

You can get pizza and donuts. You shouldn't have to choose. Send this to someone who uses tons of emojis in their texts!