These Body Transformation Pics Will Give You Serious Resolution Inspo | 22 Words

When it comes to your health, deciding to make a change for the better and sticking to it can be a challenge. It's easy to ignore bad habits, put off exercise, and grab fast food instead of choosing healthy home-cooked options, and often it's not until things have spiraled out of control that people realize something's got to give. That's when you learn to really make some changes in your life.

These 30 shocking before-and-after pics of people taking charge of their health are truly inspiring, and just might be the push you need to meet your own fitness goals. At the very least, you'll feel super inspired by these strong people.

Down 105 pounds in 18 months

I wish I had this guy's will power and determination! He looks 10 years younger and about 100 times healthier.

A whopping 88 pounds less in 11 months

With the help of a fitness app and calorie counting, this woman was able to shed major pounds in just under a year. Seriously, what app are you using, girl?!

Half the size three years later

This Redditor said she decided to make a change when her kids were being teased for having a "fat Mom." The pic on the right exudes self-confidence. What a transformation!

30 pounds and multiple marathons down

This Redditor credits cutting down on bread, pasta and portion size as well as going to the gym most mornings. *Sigh* I guess carbs really aren't my friend.

Same plunge, 82-pound difference

How amazing are these two photos? I'd take an 82-pound weight loss over a bigger splash any day of the week. And he still managed to win the belly flop competition!

51 pounds shed in 5 months

The fact that this transformation happened in just 5 months is beyond impressive. I'm guessing this poster is on track to exceed her remaining fitness goals!

28 pounds lost and confidence gained

This guy's fitness journey is definitely going places. And he still has that same radiant smile! Plus a darling doggo!

Down 90 pounds in one year

I find it hard to believe this was you a year ago, too! Here's hoping you continue to rock those awesome suspenders once you meet your weight loss goals!

Nearly half the man he was before

This guy is now nearly half the size he was a decade ago. Kudos to you, sir!

70-pound weight loss

This weight loss seeker lost it the all-natural way. No fad diets or pills, just dedication, and healthy eating. One thing's for sure: Pink is your color.

62 pounds less in 7 months

With this poster, it's all about that face transformation. You glow, girl!

Down 50 pounds after ditching the XBOX

Attention all you hardcore gamers out there! This is what could happen to you once you put down the controller. And no, you don't have to give up gaming completely. Just get off the couch every now and then.

Healthier life after starting recovery

It's not all about weight loss. Sometimes, gaining weight is what's best in order to be the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. Thanks for sharing your story!

Shed 184 pounds with mountain biking

Hold on. This is the SAME person?! It's amazing what two years and a ton of motivation can do!

Unrecognizable before-and-after

Big change is RIGHT! I'm guessing most of his classmates didn't even recognize him at his high school reunion!

Lighter and stronger than before

This poster has come such a long way in ten years. I feel you on that holiday bulk, though. It's unavoidable.

Weight loss measured in the cutest units

Dogs really help put it all in perspective, don't they? I'm sure this one was happy to help his human realize how much she's lost.

Four years of hard work

Still a stunning bride, but now she look so much healthier and more confident. Talk about New Year's resolution inspo!

130 pounds down

These two pics are like night and day! When you feel good about the way you look, it shows.

Putting health first after baby

As a Mom-to-be, it can be scary to think about getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. This Redditor is a serious inspiration. #Momgoals

115 pounds lighter in just 6 months

Confidence is the best fashion accessory, and this poster has it in spades. BTW, that dress is KILLER!

Healthier lifestyle with body acceptance

Love the body positivity in this post. Accepting yourself is the first step towards happiness. She looks amazing in both pics!

Two New Year's Resolutions conquered

This poster somehow managed to lose weight AND quit smoking at the same time, which is probably one of the most difficult things imaginable. I'm seriously impressed!

One kid gained and 109 pounds lost

Okay, this guy has some insanely cute kids. Maybe all that running after them helped to jump-start his weight loss!

110 pounds down but still as stylish as ever

Can we take a moment to appreciate how insanely stylish this man is?! Also, that transformation is jaw-dropping.

Total body transformation after a 6-year journey

Who would have thought that the guy on the left would turn into a male model?! Okay, so I don't know if he's actually working as a male model, but he certainly could.

From average Joe to state-title winner

Sure, this guy didn't actually need to lose any weight, but he had some serious bodybuilding goals, and I think it's safe to say that he knocked them out of the PARK.

Knowledge gained and pounds dropped

By some kind of miracle, this guy somehow managed to lose weight instead of gain it while in college. I'm guessing college kids everywhere are dying to know your secret.

130 pounds lost and adorable pupper gained

The glow-up for both this Redditor and his pooch are incredibly impressive. It probably didn't hurt his weight loss journey to have a reason to go for a walk three times per day! Reason #5 billion why dogs are game-changers.

Down 60 pounds in 19 months

This poster has it all figure out. It's not about a number on the scale or pant size. It's about being healthy AND happy.