These Disgusting Roommates Might Be the World’s Worst Humans

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Look, if you are an adult, chances are you have had some bad roommates in your lifetime. Whether it was the roommate you were randomly assigned to freshman year of college or a friend of a friend of a friend who filled that one extra bedroom – we have all been stuck with some duds, I know I have.

But my terrible roommate experiences are nothing compared to the horror you are about to witness in this list. I mean, seriously– get ready for some record-breaking roommate nightmare stories. These are out-of-this-world disgusting and creepy and just plain gross.

Maybe you have had an experience with a roommate that compares to the ones on this list, in which case, I am so so sorry. Or maybe you’re the gross roommate, and you don’t know it yet. If that’s the case, watch and learn bucko. It’s about to get weird.

Having roommates is hard.

Even when you like them, conflicts can arise! But the roommates you are about to see– what they have done –it’s inexcusable. All of it.

Foot shavings

This is horrifying. That’s so much dead skin. So much.


Um, how does one do this? Also, maybe like, call the cops or something? This feels really dangerous and worthy of more than a note on the door.

Pee bottles

Yup. Those are pee bottles. The ultimate gross roommate move.

Black bathroom

What is this nightmare scene out of a horror movie? Honestly, how does this even happen to a bathroom? It’s so nasty!


I love mushrooms. I think they are delicious sauteed with butter and thyme. Do I think they should be growing out of the wall of your apartment? No.

Toenail clippings

What a lovely parting gift!!! Side note: Those are really large toenails, aren’t they?


Honestly, this is hoarder-level stuff. I feel like this guy needs a professional cleaning person and a therapist.


Oh, that’s where the McDonald’s smell is coming from! At least this person wasn’t going crazy, but now that’s a conversation.

Big old mess

The situations you can get trapped in in dorm roommate situations are truly horrible. Luckily, my freshman year roommate was pretty normal and we left each other alone.

Fridge surprise

Um, yeah, that’s just a big old animal leg. Why?! WHY!

Running water

Oh, no. I hope that kid paid for not only the damage done to the room but also to all the roommate’s belongings!

Makeshift plug

Yeah, this would 100 percent burn the whole house down at some point. Some people are really dumb.

E. coli

Oh my goodness in no world should someone leave E. coli samples in the same fridge where you keep your food! Hello? That’s insane.

“Tummy problems”

Oh, no! He didn’t know that this stuff needed to be refrigerated! And he also left without throwing away all his ruined condiments.


I’ve seen some toothbrushes demolished in my time, but this takes it to another level. He’s basically rubbing a piece of plastic on his teeth!


What? It’s obviously the recording set-up for this roommate’s fart musical. Give him a break.


OK, there is a logical explanation for this– maybe. If it’s the roommate’s hair, maybe she is donating it? If it’s someone else’s hair, the roommate is clearly a serial killer.

Old smoothie

This is so gross. The fact that this happens to a smoothie within a week honestly makes me never want to drink a smoothie again.

Ash tray

Um, is this roommate made of smoke at this point? That room has to smell so bad.

Murder rabbit

Some roommates do passive aggressive things that make you really mad. These roommates do aggressive-aggressive things that might actually give you a heart attack.

Three weeks away

What?! Does the roommate never take out the trash? This is horrendous. Did they think this wouldn’t be a problem?

Dead frog

Oh no. That frog was squashed.

Overnight pizza

Look how peacefully he’s sleeping. I have a feeling that won’t last much longer.

Dead bird

Who knew that that bit from Arrested Development where Gob accidentally kills a bird and puts it in a bag in the freezer reading “DEAD DOVE. DO NOT EAT” would be so real?

Dirty dishes

Only a deranged person puts dirty dishes back into the cabinet. Like, how do people not know how to live in this world?

Some hobby

Um, that’s a lot of needles. How does one even procure this many syringes?


Don’t write “sorry” in your mess! Clean it up! Ooh, this makes me so mad.

Dog poop

How in the world do you not smell that your dog has been pooping under your bed for at least weeks? How?

Martin Spooner King

I don’t know which roommate is worse, the one who doesn’t do the dishes or the one who made this sign. Share this with the best roommate you’ve ever had!