The fourth season of the British "horror meets science fiction meets technology" series Black Mirror premiered on December 29th and it's all anyone can talk about. Whether you watch because you're a fan or you watch because you enjoy scaring yourself, you simply can't deny that the series is a hit. For some, it's so dark they can't hang with it. For others, it's a warning of the way in which our world is evolving.

But for Twitter it's the an excellent source of material. Seriously, the tweets about Black Mirror might be the only thing more entertaining than the show itself.

This person loved Adam Sandler's appearance on the show.

We're over here laughing out loud to keep from crying about how scary the show actually is. Seriously, don't think about it too hard because you'll never sleep again.

You'll never look at guinea pigs the same again.

Like most episodes of the television show, you see things you can't un-see. Anyone else still thinking about the very first episode of season one? Will it ever be scrubbed from our minds?

Accurate picture.

If you're a fan of the show, then this is 100% you. Very, very relatable. Maybe too relatable? We should get out of the house sometime.

It's a perfect show for a daily existential crisis!

And after the type of year 2017 was, who doesn't want more of those? Let's all have breakdowns together!

This is a spin-off we would watch.

Can we get someone to greenlight this? For sure into the idea of an evil door wedge. Keep reading for more hilarious tweets...

The truest thing on the internet!

This show makes us want to live the simple life. You know...light by candles, maybe using a chamberpot, burning our phones, etc.

Pardon us, we can't stop laughing.

The only thing curing how depressed we feel after watching Black Mirror is this tweet. We'd love to be a fly on the wall of the episode pitch meetings for this show.

This is "Matrix" level type stuff.

Is this our reality? Are we all living in an episode of Black Mirror? Are we even real? SOMEONE TELL US.

Trust no one.

This tweet is relatable on a very real level. We apologize to friends and family for how we are after binging the new season.

Our minds are blown.

We literally can't handle this. It's the most obvious thing in the world, and yet...we are still shook! May we all be wary of our own black mirrors in 2018.