These Epic Cat Fails Prove That Cats Are Actually So Adorably Awkward

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Ah, cats. Such elegant creatures. So much poise and grace with which they walk this Earth, no?


Cats be crazy stupid. And this list proves it. There’s a cat on this list dressed like a pilgrim who can’t find a banana that’s right in front of its face, so don’t ever tell me again that cats are smarter than dogs.

It’s like this cat was bread to be dumb or something. Wheat stupid thing will they do next?

This is just good solid comedy. Don’t worry; cats always land on their feet.

TFW you realize for the first time that snow is wet. And that you do not like it.

“Well, this isn’t as fun as I thought it’d be. Static is a bitch.”

You know how sometimes you fall on your butt and then decide just to stay down there because it’s actually kind of comfortable? This is the cat version of that.

Never has a cat felt more betrayed. But they have to be cleaned. Licking yourself with your own tongue doesn’t cut it.

Gotta love that sweet justice. Joke’s on you, though. Now you have to clean that cat.

Sure this cat is stuck in the couch. But she looks like seriously sooooo skinny.

“Honey, I think the window’s open. I hear it creaking!” “I’ll check. Aaaand there’s the cat.”

“Is…is this not what you do with these things? Then what are they for, then? I think you should start hanging from them. It’s great fun.”

Cats didn’t quite take to being leashed like dogs did. Maybe this is proof we shouldn’t keep them as pets.

I knew there were bag ladies and cat ladies, but I had no idea there were bag cats!

Look, hammocks are really hard to get into. I get it.

Two things to talk about here:

  • That cat got some serious air.
  • Those chihuahuas are having none of it.

  • I think this cat is broken. Either that or this is the only way he knows how to keep his head warm.

    You know an animal has really gone off the deep end when it starts attacking itself. It’s kind of like when you freak out about a bug on your arm that turns out to be your own hair. No? Just me?

    This is the appropriate reaction when someone puts you on a piece of foam and floats you out to sea.

    “Hey guys, I figured it out. There are two inches between the glass and the screen door. Let me out now, I figured it out. I’m done. Guys?”

    No one looks graceful when reaching for a balloon. No one.

    HA! Cats are illiterate. Dumb cats.

    “I’m in a safe space. I’m in a safe space. It’s moving. This is not a safe space! Not a safe space!”

    That’s a cat in a sock. Not a hat, so it doesn’t rhyme and would probably make a terrible Dr. Suess book, but nevertheless, it exists.

    Dude, we’ve all been there. Bet this cat just got home from an exhausting day of work OH WAIT IT’S A CAT.

    “And you will bow down to me, the king of Diaper Land. “Anyone know why it smells like poop? Someone figure that out, stat!”

    At least in this form, cats can be somewhat useful. Or does this just spread cat hair everywhere? Hmmm.

    This looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon. I can almost hear the, “Splat!”

    No one should have photos sprung on them. Without time to prepare, you end up looking like this.

    It’s scary to get your head stuck in a box. That’s why most smart individuals won’t put their head in a box to begin with.

    I’m the Flip Flop Feline and I’m here to say, “Please help me. I can’t get out. Seriously, this isn’t funny..”

    We’ve all thought we were taller than we actually are at some point in our lives. We just didn’t all have that embarrassing moment captured on camera, transformed into a GIF, and looped for endless hours of entertainment.

    That looks like a delicious waffle sandwich and that kitty got exactly what it deserved. Sorry, when there’s food involved, I get very serious.

    Perm? Check. Lip gloss? Check. Winning smile? Super check.

    Ah yes. I recognize this. They call it the “Dance of the Empty Fro Yo Cup.”

    This is your brain. This is your brain on catnip.

    Banana Boy can’t find his banana. And you thought dogs were dumb.