These Brutal Kid Tweets Will Have You Laughing Until You Cry

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Kids say the darndest things – that’s pretty well known. Children don’t have filters. It’s quite often hilarious, sometimes awkward, and always entertaining. Kids just say whatever is on their mind without thinking about it. How many of you reading this wish you could sometimes harness that quality? I mean, okay – you can’t just say whatever you want at any given moment. You’re bound to hurt someone’s feelings, and at the end of the day, sometimes it’s just better to keep certain thoughts in our heads where they likely belong.

But who else struggles with saying how you feel? If only we could have the bravery and candidness of children! They really aren’t afraid to just put it all out there. You’ve got to admire them for their directness!

We’ve compiled some hilarious tweets that showcase the brutal honesty of children. Seriously, do not read these unless you’re prepared to laugh so hard that your ribs hurt…

I mean, thank you for the apology, but ouch! Kids really hold nothing back.

I have chills just looking at this kid. How dare anyone refuse him Skittles?

Hey, the kid’s just telling it like it is. Even if your feelings are hurt because of it!

Kids are always the first ones to point out physical flaws. The mortification is real.

Is there anything more offensive than your own child refusing your cuddles? The next one is unbelievably funny…

Just when you think you have it all together… Reminder: never let a kid in on the secret that you have no idea what you’re doing in life.

You have to give this first grader props for creativity. How does a teacher even respond to that?

This was me as a kid. “There’s no way I could’ve done something wrong, mom!”

Technically, this kid did exactly what they were told to do. You can’t get mad at a child for doing what you say!

Typical kids…it’s the parent’s fault that they’re late, and not because they get distracted by every little thing in their bedroom. The next one is too brutal…

Yeah, which child do you worry about in this scenario? It’s a tough call. But also…picking a lock is a practical life skill to have?

I will never look at meatballs the same way again. Yikes.

Don’t kids know how to take a compliment? Jeeze.

This kid sounds like a comedian. Someone get him his own Comedy Central special, quick!

Kids telling their teachers inappropriate and personal things about their parents is literally a nightmare come true. The next kid should get a college degree in sick burns…

Weirdly enough, all of these quotes are making me want to have kids. It’s endless entertainment! And insults.

Well, uh…that’s a sobering thought. Thanks, kid. Thanks.

I love that this kid covers his ears but not his eyes. Dad dance moves are just that embarrassing.

Kids have a way of sending you into a spiral of insecurity, don’t they? Thanks, offspring.

A fly with ketchup? Now that’s quite the cuisine.

Don’t kids know that your love and affection as a parent is better than a gold medal? The audacity of children.

If my child said this to me I would have no idea how to respond. Kids are just tiny little adults, it’s terrifying and hilarious.

Nobody knows how to break your heart better than your own kid, huh? This is such a brutal thing to say.

One day children will learn that sweatpants are totally acceptable to wear in public.

Children are so gross and have no shame. It’s honestly inspiring. Okay, but the next tweet though…

Kids really take parental cooking skills for granted, don’t they?

Kid, did I ask you for critiques on my eating habits? Sheesh!

This is horrifying. It sounds like the plot for a horror movie. I’m terrified.

Kids have no sense of history. This is just plain rude.

A little too honest, if you ask me. Share this with your friends who have kids!