These Border Collie Mixes Are Unbelievably Adorable

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In this world, there’s nothing we quite love more than dogs. Oh, apart from exciting mix-bred dogs. They’re the best ones.

It has recently been discovered that there are many different varieties of Border Collie mixes. Border Collies have been mixed with Bernese Moutain dogs, Pit Bulls, and even Corgis… You name it, it’s probably bred with a Border Collie at some point.

So, for your viewing pleasure only, I have compiled together a list of various Border Collie mix breeds, just because they’re all so damn cute.

Keep scrolling to see the full list of adorable pooches below…

Border Collie’s are the best breed of dogs.

There’s no argument about it. They’re loyal, dedicated, playful… Oh, and they’re adorable, too.

That there are several variations of the Border Collie out there? Many dog breeders have bred the Collie with various other types of dogs, and the results are amazing. Keep scrolling to see cross breeds, which include Huskys, Jack Russells, and even Corgis…

As the name suggests, someone decided to mix a Border Collie with a Pit Bull Terrier… And the result is simply adorable.

This little pup is a cross between a Border Collie and a Jack Russell… An unlikely mix but incredibly cute none-the-less.

You guessed it. A border collie mixed with a poodle. This is an absolute favorite breed mix for professional dog breeders – Because anything mixed with a poodle is cute, right?

The crossbreed we’ve all been dreaming of… A Border Collie and a Labrador. What a good boy. 

Again, another dream breed mix. This pooch has inherited the beautiful golden fur of the Golden Retriever, but the pointy snout and exterior of the Collie. Too cute.

Who’d have thought a Border Collie mixed with a Pointer would make such a peculiar looking animal?

Our. Hearts.

Cruella DeVille would have a field day with this Border Collie and Dalmatian mix… Where can I buy one?!

A Border Collie and a Husky both walked into a bar… And created this beautiful creature.

A Border Collie bred with a Great Pyrenees. What’s not to love?

A Border Collie and a Bernese Mountain dog mix… Though this just looks like a purebred Bernese to me. Still cute though.

A breed mix made in heaven – A Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd. Though be warned, I can imagine that this pooch will need plenty of walks…

This adorable little chap is a cross between… You guessed it, a Border Collie and a Beagle. My heart may just implode…

Okay, this one doesn’t look remotely like a Border Collie… But there is some in his genes, trust me. He is crossed with an American Eskimo, hence his tiny legs.

This particularly shaggy dog is a Border Collie and Newfoundland mix. How majestic.

A Border Collie bred with a Sheepdog makes for an absolutely gorgeous creature… With a love for McDonald’s, apparently.

Okay, this is my favorite just for the name. Schnollie. How incredible. Anyway… This pooch is the fantastic result of a Border Collie breeding with a Schnauzer.

The Borgi. Yes, I’ve saved the best ’till last. The Borgi is the delightful result of a Border Collie breeding with a Corgi. And it is possibly the best dog I have ever seen… Fit for a Queen!   Keep scrolling for even more cute dog content…