These Ducks Look Like They’re 18th-Century Wig-Wearing Aristocrats

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Every once in a while an unusual creature goes viral for their meme-worthy looks. And it seems this week, ducks that look like they are wearing an eighteenth-century wig have taken the internet by storm…

Keep scrolling for the adorable pictures.

But occasionally an unlikely contender takes the spotlight.

They have been described as a “master of disguise.”

Or these very fluffy birds…

They look like tiny cotton balls!

  via : Getty Images  

… Ducks.

  via : Getty Images  

But these ducks don an unlikely feature.

Which makes them look like 18th-century wig-wearing aristocrats. Yep, really…

  via : JerryP  

And while they’ve been known to farmers for years, the internet has only just found out about them.

It’s safe to say we’re obsessed.

And of course, as images of the ducks surfaced, they quickly got turned into a meme.

And even an eighteen-century judge.

At the very least they look like they’re wearing a wig of some kind!

Spill that tea!

This is adorable!

This one is a personal favorite.

Where can we get one of our own?

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