These 30 GIFs PERFECTLY Explain Life’s Little Mysteries

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How does our world really work?

Thanks to these GIFs, that’s a question you no longer need to lose sleep over. We’ve found you all sorts of informative GIFs documenting the intriguing realities behind many of life’s common mysteries.

From how washing machines really clean your whites to how Slinkies slink — we’re opening black boxes left and right, y’all!

Happy learning!

Great. And then how do you do it with bobby pins? Asking for a friend.

The zips go zipping one by one, hurrah! Hurrah!

How much pasta is too much pasta? Also asking for a friend.

Well hot dog! That’s cool.

Hey, childhood. Missed you, boo.

But threading the machine prior to this stage? That’s a whole different ball game.

Man, that’s wicked mesmerizing.

I’m getting jittery just watching this. SUGAR!!!

Thanks to GIFs, Middle School geometry finally makes sense.

Also known as, how I survive Los Angeles heat waves.

Alright, boyfriend, focus up!

Sunny day, sweepin’ the childhood suspensions of belief away.

Anyone else watch this one and think, “But what if they MOONWALKED?!”

Not pictured: Me positioned mouth-first at that end of this conveyor belt. No shame.

Totally twisted. Ok, now I’m ready for beer.

Can you believe that this little canal shaves 8,000 miles off voyages? Hello, Waze of waterway shipping!

I feel like this is the type of lesson you could watch a million times on video and not understand, but spend one afternoon in the car with your anxious mother screaming, “I SAID TO THE LEFT!” and BAM. Lesson learned.

Well that’s…more terrifying than ever before.

Nothin’ like a X-ray to make coffee look like a sea slug.

Presto! She’s popular.

Olivia Pope? Dinner’s ready!

And that’s the dad too, in case your mind wasn’t sufficiently blown.

Move out of the way, organs! There’s a new cool kid in town.

Aaaaand I’m dizzy.

Shimmy on up there, Croc. Go on with your bad self!

Blooming new wishes left and right! And also allergens.


I watch this and exclusively see drunk people on the subway.

Also, me during rush hour traffic. Life is hard.

Take that, Laundromat! No more secrets for you.