Restaurants That Were Probably Designed by a Madmen

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Going out to eat a restaurant is typically an enjoyable experience. You get to sit and enjoy time with your friends or loved ones. You’re able to experience the pleasant environment and decor or a place other than your own home. And most importantly, you can have a quality meal prepared by someone other than yourself!

However, there are some restaurant experiences that are less enjoyable than others. This could be due to the food, the decor, your server, the cost, how busy the restaurant is — honestly, a lot of things can contribute to you having a less than stellar experience when you go out to eat.

The restaurants featured in this gallery seem to be plagued by all of these issues — and more! So the next time your server gives you a little too much ice, or your kid spills their water all over the table, at least you can be happy that you didn’t wind up at one of these restaurants.

Like this restaurant, that inexplicably serves food in a shoe.

Is it a shoe-themed restaurant? And if so, why is it a shoe-themed restaurant?

This restaurant served bread inside roadkill.

Nothing says “appetizing” like a basket made out of the fur of a dead animal. Right, guys? Right? Hey! Where are you going? You didn’t even stay long enough to get your entree — I hear it’s served on entrails!

Too cool for chairs.

Why sit comfortably when you can balance uncomfortably? Restaurants aren’t about comfort, after all.

There was no need to reinvent the faucet, guys.

How many complaints do you think they got before they finally added that little up arrow? I’m guessing it was quite a few.

Sauce ON THE BUN?!

That’s it. This is the worst thing I have ever seen done to a sauce before.


Never mind. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to sauce in the history of time.

But why?

This is like those “I’m With Stupid” T-shirts except way, way worse. You really shouldn’t mess with people who are just trying to order a pizza, you know what I mean?

“Please see bartender to be seated.”

Some say that whoever recorded this video is still stuck inside that restaurant, trying to figure out how to find a seat. They haven’t eaten in months.

A menu on a stick!

You can put a hot dog on a stick. You can put ice cream on a stick. I would even eat pizza on a stick! But a menu? You should never put a menu on a stick.

So quirky.

Because carrying around a 20-pound typewriter is a pleasant experience for all involved. If I worked here, I think I’d get sick of the novelty after serving exactly one table.

Butter on a rock.

Now, I’m no Paul Hollywood, but I am pretty sure that bun is either totally burnt or an actual rock. But it would be literally insane to put butter on a rock, so I’m just going to hope it’s a very burnt bun.

Want a chip and salsa?

Everyone’s favorite part of going to a Mexican restaurant is savoring their single tortilla chip. You better choose your salsa wisely. You may only taste one.

The great outdoors!

I guess it’s kind of like a picnic, but with chairs instead of having to sit on the ground. I could get behind this one, actually.

Clipboard charcuterie.

They say that you can get into pretty much any location as long as you’re carrying a clipboard. I assume that’s doubly true if your clipboard contains a delicious spread of meat, cheese, and bread.

Where’s the food?

At the fanciest restaurants, you have to guess what part is the food and what part is just nature from outside. And then you pay money for it. A lot of money!

Taco cups.

I’m pretty sure that who whoever came up with this design has never had a taco before. And for that, I feel kind of sorry for them. It’s tragic! Almost as tragic as this whole layout.

Want some ketchup?

Let’s set aside for a moment the fact that this is not nearly enough fries for anyone except maybe a Borrower. Why are they served IN ketchup?!

Catch up on the news with breakfast!

This is a bad way to serve food– but a great way to make sure that your pancakes get newsprint smeared on them and the syrup gets soaked into the paper. Depending on what you were going for, you might have done great!

Fork this.

On the plus side, you have way fewer plates to wash. On the other hand, you will have to wash forks for the rest of your life.

Cup o’ salad.

OK, I think we can just go ahead and make a new rule: The only things that belong in cups are drinks and sauces. Enough with this other nonsense.

Panda Garden.

Yep. That’s a koala. A koala is not a panda. I’m not sure what else I can say about that one.

Corn on the skewer!

Say what you will against this idea (which is admittedly quite strange), but I’m pretty sure you won’t end up with corn stuck in your teeth when you eat it. It might stab you in the mouth, though.

Who did this?

Someone has committed a pizza crime. We need to call the pizza police. The polizza.

When are you open?

In their defense, no matter what time the restaurant says they close, there are still going to be those annoying customers who insist on being served no matter the time.

This is a very extensive menu.

I guess the trick here is that they don’t want you to order anything. They want you to spend a full two hours reading the menu.

Wrong flag, guys.

But it is pretty close. You know what? I’m gonna let this one slide.

Want a toothpick?

TOO BAD! No one is ever getting a toothpick from that dispenser. Ever.

Cool maze!

It only took you 3 seconds to finish the maze? You must be some kind of genius!

Didn’t quite think that one through.

Someone must have noticed this, right? Someone, please.

Your restaurant is called “Box Orgies?”

I guess it’s good that you changed up the logo, but I’m gonna be honest: The name “Boorgies” is also pretty terrible. Share this with someone who works in the food industry!