It’s 2019 But These Bathrooms Are Living in 3019

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It is officially 2019. There is no excuse anymore for basic needs not being met when you are out in public. More often than not, public restrooms are a total crapshoot (pun one thousand percent intended). You most likely do not know before opening that door whether you are heading into a futuristic paradise where all your usual problems are thought of and addressed or a literal war zone where it looks like bombs have been going off all day (and to be honest, they probably have, if you know what I mean).

Well, the bathrooms highlighted in this list have figured it all out. They have skyrocketed to 3019 while we stand here in the past, waving our hands in front of an automated sink that never starts and looking like total idiots. After you peep these genius bathroom designs, you will never be able to tolerate a less-than-stellar public bathroom ever again.

Sure, bathrooms at the very minimum need a toilet, some privacy, and a sink to wash your hands.

But these bathrooms are so much more. These bathrooms make all your public restroom dreams come true.

Overlapping doors

Jesus, finally, a bathroom where the door to the stall and the wall overlap so there isn’t that weird gap that people can look through and see you peeing!

Stop and go lights

Hello, President of Public Toilets? This is Robin. Please make all bathrooms have these from now on.

Hand sanitizer door handles

Foot pedal flush

Oh my gosh, yes please. Using your foot to flush makes so much more sense. Why wasn’t this the original toilet design?

Foot mirror

Um, why have I never thought of this before?! A mirror specifically to make sure you don’t have toilet paper stuck to your foot is a brilliant idea.


I mean, sure, these shadow letters are cool, but call me when this bathroom realizes that gender is a construct and allows anyone of any gender to enter either bathroom.

Shopping bag spot

I have been in so many situations where I’ve had shopping bags in a stall and there’s no hook on the door. This little nook for your bags is second-to-none.

Baby bench

Walking around with a small child is hard enough. Try going to the bathroom while trying to corral a toddler. This bathroom has a spot for your kid!

Foot handle

Yes, yes, yes! If you slide your foot under this door and kick it open, you don’t have to touch that nasty handle with your hands!

Toddler toilet

Instead of trying to balance your small child on the toilet and hoping they don’t fall in, there’s a perfect toddler-sized toilet!

Drip cup

I know it’s no one’s fault, but it gets gross when extra soap falls all over the counter. This drip dish prevents that from happening!

Interesting facts about Uranus

Ignoring the sexist choice of shoe, I love the idea of fun factoids on the floor that you can read while you’re on the toilet. Bonus points for being about Uranus (the planet, calm down!).

TV in the wall

How long do guys spend in front of the urinal? They don’t need this. We people who sit on toilets do!

Zipper check

Oh my god, every bathroom should have this! I don’t know why, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to make sure that your pants are zippered!

Keg urinal

This is a great way to repurpose an object. It was already filled with a light yellow substance that tastes like pee. Might as well make it an actual toilet.

Water-saving handle

I’ve seen a few of these pop up in bathrooms lately, and it’s a great idea. A tiny thing you can do to help save the planet.

Faucet and dryer combo

This is an interesting idea! You dry your hands over the sink as opposed to over the floor, so you’re not dripping water literally everywhere.

Built-in Bluetooth

This mirror has built-in Bluetooth so you can make everyone in the bathroom listen to your favorite song while you go.

Splash guard

Is this… Is this really a problem for people who use urinals? I never understood just how much pee is like, out in the world all the time.


Drains?! People who use urinals need pee drains?! I mean, I’m glad the pee is going here and not like, onto your shoe, but get it together!

Hidden toilet

I don’t know why, but this is making me uneasy, and I don’t like it. I thought I would like the idea of a surprise bathroom, but I do not.

Handle tissues

This is a little less environmentally friendly than the hand sanitizer door handle, but it’s still an effective solution!

XY tiles

And XX was in the women’s room! Of course, this brings up a larger discussion of sex and gender– but we’re not going to get into that now, in slide 24 of a gallery about cool bathrooms.

Two soaps

I am a little bit baffled about this, but I guess it makes sense that you don’t want your hands to smell like soap while you eat.

Pet bathroom

I have actually been in this pet restroom in the Burbank airport! It’s a great idea that my dog had absolutely no interest in.

Tie tutorial

This is brilliant. Except for the fact that what are you doing in the bathroom that you have to untie your tie?

Service switch

This saves you the embarrassment of having to be that person who goes up to the person behind the counter and is like, “Sorry, but the bathroom’s a mess.”

Mouthwash station

This is great if you are on a hot date and want to mysteriously smell really minty fresh when you exit the bathroom.

Pee chart

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say that if your pee is brown, you need to drink some water. Share this with someone who would appreciate these genius restrooms!