These Brilliantly-Designed Stores Are Living in the Future

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Every once in a while, you come across an innovation so incredible, yet so simple and graceful, that you cannot imagine having lived in a world without it. The stores on this list are full of these types of innovations. You may already be in the mood to shop, but after seeing how cool and easy these stores make it, you won’t be able to resist a trip to the store.

These grocery stores, clothing stores, and others know what people need, and they are willing to give it to them. Whether it’s a convenient map of the store right on the handlebar of the cart, a place to store your drinks while you walk around and try on clothes, or a stock of refrigerated Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for those who like them cold, these stores know how to basically read people’s minds. It is about to get too good to be true.

This is what these pictures will make you do:

They will make you transform into Oscar Isaac sensually saying the word, “Brilliant.” So like, you’re welcome.

Doggie cart

Yes. This. I’m done. This is all I need in life. I want a space in my shopping cart for my dog. My goal is to ultimately live in a 100 percent dog-friendly world.

Cold Reese’s

This was a completely genius move by the store owner. I want to track them down and shake their hands.

Fake rock

Because when you’re buying hiking boots, you will be climbing rocks while wearing them! You have to make sure they’ll be comfortable in action.

Cell phone holder

This is especially great for anyone who writes their shopping lists on their phone like I do!

Carts in the back

This is brilliant! I am always that person who’s like, “I just need some kale and tomatoes” and then I shuffle up to the check-out line with six boxes of Pop-Tarts, a giant box of eggs, and two bottles of wine.

Stages of sick

I love this! I never know what sickness solution is right for me based on how I already feel. This would make things so much easier.

Marty the cleaning robot

The person who put unnecessary and very large googly eyes on this robot should be given a medal. Clearly a genius.

Scan as you go

Not only is this a huge time saver, but it is also probably stupidly fun to use the little scan machine. Yes, I am a child.


This would help extra amounts in stores that don’t just have one path that you have to follow through the whole thing.

Learn the waltz

This is so cute! I would totally learn the waltz while waiting for my prescription at the pharmacy.

No candy

This is great when you’re shopping with small kids who you don’t want to argue with, or for when you’re shopping with yourself and you need to impose some self-discipline.

Under cart scanner

Never forget about those paper towels or that case of seltzer again! This should be standard in all grocery stores.

Diaper bag

This is like when you go into the bathroom at a fancy theater and they have all those fun supplies, but it’s for babies!

Aisle guide

Aw man! But this takes all the fun out of walking around the entire store wondering if the canned fruit is near the canned vegetables or the school snacks!


Hey! Sometimes you want a bunch of crappy beer, but you don’t want like, 12 cans of crappy beer. I appreciate the sloppy six-pack.

Pizza window

This is truly a symbiotic relationship if I ever saw one. Pizza is always better with a movie and vice versa. Brilliance at work, folks.

Blue and white

This is perfect! Now, you don’t have to fling the nonperishables out of the way in order to find the frozen stuff.

Dressing room hooks

I love this! I already do this anyway, but then I forget which hook I made which and it takes like three times as long as it has to.


This is great! No one wants to be like, “Hmm, I’m really looking for something full of hate.”

Help or no help

Which one are you? I firmly need help, but I will never admit it and I will reach for the “do myself” basket every single time.

Christmas gators

Those have to be some old cookies. This might be really innovative, but I would not recommend eating repurposed Christmas tree cookies.


This makes me a little emotional. It is like the hardware store knows exactly what I was going to use the microwave for.

OJ and champagne

This grocery store knows exactly why adults buy orange juice, and they want to make it a little easier for you to get your boozy brunch on.

Ripe bananas

This is perfect! I no longer have to buy a bunch of green bananas and wait a week to make banana bread like I normally do!

Cocktail to go

I can’t decide if this is brilliant or sad, but one thing I am one hundred percent sure of is that I would buy it.

Free picks

Shout out to this music store for recycling old gift cards in such a useful way! This makes me want to learn how to play guitar.

Knee activation

Sure, this may seem like the sink has…genitalia, but it’s much better than that! It’s knee-activated so you don’t have to spread any more germs with your hands while you wash!

Drink cooler

In just a few minutes, you can chill the drink you’re about to buy so you don’t have to wait to drink it! This is the future, y’all!

Drink holder

All you have to do is trust that no creeper is going to walk by and take a sip. Share this with someone to spread the genius!