These Brilliant Money-Saving Life Hacks Are the Perfect Mix of Genius and Lazy

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It’s getting more and more expensive to maintain a basic lifestyle, so just about everyone is looking for ways to save some money any way they can. And if they aren’t looking for a way to save money, they’re looking to save time.

Whether you’re a college student, fresh out of school, or just trying to save some money or energy, there is a hack in here for you. And just for good measure, we’ve rated all of them “genius” or “lazy.”

The ice melts into the machine and it just drains itself. This one earns a “genius” for sure.

But fear not, if you don’t have a strainer then you can use a tennis racquet in a pinch. This one also gets a “genius”. Barely.

In theory, this is a good one, but then you’re gonna run out of plastic wrap and have to go buy more when you could just do the dishes. Unfortunately, the first “lazy” is awarded to you, my friend.  

Okay, as much as we want to call this one lazy, it’s actually kind of genius. Another “genius”, well earned.

Don’t have time to do the dishes? Wash ’em while you wash yourself! Okay, actually don’t do that. This one isn’t lazy or genius, it’s just gross.

But this woman has conquered silverware. Who needs it when you have hangers? This totally works if you’re in a pinch. “Genius” it is.

Never underestimate the power of a college student trying to get something for free. This would earn a “lazy”, but he was smart enough to leave the skateboard holding down the water to keep it on. That’s pretty smart. Yet another “genius”, well earned.

Why not get some free milk while you’re at it? There are almost too many geniuses in our midst today.

No microwave? No problem. Just get a hairdryer and an iron and the patience of a saint, and you’re good to go. Or just buy a $20 microwave. Lazy!

But this guy has hacked the system and figured out cheat codes for life. This easily earns a “genius” assuming he didn’t burn his house down with that sideways toaster.

This actually involves the effort of making friends so it might be a challenge for some of us, but it’s definitely not lazy. Genius by default?

Sure, you can boil hot dogs in a coffee pot full of water. If you’re absolutely insane, that is. Not genius, not lazy — just gross. Just like the guy washing dishes in his bathwater.

Since you’re just renting the place, it’s tough to make it really feel like home. But this is the perfect way to do that. Another “genius” award well-earned.

But with this genius hack, you can push off buying those new socks for a bit longer. This is the perfect balance of genius and lazy.

Can’t remember that one formula that’s been giving you trouble? No problem, just get some fake nails and a marker and you’re good to go. I sure wish I’d thought to do this when I was in school!