These People Totally Nail the Whole ‘Couple’ Thing

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Some couples understand each other, like no one else. And you can tell that some pairs were made for each other just by looking at them. They fit into each other like puzzle pieces. They laugh at each other’s jokes, they finish each other’s sentences, and they have competitions to see who can fart the loudest and the longest! But, that last one might be specific to me and my fiancĂ©.

All the coupes highlighted in this list know the value of expressing your love for your partner, whether you do it through gifts and flowers, insane levels of dedication to your two-person Halloween costume, or simple offerings of shower waffles (yes, shower waffles are real– and you will learn what they are very shortly). These couples are total #relationshipgoals. This list will make you want to text your partner to say “I love you,” and you know what? That’s a pretty good idea.

Sometimes you look at a couple and you know that they were made for each other.

Like these monkeys, for instance! They get what it is like to be in love, you know? All of these couples are so dang precious.

Food dates

Well, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Gotta love a good long con gift.

Lightsaber fights

You know it’s true love when you’re 85 years old and having lightsaber fights in a classroom in front of a bunch of students.


Oh my goodness, he literally brought her everything she was craving, and I don’t even think she’s pregnant! Keep him around when that happens, for sure.

Custom Vans

Wait a sec, this is brilliant. I didn’t know you could customize Vans with photos. This has opened a whole new world for me.

Cotton-Eye Joe

Get you a guy who doesn’t know any of the words to “Cotton-Eye Joe” but uses two of your pictures to make you dance to it while singing it with great passion.

Giant spike

This is the obvious request that you should ask when someone tells you they’re showering. But also, girl, stop answering texts while you in the shower!

Drunk brushing

This is love right here. I love her smile at the end. So cute.

Coffee sleeves

What! This is amazing! Good thing they drink a lot of coffee.

Wings twins

This is too cute. Now they have twice the wings and twice the reminder of how perfect they are for each other!


Flowers can seem like a cheesy gesture, but not when it’s a whole freakin’ room of flowers! This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Ultimate patience

This is some dedication. Individual eyelashes! Do you know how much concentration and time that takes? Neither do I because I don’t have the concentration or the time for it!

Simultaneous proposal

Remember this sweet couple who both secretly planned to propose to the other at the same time?! Talk about being in sync!

Valentine’s poem

He wrote a poem every year for 20 years?! It doesn’t get much more precious than that, but somehow he managed to.

Mother’s Day champ

This is how you know you’ve found a keeper. If he can win over grandma, he can do anything.


Listen, this man knows what’s important, and what’s important is that he gets his lady’s burrito right.

Riding flowers

Well, this is just adorable. Get you a man who rides a horse out to get you flowers every day!

Custom app

I have a feeling he is going to regret making this app in a matter of weeks, but the gesture is really adorable.

Couples’ Halloween

The attention to detail and the execution here is insanely good. Like, it’s scary. Like, only two people who were made for each other could have pulled this off.

Dedicated bench

I always thought benches in parks were mostly dedicated to dead people, so this is so much better! And her reaction is priceless.

Custom debit cards

This is an amazing idea. Do you know how much I use my debit card? Multiple times a day. I spend way too much money. Help me.

Solving crimes

Um, where is this because I want to go to there! It looks so fun!

Lock screen/background combo

This is like, too cute. Seriously, I can’t handle how cute this is. Get out of here with this. Leave. Right now. I’m serious. Scoot.


The scariest thing is that they never do it on purpose. JK JK, but that would be funny.

Makeup vanity

Not only did he buy her a vanity so she could have a dedicated place to do her makeup, but he customized it with pictures of them! Too precious.

What guy

Oh my god, I love this move. What a cute little thing to do!

Shower waffle

Behold, the magic of the shower waffle. A simple yet perfect surprise when she least expects it.

Magnetic poetry

Every single line of this poem is gorgeous. Every. Single. Line.

Promise ring

This guy is acting like a girl who just got an engagement ring with a huge diamond in it! He’s too cute.

Halloween date night

Wow, she really pulled out all the stops! Creepy and cute! Share this with your perfect match!